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    The village of Brookfield is a historical planter community.  People came, people stayed, people leave and people come back.  There are many people here who have created greatness in their lives through talent, brains and compassion. Brookfield gives children a wonderful beginning to become amazing people. It is a vibrant and growing community in the heart of Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Forty-five minutes from the provincial capital of Halifax.  12km.'s from the hubtown Truro. 39km's from the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. Take a lovely drive on highway 2 giving easy access to Truro with several villages along the way or a scenic drive on the 102 Memorial Highway, north to Truro. Head South on the 102 to Halifax with exits to several villages & towns along the way.
This  is a community with a great sense of pride. With a population of just over 1200 which includes generations of families & new families actively working together to build a wonderful caring community.

The community is always looking for volunteers!

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