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April 2001
Vol 11, Issue 8

Vol.11 Issue 8The Brookfield Men's Club are so excited about the 2002 Ladies Night that they have scheduled it for the earliest possible date. Come Monday April 15 at 6:30 p.m., the doors to Knox United Hall will be flung open and we expect some 100 ladies of all ages to rush mob style for their seats. Awaiting them will be a magnificent dinner prepared by Elmer Archibald and his crack staff; following the meal the BMCer's will do their best to entertain the belles of Brookfield - this is your final reminder - don't dare miss Ladies Night on the 15th !!!

Though spring is definitely in the air many area residents could not and did not want to resist the siren's call to the sunny south. Among those seeking a jump start on the sometimes too short Nova Scotia summer were Phil and Kitty McMullin who went to Arizona... Robin and Janet Taylor went to the Dominican Republic ...Curtis and Velma Fisher got a jump on their golf season in Myrtle Beach, while Charlie and Janet Burnett went to Florida... Wayne and Annette Carter, as well as Sandy, Mabel, Andrew and Garth Barber traveled to Cuba, as did Brenda and Stewart Teed, who were at Guardalovacca. Mike, Brenda Henderson and children took in the sites of Walt Disney World and other Orlando attractions... Brookfield Junior High teacher Chris Ross and wife won a trip to the Dominican Republic. Larry and Suzanne Harrison, Gerry and Sandra Brenton cruised the Caribbean. Sharon Smyth and James Fraser traveled to Quebec to visit Sharon's mother... Pete and Vicki Sutherland went to Indiana to visit son B.J.; the Jewers brothers and Randy Frame, obviously with too much time on their hands, went to Wrestlemania at the SkyDome... Kathy Dean visited relatives in Newfoundland... Kathy George and Cathy (Jack) Trainor spent two weeks in Switzerland visiting Martha George. Hilda Carter has moved into Hillcrest Manor.

The community was deeply saddened by the passing of Heather Chaplin - Heather bravely battled her handicap for 40 + years and always maintained a sunny disposition to all – our community will miss her. Also, we extend condolences to Kim Holder and family; Kim's sister Sherry Waller passed away in the Truro area. We were saddened to learn of the passing in a tragic trailer fire of Peter Johnson, brother of Purley Glen. "PJ" had a legion of friends from Upper Stewiacke to Truro and points in between. Ernie, Linda and Trish Glinz' uncle Ellis MacPhee, passed away in Truro, and Eva Jamieson, Ian Jamieson's grandmother died in Dartmouth. Verley Grant's mother passed away in Sydney. On behalf of the Men's Club and the community, the Eagle extends sympathies to those who have lost loved ones.

It is definitely a season of romance at the Men's Club - the afore mentioned Elmer Archibald pitched the rock to curling pal Annie Perry and was delighted when she said yes to his proposal. Allison Johnson and her boyfriend won a kissing contest in Connecticut - 5 1/2 hours of smooching won them a trip, clothes, jewelry and other prizes. Krista Lee Teed is the new C.O. of the Air Cadet Squadron in Tatamagouche. The Brookfield Fire Department held their annual banquet - Matt Poupart received the Firefighter of the Year Award, Owen Ross was cited as Officer of the Year. This year's Executive is led by Chief Barry Deyarmond and Deputy Chief Terry Canning. For many year's the junior curling program at the Brookfield Curling Club has been the envy of many other curling rinks in the province - now very tangible proof of that is being offered up as the South Colchester High School team composed of BCC members Charles DeBay, Michelle MacDonald, Mark Moore, Tara Kolstee and fifth player Nick Fortune captured the Nova Scotia High School Mixed Championship. This is a terrific accomplishment and coaches, organizers, sponsors, and auxiliary workers of the junior program should be congratulated. Meanwhile, also on the developmental front the club produced the runners up in the Under-15 Youthspeil- that team was comprised of T.J. Kline, Joe Leck, T.J. Smith and Michael Weatherbee and coach Janice Leck. Brookfield Junior High School won the Regional Championship in curling - coach Darren Retson's team included T.J. Kline, Joe Leck , Jason Moore and Adam Burrows. The girls team were Regional runners - up (Karla Armsworthy, Krista Johnston, Amy Fleming, Nicole Miller and Bethany Cormier). Congratulations are also extended to the Brookfield Community Assembly for organizing the Community Showcase that was such a hit. . A big thank you to all who exhibited for their time, effort, and innovation in making their displays truly unique and informative to all who passed through the doors. Some of those who had outstanding displays were the Terry Fox Run, Coming Home to Brookfield Celebrations, Brookfield Athletic Association, TransCanada Trails, The Brookfield Men's Club, BAERS, Brookfield Fire Department, Pleasant Valley Motocross, the displays showing the plans for the new community sewage treatment plant and the new high school, Maud's Place, Railway Station Heritage Society, South Colchester High School Grand Reunion and the International Exchange Student program. Thanks to Brookfield Bakery and Tim Horton's for providing the doughnuts and coffee. Speaking of the reunion pre registrations forms are available at most outlets in the community - all those attending on July 20- 21 will be well advised to pre register to save themselves time and money on some of their activities. More information is available from Gaye MacDonald at 673-2958. Speaking of Gaye, congratulations are extended to her on being awarded one of the few sabbaticals handed out by the Chignecto Central Regional School Board this year - She will spend the 2002/2003 year at NSAC to complete her Masters of Science degree. While on the subject of education it is hoped that some residents contact Mabel Barber for more information on the International Student Exchange program. Not only can this be an experience of a lifetime for the incoming student, the host family inevitably record it as a memorable and fulfilling year in their lives. Call Mabel at 673-2806 for more information on this program, which not only broadens the scope of community members but is also a positive for South Colchester High. The Eagle bumped into Bobby Hazelton in Dartmouth – he was proudly wheeling around his and Lara's 2 week old son - James checked in on the plus sound of 11 pounds. A baby boy was also born to David Kolstee and Tracey Brenton.

The remarkable Amy Langille marked her 95th birthday... nice story in the Truro Daily News recognizing BMCer Rob Bezanson for his volunteer efforts on behalf of the community. Rob, in turn gave the village high praise for its spirit.

The Eagle continues to receive support from loyal readers such as Clark and Verna Sutherland who have settled into their new digs in Delta, B.C., David (Mick) Boutlier in Hilden, Myrna Putnam in Truro, Phil and Judy Henderson of Rockingham and Barney and Marilyn Fallon from London, Ontario. We thank all for their kind contributions. A recent addition to the Eagle's mailing list is Brian Reid, a Carter Road resident some 25 years ago, now the President of Synova BioReasearch in Annapolis Valley. We would take this opportunity to remind any of our readers who currently receive The Eagle by stamped envelope to notify circulation director Art Lindsay if you wish the receive The Eagle more promptly via e-mail. Art's e-mail address is at the end of this issue and you can contact him there. Please also note that The Eagle can be found on the Brookfield Community Website being maintained on a volunteer basis by young web master Andrew Barber.

Of course the March issue had it's requisite error (s) - it was not Middle Stewiacke resident Mary Fisher who had the knee surgery but Elm Street's own Mary Bruce Fisher – we apologize for any confusion and the mis-routing of get well cards. Not all were feeling up to par; being sick in one way or another were Darlene Tothill, Edna Graham, Sid Nelson and Marion MacLeod who had a broken arm. We hope all are feeling better by the time that fine spring weather takes a hold.

Visitors included Lisa George and her son Alexander with parents Cecil and Daisy Hingley. Randy and Willa Brown came from Ontario to see Ches and other members of the Brown family, Ches later returned to Ontario to visit his son's family. Those sinking down more permanent roots in our community included Scot Fisher (Dale and Margie's son) who has moved into the former Eldon Brenton house... Jamie Reid has fully established himself in the beautiful new house he has built on Cherry Lane... Elizabeth Keever, Carol's mother has moved in with Gordie and Carol Campbell on Hamilton Avenue. Harry and Phoebe Trowell now call Carter Road home, and Kevin Miller and Melissa Baker has moved to the Upper Brookfield Road. At the Sears complex in the middle of the village new residents include Dorothy Bishop, and former Elk hockey player Leon and Frances Hall. John and Bev Dillman have moved into Marion Smith's former house near the corner. We welcome all new residents and encourage you to avail yourself to all the community has to offer.

The 16th annual Brookfield Sportsplex Lotta-Truck draw is upon us - tickets are now available at the Sportsplex and from many of its supporters. Don't hesitate - although the grand prize and show, featuring country star Ric Tippe will be held on July 6, an innovative new prize structure is in place this year. On May 1, the first early bird prize of $1000 will be drawn, with succeeding weekly draws increasing by $100 over the next nine weeks, making 10 early bird winners in all, for a total of $14,500. Of course the Grand Prize remains your choice of $75,000 cash, a $120,000 Freightliner truck, or $1,000 per month for 10 years. The Sportsplex is in fantastic physical condition now thanks in very large part to the Lotta-Truck Festival and we thank those who've supported us the past and hope you continue to in the future as without question the building has become an essential part of our community in its 27 years of operation. April 20 is the date for "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" - "host Families" will provide 3 course meals to "mystery guests", who buy tickets unaware of whom they will be dining with. The guests will meet at the Church Hall at 7 p.m., and then be given the name and address of their host. This is a unique and exciting opportunity to dine with members of our community. Tickets are $15 per person and are available from Kaye Retson (673-2356), proceeds go to Knox Church. It's not too late to get your tickets for the Brookfield Curling Club's Banquet; even if not a curler come and enjoy a wonderful meal and see the trophies handed out, and enjoy an evening of entertainment afterwards - April 20. Once again a reminder of the Coming Home to Brookfield celebrations - this is the seventh year for this event and it gets bigger and better every year - dates this year are July 19 - 28 with a theme "Celebrating Community Heroes". Watch for more information at local outlets. A reminder again of some of the highlighted dates including the Whing Ding on July 26 - 27 and the High School Reunion July 20 - 21 - all in all we expect a plethora of familiar faces in Brookfield at that time. All are welcome to attend a celebration of Ray and Betty Carter's 50th wedding anniversary to be held at Knox Hall on May 4 from 1 - 4 p.m. - best wishes only. The Brookfield Eastside Cemetery Association will hold their Annual Meeting April 17 at Knox Hall - 7 p.m. All are welcome.

We encourage all ladies young and old, to come and let the BMC toast you at the annual Ladies Night extravaganza at Knox Hall April 15. See you there at 6:30 p.m.

The Eagle

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