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Vol 11, Issue 4

December 2001

Vol 11, Issue 4

At this writing it is early in December and Brookfield is ablaze with lights and Yuletide decorations. Perhaps it was the various tea and craft sales held, or the phenomenal success of the House Tours organized by the UCW, but Brookfielders seem very anxious to ring in the Holiday spirit. The Brookfield Men's Club will contribute to the festivities by hosting their Christmas meeting on Monday December 17th at 7:30 PM at the Baptist Church. All men of Brookfield and the surrounding area are welcome to attend - please remember to bring a small gift (preferably with a value of $5.00 or less) and a donation of a nonperishable item for the food bank. Attendees should also be prepared for a hearty lunch, some off- key Christmas Caroling, and a great deal of laughter. The Men's Club will also be sponsoring the community decorating contest; the august panel of judges will be making the rounds in the community on Saturday December 22, so there is still time to put the finishing touches on your creations. There's never been a better time to start attending the BMC.

The November BMC meeting was highlighted by a wonderful presentation from Club Man Mark Hamilton who enthralled the members with the history and present day status of bow making and bow hunting. Mark's talk was filled with passion for this activity in which he participates, not only through target shooting and hunting, but also building a lot of his own equipment.

Congratulations and thank yous are extended to the organizers and volunteers, and of course the people who opened their homes for the fabulous House Tours in Brookfield. The properties of Susan and Mike MacDonald, Jill and Andrew Sears, Carrie and Shawn Burke, "Maud's Place" (Prop. Kathy Putnam) and both Knox church and the Brookfield Railway Station were fabulously decked out. More then 220 people passed through the figurative turnstiles and a scan of the guest books indicated there were visitors from all over central Nova Scotia. A very prestigious award was presented to the Newcomers Committee of the Brookfield and Middle Stewiacke United Church Pastoral Charge. The federal Minister of Immigration Elenor Caplin presented this group, which has worked so tirelessly in not only bringing the Conevski and Mujakovic families to Brookfield, but going above and beyond the call in making their stay here as comfortable as possible. The committee has put in five solid years of work and deserves a very hearty congratulation and it includes; Janet Burnett, Larry Harrison, Ellen Durkee, Terry and Krista Canning, Robert and Doreen Matheson, Marian MacDonald, Donna and Ruth Matheson, Lorna Crouse, Diane Simms, Bonnie Cochrane, Chris Bernard and Art Lindsay. Congratulations are extended to the South Colchester High School volleyball teams both (boys and girls) of which advanced to the provincial championships. The Eagle was not sure what inspired Delbert Comeau - was it his first BMC meeting in November that provided him the impetus to cast a large diamond

ring onto the finger of long time Canada Post worker Shirley Stewart? The BMCers are puffing their chest feeling they somehow motivated the stylish Mr. Comeau to these heights. Meanwhile, Shirley's brother Austin proposed to Debbie Ettinger - those Ross's are filled with romance. Darren Moore has received his 12 years service award as a Cadet instructor. It was a bountiful month in the maternity ward Sandy and Trish Nelson were blessed with a boy, a grandson for Sid and Jean Nelson...Slugging Brookfield Elk shortstop Chris Hopewell was astonished when his wife Erin delivered twin girls...a son was born to Dan and Shelley Kaye at the Grace Maternity hospital...the original Eagle, The Bopper used to claim one of its missions in life was, like Abraham to "spread his seed across the land" It appears there is no let up in sight on that front as Marge Henderson added two more great grandchildren to their lineage. In Vancouver, Jack and Julie Hsu had a baby boy (Noah Robert) making grandparents of BMC secretary Terry and Mary; while in Antigonish, Nick and Lori Matheson have a beautiful daughter Maryn, a granddaughter for Hugh and Judy. We congratulated all the parents and other family members on their wonderful additions and as Dave Heffernan says "keep 'em coming, keep those teachers employed." Congratulations to Peter Kennedy on receiving a full athletic scholarship to play hockey for the University of Minnesota Golden Golphers. This is one of the top-drawer NCAA Division 1 programs.

Nice to see Carl Sutherland home for the winter from his employment in Alberta...Bev and Earl Woolaver and their son came from Ontario to visit Bev's mother Phyllis

Sutherland...Luther Sears opened the doors to his new apartment complex in the middle of the village on December 1. Eight of the eleven units are already filled with happy residents including Phyllis Sutherland, Myrna Clarke, Marg Sutherland, Helen Crockett, (Lelia Brenton's sister), Winnie Campbell, mother of former SCHS basketball great Ed MacKay –Kaye Mackay formerly of Eastville, and Jerome and Annette MacPhee. Wayne and Hilary (Sears) Paquet have moved into Marg Sutherland's former home on Brandt Lane. We welcome all to their new abodes and also congratulate Luther on his vision of constructing this very welcome development to the community - he encourages suggestions for a name for the building.

Accidents, illness and operations slowed numerous area residents, Travis Rogers was injured in a motorcycle accident, Allan Sutherland and Rosie Carter were both idled. Mitchell Graham flashy right winger on the Brookfield AA Elks suffered a horrific breakage of his femur; Ed Harvey, Irene Retson, Phyllis Sutherland and Anitra Whidden was also hospitalized and Margaret Matheson suffered a broken hip. We hope that the injuries and other infirmities do not detract too mightily from their enjoyment of the holiday season. We extend sympathy to Marian MacDonald and family on the passing of her mother, Thelma Burris of Alton.

It appears the Eagle will be well fed during the Christmas season - cards, many with, extremely generous donations have crowded the mailbox. Among those sending kindness the Eagle's way were Charter member Don and his wife Veta MacNeille from Ellershouse who unfailingly support the BMC and the Eagle...Lothar and Trish Schollmeier... Annual contributors Amy Langille, Bob and Jean Skinner, Rodney Ross, Cecil and Daisy Hingley, Doug and Marian Kennrick, Harold and Phyllis Hampton of Dorval P.Q...Charter Brookfield Curling Club member Mary Fisher of Middle Stewiacke...Susan VanTassell of Whitehorse... former SCHS English and Drama teacher Reta Dunn... and another long time educator residing in Brookfield who wished to remain anonymous. We thank all of you very much. Unfortunately the Men's Club ran into some unexpected expenses this year as an outlay of $150.00 was necessary to replace Christmas lights that were removed from the display at the United Church last season. It was very disheartening to find another considerable loss of lights after only a couple of nights of the display this year. The Men's Club has very limited financial resources and cannot and will not continue to fund this amount of desired decorating if a certain moronic element choose to destroy the efforts. We would ask all citizens to kindly respect the pride and creativity that our residents put into their decoration and let them shine brightly for all to see the pride in our community.

The Brookfield Athletic Association concluded another successful " Big Game Hunt" - the 65th - and would like to thank all who supported. Grand prizes of Ford Ranger trucks went to Joseph Deveau of Eastern Passage and Tony Sandeson of Truro. The heaviest buck was 247 pounds, the doe 164. Troy Sutherland won the prize for Longest Antler (26.5").

Ontario was the destination of choice for many travelers - Everett and Margie Walters went there to visit his sister Brenda while Mary Crossman also visited family members in Canada's most populous province...Alice Matheson retreated to Ontario for the winter and Cy Miller visited son Greg in Smithfield, Ont...An ambitious junket was taken by the Heroes 2 youth group in which a large number of that organizations members traveled to Moncton (along with a few bleary eyed parents) for an all night fun session at Crystal Palace. The South Colchester Green Machine Old Timers hockey team traveled to Charlottetown where they captured their division with a championship win over Truro - members of that team familiar to locals include veterans Keith and Robbie Fisher, Keiver Read, Bruce Leck and Miles Wright.

The Eagle call your attention to a few of the upcoming activities over the holiday season. The "Food for the Spirit" community variety concert will be held at Knox United, Saturday December 15 at 7 PM. This event, moving into it's third year has proven a popular showcase for local talent, and all proceeds go to a very good cause, helping the underprivileged. Monday December 17 will see the annual Christmas concert staged by Brookfield Memorial School. This years show will take place at Brookfield Junior High and will begin at 7:00 PM. Keep your ears and eyes open for events not available at press time which will no doubt include ad hoc caroling trips around the village and many other festive happenings. Brookfield Community Assembly has been attempting to develop a community calendar/ bulletin board at MacQuarries (which has seemingly been taken over by a person intent on notifying the world of birthdays); the BCA will try to use that medium as well as other to keep the community advised of upcoming activities.

The Eagle on behalf of the Brookfield Men's Club members hope that all our readers and the area residents have the happiest possible holiday season. May it be a time of peace, love and fellowship - hopefully all will have time to enjoy the company of friends and family who return to the area for the season - that is truly what makes the season so magical. Again we welcome you to join us at The Men's Club for their Christmas party December 17th at 7:30 PM.

Merry Christmas, The Eagle

The Eagle

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