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  February 2002
Vol 11, Issue 6

February 2002  Issue 11, Vol. 6

"Shubenacadie Sam" and other members of the meteorological forecasting inclined groundhog genre have forecast an early end to our winter. That would disappoint many who have enjoyed a crisp cold streak with abundant levels of snow for winter recreation and amazing beauty since Christmas. The efficient plowing of the sidewalk along Route 289 has created some unique cliff-like banks, and the sidewalk is safer to traverse with the holes and missing pieces filled in with snow and ice. Snowmobilers, skiers, outdoor rink builders and anyone who enjoys the great Canadian outdoors are revelling in 2002.

The same cannot be said for most educators and students who would rather not have missed as many school days in January as they were in session. Originally the "days off" were caused by perhaps an overreaction to some typical Maritime winter weather, others merely by the forecast of same! As January drew to a close South Colchester High and Brookfield Junior High were closed for one week on the suspicion that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in the bell tower at SCHS. Proof of this was a mysterious white powdery substance that was spread on both schools' steps which gave several emergency services vehicles and personnel a chance to respond, before testing done in Winnipeg (!) proved the material to be harmless. On a more serious note, the moronic, immature act caused undue hardship, economic and otherwise, to many, well beyond just the schools. It is hoped the culprit( s ) feels the full brunt of the justice system.

The only white powder expected at the Brookfield Men's Club anniversary meeting and dinner on Monday February 18th will be some icing sugar on the pastries. Plan now to attend the dinner marking the 65th anniversary of the BMC. All men of Brookfield and the surrounding area are welcome; please note the special time of 6:30 PM. For the only time all year there is a fee of $10.00 to pay for the meal, a steal considering the feasts provided in previous years. A brief business meeting will follow the dinner

and then onto guest speakers Kathy Putnam and Bob Leach, finishing with some entertainment. February 18th at 6:30 at the Baptist church.
It would be a rare issue that the Eagle could escape without making errors be they factual, omits, typographical, or just pure stupidity. The January issue was no different where we misspelled champion swimmer Adam Salsman's name; and more egregious was the oversight of Meghan Read when listing local hockey prodigies. Meghan is one of the very few who competes at the ultra competitive and tough Midget AA boys level as well as being a standout on her women's hockey team. The Men's Club and Eagle thank Eloise Yorke for her generous donation in support of the publication. We are very appreciative of our many kind patrons who enable the Big Bird fly to over 860 homes every month.Congratulations are extended to Victor Penny and Linda Smith who became engaged to be married - Victor is still basking in the glow of his Brookfield Golf Club's Shaw Cup victory in September, Victor was captain of that team. The area was well represented at the East Coast Music Awards in New Brunswick as both the Putnam family and Lyndsey Benvie participated in the 72 hour jam which livened the old port for the weekend. Leila Brenton, celebrated her 90th birthday - we should all be so spry and friendly. Jean Skinner was guest of honour at the recent Nova Scotia Tournament of Hearts (Ladies curling championship) in Sydney - this year was the 25th anniversary of the Brookfield native, now Truro resident's stunning provincial "Lassie" title while curling for the Sydney C.C. Jean's victory then was popular all over the province, and helped galvanize interest in the - then- brand new Brookfield Curling Club. "Delta" Dawn Henderson attended this year's event with a Truro rink. Congratulations go to burgeoning star Caila Henderson who many say fortunately does NOT skate like her father - evidence of this was her winning gold medals at Shannon Gardens in Dartmouth and the Fundy zone championships in the Pee Wee B class. Also at the Fundys in Amherst Anna Rutherford (who will be well served if she does skate like HER father, Logan) was the champion in the Pre-Juvenile class. The Don Fisher Construction Cruise Missiles travelled to Fredericton, where, paced by scoring leader Lewis Ingram, went undefeated (a win and two ties) yet failed to advance to the finals. Other locals making the trip Grahame Maguire, Mike Henderson, Mark Fleming, Layton Rutherford, Jeff Dickey, Monty Patton and Danny Dean.

Some of our residents required stays in the hospital - we hope things are looking up for Debbie Nielsen, Memorial School secretary Elaine Nelson, and Ross Cook. Louise McMullin, veteran of the ice wars at the Brookfield Curling Club, broke her wrist, while Rick Locke suffered a broken clavicle taking a nasty spill from his snowmobile.

Andrew Sears represented Stanfield's at their National Sales Meeting in Toronto while Peterson pere and fils (Davey, Kevin and Wade) attended a Leafs game at the Air Canada Centre. Susan Gamble went to Fort Lauderdale and Dave Heffernan traveled to London, Ontario to visit his brother. Jacob Ross, son of Gerald and Elaine, is attending Forest Ranger School at Sir Sanford Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario. Mike Henderson accompanied SC/BJHS principle Jim Burns to Barrie, Ontario where they toured a school with the architect for the contractor (Rideau Construction) of the new High school. Rideau are expected to break ground by April 1 with completion by June 2003. Finally, the infrastructure funding has been approved - this will result in the building at a modern, larger sewage treatment plant this year - credit to the BCA, Colchester Mayor, our councillor, MP and MLA for dogged determination on this project.Final farewells were said as friends of many Brookfielders went to their reward...Kenny Goodwin, a long time star pitcher on the Nova Scotia Senior Softball circuit and a true gentleman who came to the Elks late in his career, yet still was an essential contributor to Elks Maritime champion softball teams in 1967-68 passed away in Debert. Players and Elk fans from that era were saddened by this news. Dale Moore, owner of the successful Colchester Auto body business in Alton passed away at the much too young age of 48... Norma Reid, always one with a cheery hello passed away at the age of River Hebert Chester Morrell died, he was a brother to Ron and Wes as well as Dot Nielsen. The Shortts Lake Community was saddened to hear of the passing of Scott Henderson, Scott was a retired barrister and long time presence at both Ski Wentworth and around the lake especially, in sailing circles. Our condolences to all who lost loved ones.

Joanne Cooke went to Pickle Lake, Ontario to accompany daughter Danica home - her charges around the horse barn are delighted to have her back in town. Carrie Allinson's mother, of B.C. visited her daughter and grandchildren. Frankie (from B.C.) and Cindy Moore from Ottawa, came for brother. Dale's funeral.

You may need two pencils to mark down all the activities going on within the community. The Jr. Elks kick off their playoffs this week against Windsor, home games are Feb 15, 19 and 24. On February 18th, Heritage Day will be celebrated at Maud's place, just north of Tim Hortons on route 289 - the open House is from 1:30-4:30. Learn about the Elder Transcripts project, the Building History Project and the craft shop- call 673-2451 for info. Wednesday, February 20th at the Junior High a meeting will be held

to discuss the future planning, building and financing of the new playground at that will be established when that school becomes the new elementary school in September 2003. School grounds transformation has the potential to enhance the quality standards of rural living, we now enjoy and create greater awareness of our environment. Schools are a measure of our quality of life: economically, environmentally, and socially, this project compliments government and school board commitments to equitable educational opportunities, safe and healthy environments and programs that offer self esteem and respect among students. The strategic advantages of working together are clear; we can make optimum use of resources, reduce duplication of effort, build on complementary strengths, create economic of scale that are cost efficient and make it possible to leverage more partnership dollars, 673-2612 for more info. The morning of Thursday February 28, the students and staff of BJHS and SCHS are in for a treat - a personal appearance and address from Willie O'Ree, the Boston Bruin, who broke the NHL's "color" barrier in the 1950's, O'Ree is an outstanding spokesman for the NHL's community outreach program.

Coming home to Brookfield celebrations dates have been set as July 20 - 28. Highlighting this will be the Brookfield Rural/South Colchester High School reunion on July 20-21, this event welcomes all students who graced the hallowed halls of this institution, more details can be garnered by contacting Gaye MacDonald at 673-2958 - volunteers are welcomed. The Whing Ding dates are July 26 and 27. Another Homecoming related project underway already is "Music of Brookfield." It is hoped that a CD will be made featuring local performers and will be available during the July celebrations - if you wish to become involved please contact Charles Bowers at 673-3126. John F Kennedy in his inaugural address posed the question "ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country" - in a somewhat different vein please mark the date of Saturday, March 23 and you can find out what can the community of Brookfield offers. If you feel inclined to reverse the equation, information from that perspective will be provided also. Watch for more information in the March Eagle - suffice to say for now many items of interest will be presented to the public at that time.

Winter Olympics prediction - Hockey - if (big IF) USA gets any goaltending - gold is theirs (Swedes, Russians, and Czechs will have superior net-minding). How insufferable would the "USA" chants, to say nothing of NBC's preening? An Austrian will win the Men's Downhill (how not bold!) Canada wins gold in men's curling, women's not so sure.

Please feel free to join us at the BMC Anniversary dinner and meeting on February 18th at 6:30 PM - there is no need to have attended previously. Come for an evening of fine food and fellowship.

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