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  January 2002
Vol 11, Issue 5

January, 2002   Vol 11, Issue 5

Happy Palindromic New Year to all the Eagle readers far and wide. We hope that 2002, in addition to its numerical symmetry, provides a bountiful year for friends and family for

Brookfielders past and present. The Brookfields Men’s Club will do their best to usher in the New Year on Monday, January 21 with their monthly meeting at 7:30pm at the Baptist Church; as usual a cordial welcome is extended to gentlemen of the area to come and enjoy an evening of fellowship.

The Holiday Season was a picturesque time in Brookfield, with a blanket of snow arriving a few days prior to Christmas to make our village a veritable Winter Wonderland. The BMC continue to sponsor the community decorating contest, and the judging committee was overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of the residences decked out. After much consideration, we are pleased to announce the committee’s selections, divided as they were into winners on the North and South sides of Route 289. On the North side, most original prize went to Charlie and Janet Burnett, best religious theme went to Joel and Kim Dawe, best overall to Bob and Shirley Sibley, with honorable mentions to Jim and Vicki McCoul, Norma Sutherland, and Ian and Marilyn Fisher. On the side nearer the equator the most original prize went to Stan and Edie Tanner, best religious theme went to Ken and Weaty Hoyt, best overall to the Haylocks in Brentwood, with honorable mention going to Ron and Carol MacMillan, Danny and Audrey MacDonald and Cecil and Alice Stevens. The best overall in the entire village and environs for 2001 was Ralph and Sandra Gibson. Again, a heartfelt thank you to all who helped make our village look so festive.

The aspect of the Holiday Season that makes it special to many is the return of friends and families to Brookfield - we are sure there were many more people home than reported below but a sampling of those included: Charlene Fraser from Kelowna at Marg Sutherland’s..Jennifer Nast-Kolb at Ada Spidle’s...nice to see Gail MacFarlane home from Saudi Arabia - she is now living in California and had friend Jonathan Keirstead home from the Golden State as well to visit his family at Shortts Lake... Gregg and Heather (MacFarlane) Loewen and children visited from Maine and Herb’s mother was here from Saint were Susanne Harrison and her mother - Suzanne is aiding with her convalescence in Surf City. Sherry and Pam Roop came from Ontario and Vancouver respectively while Bruce and Mary Dickie came from Alberta to spend time with the family and help honour Bruce’s dad Victor on his retirement from Ocean Contractors... Paula O’Neill took time away from her equine charges in the Meadowlands area of New Jersey to visit family and friends...Mac Campbell was home from Ottawa... Pam Lanthier and daughter Victoria visited with mother Helene Henderson... Stephen (Tron) Henderson and wife Dr. Tracey Williams were home from Ottawa...Joanna and Janelle Canning made it back to Brookfield from their studies in New Brunswick and other collegians home included Miranda Deyarmond, Jenna VanTassell, Erin Patton, Amy, Annette, and Andrew Heffernan. Former Elk Mark Walters from Fort McMurray and Elkette Aunt Brenda Walters visited with Everett and Margie... Roberta Smith was home from Toronto to see Marion...also home were Matt and Angela Nelson at Eric and Barb’s... Peter Kennedy took a well deserved rest from his busy hockey schedule in Ottawa to get back to Carter Road...speaking of the Ottawa Valley, Elizabeth Ann Kenrick was home from Pembroke and Ken Locke also was in Brookfield from Ontario...Brad, Marg, and Emily Little came from New Maryland, N.B.... Mary Henderson traveled to Vancouver to visit with Laura, Julie, Jack and new grandson Noah then stopped in Winnipeg on the way home to visit Robert and children.

Always sorry to report on the passing of loved ones and Christmas seems to make the task harder. Marian McDonald’s father, Albert Burris passed away. Marian’s children, Greg and Angela were home for the funeral. Noted poetess Margaret (Peggy) Hammer, a member of the well known Benjamin clan, passed away in Halifax. Peggy was a supporter of the Eagle and never forgot her home town of Brookfield even as she gained renown for her ability as a wordsmith and other professional ventures. Tragically Krista (Veenhuis) Stewart, Glen’s wife, lost her battle with cancer in Port Williams, N.S...long time resident of Elm Street, Grace Fisher, passed away, and former Brentwooder John George Sr. died in Niagara Falls. Our condolences are proffered to those who lost loved ones.

Congratulations are extended to Brad Matheson when Sonya Mulley of North Sydney agreed to his engagement proposal...and to Annette Heffernan who became engaged to Alan Graham... kudos to Georgina and Terry Kanaan on the birth of their son Kyle, a brother for Nicole...Andrew and Diana (Clark) Searle were thrilled with the birth of a daughter...Matthew Nelson graduated from Maritime Forest Ranger School...Adam Salsman, grandson of Jean Hamilton won a bronze medal in the Canada Youth Cup swim meet in Toronto in the 50 metre breast stroke (boys 11-12) with a new Truro swimteam time record of 38.74 seconds. Rob Carter continues his stellar (if under- appreciated by management !) net minding for the Truro Junior A Bearcats - recently on their trip to Newmarket, Ontario for an international tournament, he lead the Cats to a 4-3 win over the number 1 nationally ranked Soo Thunder Birds - well done Rob. The Junior B Elks received some national notoriety as well as they were featured on the CBC’s Hockey Day in Canada broadcast live from the Windsor Exhibition Arena with Ron MacLean, Don Cherry and others with the Elks vs Windsor Royals game as a back drop. Katrina Wallace, long touted in this space as an up and coming star, traveled with the Nova Scotia girls hockey team to a tournament in Connecticut where they made the semi-finals; Katrina and her mother Barb were impressed playing in the Yale University Arena, and it is very likely that her future includes scholarship hockey time stateside in her prep school or collegiate career. For now you can see her perform as a hard-hitting, smooth skating blueliner for the Brookfield Pee Wee Elks. Darrell Toole, Mike Craig, Andrew Sears and David Clarke won the right to represent the B.C.C at the Zone Championships. In addition to the aforementioned Rob Carter, Brookfield area, products starring in advanced levels include AAA Atom Doug Armsworthy and Patrick Hazelton, Jeff and Janet’s son, the Atom AA Elks coached by Rollie Works features Chad Works. The Pee Wee AA Elks boost locals Coady Read, Will Fisher, Josh

Taylor, Kyle Henderson, Mark Dean, Katrina Wallace, Nick McLellan, and Matthew Leck. In Truro the Pee Wee AAA Bearcats feature Chris Armsworthy, Matthew Brenton, and Zach Sill, who are key to that team’s chances. The Bantam AA Elks, coached by Geoff Stewart and Phil Sears feature Matthew Stewart and Dane Henderson, while the AAA Bearcats make good use of Lee Nelson and Tyler Watkins’ skills. The Midget AA Elks, feature Patrick Stewart, Corey Sutherland, Kyle Wright, Bobby Sill, Adam Thompson and Aaron Taylor. Joel Dawe’s Junior B Elks rely heavily on Chris MacKenzie, Brian Totten, Ben Burgess and Jack Roop. The Sportsplex and other local rinks are obviously the place to be to watch these talents develop.

Congratulations to the Brookfield Curling Club representatives at the recent provincial Senior Men’s Championships in Liverpool - Robert Matheson skipped a team of Doug Sibley, Elmer Archibald and Art Chisholm while the other team featured Hugh Matheson, John Hiltz, Ken Retson and Leo Rovers. Donald Ross, continuing his courageous battle against cancer, played with the Dartmouth rink that made it all the way to the final three before bowing out. If anyone needs a reason to feel good about themselves or life in general why not pay “Diddle” a visit; his competitive spirit remains unchallenged as he tackles his illness with nothing but positive thoughts. Members of the Men’s Club and other friends traveled to Ellershouse where they helped charter member Don McNeille celebrate his 90th birthday - it is still a treat to have Don visit at the Men’s Club as he usually does once or twice every year, and we congratulate him on this milestone.

Sickness or injury derailed the holiday plans for some Brookfielders; spending some time in hospital were Kathy Dean, Grace Campbell, Ed Harvey, Irene Retson, Alton Sutherland, Edith Tanner, Sharon Smyth and Mary Henderson. Herb McCallum’s broken hand was not enough to keep him off the curling ice and he expects to be fully recovered to hit those delicate sand wedge shots of his come the spring.

Once again The Eagle’s holiday season was made brighter by some faithful supporters who enclosed a little financial help to the ol’ Bird along with their Christmas cards. Some of these generous contributors included Wes Trenholm of Kentville,Wayne and Ardith Teas in Mississauga, Joyce Geddes, Clark Sutherland from B.C., and Mick Boutlier. We have been asked by the residents of the Sunrise Crest Seniors Complex to express a special thank you to the musical Putnam family, who despite numerous performances over the holidays, found time to entertain the residents of Sunrise Crest one evening - it was very much appreciated. We thank all who not only help the BMC and The Eagle with their task but all who made Christmas a happier place for fellow Brookfielders.

Anitra and Lori would like to thank everyone in Brookfield and area who helped during their fundraising campaign as part of the Joints in Motion Marathon held in Lausanne, Switzerland. With your support they were able to raise over $11,000 for the Arthritis Society of Nova Scotia. The experience of running in such a beautiful country was made even more enjoyable by the people of Lausanne who made them proud to be Canadians. Their training paid off as they completed the 21 kilometers. Lori was the third Canadian woman to cross the finish line in the half marathon within a time of 2 hours 16 minutes and Anitra was the fifth Canadian woman with a time of 2:20. Many of you are already aware that a wonderful program of adult skating takes place every Wednesday morning at the Sportsplex (why not drop in - for a nominal fee of $2.00, you can feel the exhilaration as your feet glide over the glass) The Brookfield Curling Club will host the Northern Zone Tankard Playdowns which determines one half the field for the Provincial Championship, from January 18 - 21. Remember the BMC meeting on Monday, January 21, see you at the Baptist Church, 7:30 pm.

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