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April, 2006
Vol. 15 Issue 8

It's early April at this writing, and while we know there still remains the possibility of a wintery blast to keep us from getting complacent, this has been the mildest winter in Central Nova Scotia in many people's recollection. March featured beautiful weather, practically from start to finish, and conditions were so warm and dry that concerns about forest fires were heard at an earlier time on the calendar than ever before. Most residents of our area welcomed the very kind and early Spring, and golfers were anxiously casting their eyes towards the southern part of the village in expectations that the Brookfield Golf Club would soon open - stay tuned. Could it be that along with the chicks that are prevalent at Easter, golfers could also be seeing birdies at the same time as watching the fabled Masters on television?!?

April, of course, is famous for something else in Brookfield - the annual Brookfield Men's Club Ladies' Night celebration, where the BMCers roll out the red carpet to honour the ladies of the village and surrounding area. Please accept our welcome to this year's festivities; which are set for Monday, April 17, at Knox United Church - the doors will swing open at 6:30 and we feel confident in saying the Club Men will provide a wonderful meal and an interesting evening. Last year over 160 attended, and we would be delighted to reach that number again.

Brookfield Golf Club Champion, Mike Penny, and his Dad, former Shaw Cup team captain, Victor, and their partners Billy-Jo Huey and Linda Smith, travelled to Georgia and took in a practice round at the Masters at one of golf's shrines - Augusta National. Gene and Marion Retson travelled to Ottawa to visit son Duncan, and from there went on to San Jose, California to visit former Brookfielder Betty (MacPhee) McGowan. Club Man Jim Feener visited daughter, Adinda, in Ontario. Jim Dickie and Marilyn (Cheek) Totten vacationed in the former British Honduras, now known as Belize. Jim Pearson and Krista Williams went to the Dominican Republic. Larry and Susanne Harrison vacationed in Florida Brookfield Elementary teacher Holly Peers and her children, along with her brother, Rick Hiltz, his wife Bev and daughter Emily went to Cuba. Ski vacations in New Hampshire were the order of the day for Andrew, Jill, Rachel and Rowan Sears, Mike, Brenda, Kyle and Caila Henderson, and Monty, Daniel and Luke Patton. Jill Sears traded her ski boots for flip-flops and, along with her kids, visited her mother in Bradenton, Florida. While the leaders of the three North American nations (Harper, Fox and Bush) met in Cancun, three local ladies also were there to keep them straight - they were Sarah Matheson, (Delta) Dawn Carter- Henderson, and Cindy Fraser. Eefie Crowell, and many of her family and relations, including daughter Tammy Stewart, her children, and Rob Stuart and his, also vacationed in Mexico. Jim and Shirley McNutt vacationed in Florida and Barbados; upon their return, they made a much- appreciated donation to the Eagle's cause - thank you! We would like to apologize for an error in the March issue in which we incorrectly mentioned Monty Patton's sister, Toni, as the mother of Sarah Maxwell; of course, it should have been his other sister, Vickie. Sorry for any confusion.

Major excitement is emanating from the Sportsplex where the 20th edition of the Lotta Truck Festival has unveiled the prize and entertainment package. The featured entertainer this year is multi-award winner George Canyon, and this news has people clamouring for the tickets already (they should be available by late April). The grand prize, to be awarded at the show on July 8, will be the winner's choice of a 2006 Freightliner truck or $110,000 in cash. 2nd and 3rd prizes are a Pontiac Solstice convertible and a GMC Sierra 4x4 truck. There will also be twenty $1000 cash prizes given away at the Early Bird draw in May. Get your tickets early, to ensure you get to see George Canyon on July 8!!

Congratulations to David and Leslie Campbell who received recognition from the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce with a business achievement award for their Cottages at Cambra Sands in Malagash. Zach Sill won the "Player's Choice" Award at the Truro Junior Bearcats Annual Banquet - next year, we will cheer Zach as a member of the NCAA's University of Maine Black Bears. Brookfield won the "A" (Open) division of the Truro/Sportsplex hockey tournament. Former Brookfield Golf Club member, Mike Robinson, skipped his team from the Dartmouth Curling Club to the Nova Scotia Mixed Championship. Tanya Rogers celebrated the birth of her baby daughter. Dane Henderson was named Rookie of the Year for the NSAC's Men's Soccer Team, Jessica Nielsen was the AC's soccer team's Most Improved Player, and Amanda Clark was named to the All Academic Athletic team for her combination of grades and volleyball. Adam Salsman (grandson of Jean Hamilton) was named Swimmer of the Year by Swim Nova Scotia. There was a strong showing by the Brookfield Bantam AA Elks at the Provincial Championships hosted at the Sportsplex - they finished a strong third and had two of their members selected to the All-Star team - defenceman Sheldon Muise and left-winger Justin Blaauwendraat. Dr. Tracey Williams' nephew Ryan O'Connor of the Bay Ducks, was named to All-Star team at the Atlantic Jr. B Championships in PEI. The Truro Bearcats won the Provincial AAA Bantam Championships, ably abetted by local talents Doug Armsworthy and Mitchell Weatherbee. The Bearcats travelled to Newfoundland for the Atlantic and placed second. The PeeWee AA Hockey Elks downed the Truro Bearcats to win the Mainland League Championship. Congratulations to the Miss Conducts for winning the Colchester Women's Recreational Hockey League, which was a big hit this year on Wednesday evenings at the Sportsplex. Of local interest on that team were Jodie Matheson, Chris Bernard, Sue Burley, and Doug Bernard as coach. Fire Chief Rod Nielsen was cited as one of Nova Scotia's Volunteers of the Year, after his nomination for same by the Brookfield Community Assembly. Bruce Leck's cow, Leckbrook James Bliss was nominated All Atlantic in the mature class, and placed second overall at a recent showing.

South Colchester Academy badminton team made a strong showing at Districts, with several advancing to Regionals, including the Senior team of Erin Durkee, Ben Grosvenor, Chris Adams, Robert O'Brien, Martina DeVries, Dallys Serracin, Karla Armsworthy and Sean Barr. The Intermediate Doubles team of Kailee Ingram and Brette Holland advanced, as did Emily Taylor in Junior Girls. SCA winners at the Regional Science Fair were Kim Werkman and Mark Dean, while Alex Taylor and Karla Armsworthy won silver and bronze, respectively. Wonderful to see Jeff Roop, Bob's son cast as Frank Mahovlich in the "Canada-Russia '72" movie. Susan Carter's, niece, Jill Seaman, currently is starring in the TV series "Falcon Beach".

Congratulations to uber-popular South Colchester Academy Phys. Ed teacher Kelly Spencer, who married former Brookfield Jr. High teacher, Jennifer Angevine, during March Break in the Dominican Republic. Despite breaking the hearts of countless teen-aged girls, who adore the affable Spencer , everything is turning up aces for him; he has a beautiful bride, the Fringe Cutting Edge, his hockey team, won the West Colchester League Championship for the second year in a row, and we are delighted to announce that he and Jennifer have purchased a home at Shortts Lake and will become year-round residents of our community in May. Many fondly recollect the days when a large number of teachers at our schools chose to make their homes in the village.

Former Brookfield Elk Hockey star (circa early 1950's) and retired Vice-President at Stanfield's Limited, Rylie Marshall, received an award from the Russian government, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the defeat of Germany in the Great Patriotic War, as it is known in Russia. Marshall plied the treacherous run across the North Atlantic to Murmansk, and helped supply the Russian Allies on the Eastern Front.

Division Winners at the 17th Annual Great Community Curling Classic were:
Industry - Marwood - Darrell Toole, Karla Armsworthy, Darrell Robinson, Kenneth MacKenzie.
Business - Nova Enterprises - Hugh Matheson, Bill Masters, Tony Lowe, Curtis Fisher.
Family - "The Grandfathers" - Ken Retson, John Hiltz, Elmer Archibald, Carl Densmore.
Institution - SCA - Jeremy Locke, Josh Melvin, Chad MacKinnon, Michael Weatherbie. Honourable mention - the McCallum family, who had been giant killers throughout, lost in an overtime "draw the button" contest in Division Final. Winner of the Draw for the Button contest was Jonathan "Bing" Crouse

Hot Spot Alert . . . were you aware of the Friday Night Hoops program running at SCA from late March into early May? Over 100 kids are enrolled, ranging from grades 2 to 9, and the energy expended is awe-inspiring, as the children learn the game of basketball with a hearty emphasis on fun and social interaction. SCA teachers Chris Ross and Larry MacKenzie are putting back into the community with this, and are very appreciative of student leaders Nicole Mills, Nicole Davis, Katelyn McKenzie, Kerri Bogle, Jessica Purdy, Ineka Schydlo, Michael Weathebie, Mitchell Chaplin, Ben Roy, Tricia MacKay, Holly and Carson Killen, and Matt and Jessica Leck.

Sorry to see Club Man Vic Burrows hobbling after he tore ligaments in his leg in a fall. His neighbour, Holly Dean, underwent jaw surgery; and Ruth Watson has been hospitalized with illness. Pam (Roop) Olmstead dropped in from North Vancouver to visit with Betty and Randy. Ardith (Ross) and Wayne Teas visited from Mississauga.

We are sorry to report on the passing of friends and relatives of Brookfielders, including Dexter Rector . . . Pearl Gibson, wife of Tom Gibson . . . Lawrence Crouse of Stewiacke East, who was a brother of Mildred Murphy and Jean Fisher. Brian Busby's sister, Joan Hardy, died in Truro, and Joan Dillman of Elmsdale, sister to Fulton Isenor, passed away, as did Gwen Archibald's brother, Raph Dartt of Green Oaks. Long-time Brookfield Lumber employee (retired) John Woodworth of Stewiacke, died. Shirley Henry's sister, Daisy Crowe of Onslow Mountain passed away. We extend the sympathies of the community to all who have lost loved ones.

As mentioned last month, the Brookfield Community Assembly is very excited about the launch of the new community website at www.brookfieldnovascotia.ca. We encourage community organizations to submit their profile (many are already on the website, if you wish to see an example), and are currently asking the business community to also post their listings. All the information you need is at that website - please check it out. Speaking of the BCA, they will hold their Annual General Meeting, Monday, April 24, at 7:00 PM, at Knox United Church. The meeting is open to the public; feel free to attend and learn more about the BCA's activities on the community's behalf. The Brookfield Railway and Heritage Train Station is having a Luncheon (eat-in or take-out, 11:30 - 2:00) and Silent Auction on April 29 to raise funds for the maintenance of the train station. If you have items to donate for the silent auction, please contact Donna at 673-2812. Bidding stops at 1:30. Tickets are available at the door. A reminder to all, there remain two vacancies on the South Colchester Academy Advisory Council - one of these must be filled by someone from the Brookfield Elementary School catchment area who has a child at SCA, while the other opening is a "community" representative. Contact Jim Burns at 673-5000 if interested. A reminder of the dates on the Coming Home to Brookfield celebrations - this year will be held July 22-30. The theme is "Imagine . . . the best that we can be." We will detail more of the featured events in the May Eagle; if you wish to be one of the over 300 volunteers on this ambitious project, please contact Marian McDonald at 673-3464. The Brookfield Fire Department is seeking energetic, motivated volunteers to apply for membership. Applicants should be at least 18 and be willing to dedicate a portion of their time to train. Additional information is available at the Station at 110 Hwy 289, any Wednesday evening after 7:00 PM or by calling Jeremy (673-3393) Rob (890-1447) or Matt (890-3766) The B.F.D. Would like to gauge interest regarding the formation of a Junior Firefighter Program. The Junior Program would be open to youths aged 14-18, with parental consent. A Rate Payers Meeting will be held Thursday, April 27, at 7:00 PM, at the Brookfield Fire Station. All are encouraged to attend, as the fire tax levy will be discussed.

We would very much like to see as many ladies from the community as possible on Monday, April 17, at the Ladies' Night Gala. One of the featured entertainment acts will be the fantastic South Colchester Academy Senior Combo - every one of their performances is eye-popping, so that, along with the meal, is well worth the trip; we are not sure what the BMCers have up their sleeve for other entertainment. The 2006 BMC Eagle Award winner will also be announced.

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