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December 2006
Vol. 16 Issue 4

The Brookfield Men's Club will host their annual Christmas Party on Monday, December 18, at 7:30 PM, in the basement of the Baptist Church. We throw out the welcome mat to any in the community who wish to attend for a night of frolic and good food. Please bring a gift with a value of $10 or less to be exchanged, and a non perishable food item that will be delivered by the BMC to the Colchester Food Bank. The BMC would like to thank Brookfield Fire Department for hosting their November meeting at the Fire Hall, and providing them with a "stick to your ribs" lunch. BMCers were entertained by Terry Canning's explanation of his Mobile Communication Centre vehicle, as well as Chris Richards and Lafarge's new Manager James Kirkpatrick, recently arrived from Great Britain, who detailed Lafarge's application to use tires as a fuel supplement in their cement kiln.

Christmas cards arrived at the Eagle's mail box bearing contributions of support from long time readers Reta Dunn, Rodney Ross, Doris Fisher, and Cecil and Daisy Hingley. The Eagle very much appreciates your kindnesses in helping defray our expenses. The BMC membership was enthralled when the Secretary read greetings from Charter Member (1937) Don MacNeille who lives in Ellerhouse - Don is not able to travel easily but lauded the Club on their continuing activities in community betterment and fellowship. This meant a lot to the Club men as Don is revered by those who know him.

Gene and Marion Retson cannot stand to have the ground underneath them not moving - they jetted to California to visit former Densmore Lane resident and dear friend Betty (MacPhee) McGowan. Natalie and Nicole Clark accompanied by Heather Creelman and Amy Fisher travelled to St. John's to visit Amanda Clark, who is enrolled at Memorial University. The Roop clan, Randy and Betty, Andrew and Becky, Jack and Laura Cooper travelled to Naples, Florida for Chris Roop's (Bob's son) wedding. Jack came home via Jacksonville where he saw his beloved New York Giants take on the Jaguars in the Gator Bowl (we refuse to use the Stadium's corporate name). Regrettably the G-men lost the NFL tilt. Margie and Everett Walters went to Fort McMurray to visit son Mark and wife Michelle, and stopped off in Toronto to visit Brenda Walters. Kathy Dean skipped over to Newfoundland to visit with relatives.

Not all our residents enjoyed the good health to be travelling - hospitalized or suffering from sickness were Ron Archibald, Annie Dickey, Shirley Comeau, Clubmen Win Matheson and Don Hamilton were slowed somewhat by kidney stones and a knee replacement, respectively. We hope all are feeling better and able to enjoy the Christmas season without undue concerns about their health.

Congratulations go out to two couples marking passing remarkable milestones - both Jim and Shirley McNutt and Lawrence and Shirley Wynn celebrated their Golden Anniversaries - well done!!! Marion Kenrick and Grace Campbell both were feted in observance of their 90th birthdays, while the incredible Merle Nelson (Donna Matheson's mother) easily blew out 98 candles at her party. Freda Brenton had her 96th birthday party at the Brentwood Ponds. Frank Locke recently was honoured by the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches for having being ordained for 55 years, and he also received the Acadia Divinity Colleges Annual Alumni Award for "Distinguished Service in the Christian Ministry." Not one to stop there, Frank has recently written a history of the Brookfield Baptist Church. The book recounts the story from 1862 to 2006, has 140 pages, and contains over 70 pictures. Special tribute was paid to Ada Spidle who provided valuable historical information. Ada's great - grandparents, Mrs. and Mr. Archibald Hamilton, gave the land on which the church is located. Many descendants of the early families still live in Brookfield today. The book is available from author Frank Locke for $10. One would think with all of those accomplishments, Frank would do better in the BMC's contests!! Janet Hazelton, Jeff's wife, will be recognized for her leadership efforts as one of the women to receive the 2006 Women of Excellence Award for health, sport and wellness from the Canadian Progress Club for her role in leading the Nova Scotia Nurses Union. Anna Rutherford, daughter of Logan and Nancy, skated her personal best performance at the Eastern Canadian Championships recently held in Moncton, and locked up a birth on the Nova Scotia Canada Games skating team. She will represent the province at the games in February in Whitehorse as well as at the Skate Canada Junior Nationals in Brampton!! Congratulations goes to popular South Colchester Academy teachers Kelly and Jennifer Spencer, blessed with a bouncing baby boy - we are delighted for the young family who live on Daley-Campbell Road at Shortt's Lake, and who love their adopted home town. Nancy Kolstee of Pleasant Valley married Danny MacDougall - we hope they can one day catch up to the McNutts and Wynns in terms of anniversaries. Sarah Maynard and Mark "Turtle" Campbell became engaged.

We'd like to thank home owners Kevin and Dawn Bralovich, Julie Walters, and Judy Wright who opened their homes for the Christmas Tours; also to the Fire Department, the Train Station Committee and Knox Church for their contribution to the event. Thanks as well to the volunteers who helped display houses, transported visitors, and provided food services and to the patrons who came out to support the Church, the Christmas Index and the Food Bank. Gratitude is also extended to the various clubs who decorated trees and provided socks for the Christmas Index. On behalf of many volunteer organizations in the community including the Brookfield Athletic Association and the Brookfield Fire Department, we tip our hat to Colchester County Municipal Council as they move to make volunteering an easier task by picking up the tab for organizations liability insurance. Allowing non-profit groups to devote their fund-raising to items that really matter, as opposed to administrative issues and insurance is a big step forward in recognizing the contribution of volunteers - well done councillors! Both the SCA Senior Boys and Girls teams travelled to Provincial Championships in the Annapolis Valley and made strong showings coming up short of their ultimate goal. The boys team led by coach Daniel Hunt included Matt Leck, Robby Crouse, Nico Rathje, Mark Dean, Billy-Jack Phillips, Andrew Ferris, Justin White, Ben Roy, Michael Weatherbee and Johan DeVries. Teri Kennedy did an outstanding job with the girls team which featured Shanda Cox, Josie Geddes, Erica Nolan, Laura Cox, Caila Henderson, Tamara Hamilton, Bailey Campbell, Peggy Maguire, Rebecca Bracht. A tip of the hat to both coaches, who are not employed in the school, but whose volunteer efforts are much welcomed by the student athletes and the community.

We wish a month could go by without the passing of loved ones, but it is not the case. Final farewells were said to Philip Cox - the husband of Betty Jean (Carter). Phillip was also brother to Sidnee Rutherford. We grieve with Georgina Kanaan on the passing of her father in Lebanon. Danny Rudolph's mother, Grace Rudolph - Duprey of Enfield passed away. Others known to Brookfielders who passed away include Bill Archibald of Folly Lake, Clare Stewart of Stewiacke, and Jessie Landsburg, Harry Mowatt's sister.

Several months ago Barry Weatherby and his daughter Tanya moved to 724 Highway 289 - Barry is the brother of Sheila Johnson and Jean Axworthy. Sheila and family have been busy, in the summer she travelled to Calgary to visit her brother, Wayne, and then accompanied her sister, Liz Weatherby, home to Nova Scotia - Liz had been living with her, and has recently bought a home in Truro Heights. Wayne and Sheila travelled to Ontario to visit son, Mike, and his family - Mike has been transferred to Ottawa by the RCMP. Scott Johnson was home from Iqualit to visit Wayne and Sheila. The entire clan, including other son, Kameron, will travel to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to witness Mike's marriage to Melanie Genest. The family will travel to Ottawa to attend a reception for the newlyweds in December.

By the time you read this the Holiday season will be in full swing - some events you will not wish to miss: Sunday, December 17, will indeed be a day of wonderful music. The Christmas Cabaret will be held at South Colchester Academy at 2 PM - the afternoon entertainment will feature the SCA vocal ensemble; concert band; beginner band; jazz combo; and fiddle and guitar group. A silent auction will also be held - come see what SCA's music program is all about. Take a break for supper, and then make your way to Knox Church by 7 PM for the annual and renowned Food for the Spirit concert. This is an evening of musical entertainment in support of the Colchester Food bank, featuring some of the finest entertainment around. Food and cash donations will be welcomed. The Brookfield Men's club will again sponsor the Christmas Decorations Contest - the intrepid judges will hit the streets on Friday, December 22, covering every lane in metropolitan Brookfield including Brentwood, East and Upper Brookfield, Forest Glen, Shortt's Lake, Pleasant Valley and points in between. Prizes will be awarded in several categories so be sure to have your property illuminated on the 22nd. Winners will be announced in the January Eagle. Another annual event that is quickly becoming "can't miss" is the Brookfield Junior Elks New Year's Eve Lobster Dinner and Dance at the Curling Club on Sunday, December 31, come and enjoy a terrific Lobster meal - tickets are $30 in support of the Elks Hockey Club and are available at the Curling Club, MacQuarries, or get more information by calling 673-2298. The Junior Elks are having a fine season in the midst of an extremely competitive Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League, almost every game has been closely contested and any team in the loop is capable of upsetting another. Stop in and catch some of the high flying action on Tuesday nights - this years team is chock full of locals who have cut their teeth in the local minor associations, including Jay Duffy, Justin Blaauwendraat, Brian Kennedy, Patrick Stewart, Ben Cumming , Lee Nelson, Adam Archibald (Gwen's grandson) Ike and Ben Burgess, Justin Smith, and D. J. McCarthy, as well as a few spirited Newfoundlanders!

Are you ready to get on the ball? Come to the Stability Ball Classes with Dawn at the SCA fitness centre. This class is excellent for improving functional strength, stability as well as flexibility, balance and cardiovascular. The stability ball is easy to use, effective and a great full body workout. Eight week sessions are Friday night, beginning January 12 from 6-7 PM at the SCA. The fee is $15 for members of the SCA fitness centre and $25 for non-members. Register by calling Colchester Recreation at 897-3155 and see why Dawn is held in such high esteem by her "students". Friday, December 15, will see "Midnight Madness" from 6 PM till midnight at Brally's Custom Furniture and Decor. There will be door prizes, refreshments, a charity raffle, and a pre-decorated Christmas tree will be raffled. The Central Nova group attempting to win the Nova Scotia bid to host the 2011 Canada Winter Games in Colchester County is down to the short strokes. Hopefully the "HubBid" will be successful when the announcement is made in January. Right now individuals can show their support ( and buttress the bid ) by signing up as volunteers (no specifics needed at this time). The HubBid is hoping to have 5000 volunteers enlisted before December 20. The Brookfield Athletic Association has lent its support by volunteering to "manage" a Games venue. Please register now by calling 896-2011 or at www.hubbid.ca

Again we welcome you to join us for the BMC Christmas Party, beyond that we wish all in our community and all of those who wish they were here, a very Merry Christmas and the happiest possible holiday season.

The Eagle

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