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January, 2006
Vol 15, Issue 5

Happy New Year!! The Eagle wishes all its readers the very best in 2006, and hope we continue to grow our village qualitatively and quantitatively in terms of opportunities for our citizens. Unfortunately the wondrous snow that we had leading up to Christmas had left us by the time the calendar turned; hopefully a white blanket will soon reappear for the outdoor enthusiasts.

The Brookfield Men’s Club is eagerly looking forward to their monthly meeting on January 16 at 7:30 PM when they will be hosted by the Brookfield Fire Department. Naturally what has us all excited this time around is the location of the meeting, as the BFD has completed their move to their new mid-town digs. The firemen, mindful of the BMC’s role in their formation after World War II, have always been gracious hosts with their annual invitation to the BMC. Several Clubmen are looking forward not only to the new venue, but to the delicious lunch the firefighters provide. Any men of the area are, as usual, welcome to attend the BMC meetings.

The Men’s Club again sponsored the Annual Christmas Decorating Contest which, in part, helped beautify the village over the Holiday Season. The winners of the contest, as judged by the peerless panel, are; Overall - Gary and Laura Kolstee, Bob and Shirley Sibley, Stan and Edie Tanner, Vic Penny and Linda Smith. Religous theme - Danny and Audrey MacDonald, Kevin and Rosalynn Clarke, Cecil and Alice Stevens, Charles and Gloria Joyce. Honourable mentions - Ches Brown, Bev Gibbons and Cathy Haylock.

The Men’s Club would also like to thank patrons Doris Fisher, Hazel Dickey and Joyce Geddes for their lovely cards and generous donations. A tip of the BMC cap to Postmaster Graham Pearson who facilitated the gratis bulk mailing of the local copies of the December Eagle, saving the BMC considerable funds. A reminder that we are still having some of our emails bounce back to our circulation department - if you have not received your Eagle recently, or your email address has changed please advise Circulation Director Art Lindsay at linart@ns.sympatico.ca.

The New Year was rung in at various venues; one of the more interesting ones was at the Brookfield Curling Club where the Brookfield Junior B Elks Hockey Club hosted a lobster supper dinner and dance. Those who attended enjoyed a tasty feast and had an enjoyable evening; the only regret was that more did not take advantage of this opportunity to have a delicious meal and support the hockey club, which is right in the thick of the battle of the Nova Scotia Hockey League. Their schedule resumes on Tuesday nights at the Sportsplex, with playoff action starting in early February.

Congratulations must go to the organizers of the “Food for the Spirit” musical Christmas concert with proceeds going to the Colchester Food Bank. It was a wonderful show one week before Christmas and thanks must go to the supporters, and especially to the entertainers including Village Blend, Margie Crossman’s Kitchen Trio, Shelley MacLeod, Joanne Hatfield and Kay Retson who accompanied other performers, and provided numbers of their own. The South Colchester Academy Combo band featuring Jessica Fleming, the Junior and Cherub choirs, Anitra Whidden, Lori Nielsen, Eric Bowers, Susan Gamble, John Robichaud, Megan Isenor and Connexion, Amie Nelson, Jill Sears, Susanne Rushton and Ken MacKenzie also performed. Erica Nielsen has received her B.Sc from Dalhousie. Keiver Read has been acclaimed to the Board of Directors of the Don Henderson Memorial Sportsplex; he joins Chairman Curtis Cameron and Directors Art Lindsay, John MacDougall, Gordon Shupe, Gordie Burnett, Bruce Leck, Jeff Dickey, Mike and Pibby Henderson, Shawn Bernard, Donnie Fisher, Kevin Clarke and Logan Rutherford. Congratulations to Jonathan and Janna Muise on the birth of a baby girl. A son was born to Matthew Fields and Jamie Lee Simspon; a grandchild for Greg and Joanne Fields. Krista Lee Teed married Robin Fisher, son of Bobby and Gloria Fisher; and it was nice to see her parents Stewart and Brenda Teed home from Iqualuit for the wedding.

We’re sure there were many others home for the holidays that we are unaware of, but among the ones we did have a chance to shout out to are Jay and Sherry (Roop) Ovsenny of Toronto, and Steve and Pam (Roop) Omstead, who came home from Vancouver and kindly re-created their wedding reception for their many Eastern friends and relatives. Helen (Honey) Retson and her family were home with word that her daughter Noelle Thibodeau is engaged. Laura Henderson was home from Vancouver and from Ontario came Emily Works, Mac Campbell, Dan and Duncan Retson. Katherine Woolfitt (Wayne’s daughter) and friend Graham Abrey visited from jolly old England. Herb and Betty MacFarlane’s daughters came from various points of the Eastern seaboard. Gerald and Elaine Ross welcomed home Jacob from Lakehead University and Chelsea from Dalhousie, and Brad, Margie and Emily Little of Fredericton, visited at Don and Verna Locke’s. We welcome Cyndi Fiander’s mother Ruth Hayden of Jordan Falls to Brookfield - she has moved into the Brandt Lane Apartments.

It was with regret that we learned of the passing of long time Curling Club member Pauline Daley on Christmas morning; however Reverend Larry Harrison made a compelling point that there was good news attached to her release from illness on that day at her moving funeral service. Gwen MacKay, mother of Judy MacKay (and grandmother to Jim-Willie and Maggie Parks) passed away, as did former Elkette pitcher Barb Cutten. Lynn Doubleday’s partner Gary Orman of Birch Hill died, as did former Pleasant Valley resident Brian Phillips. Butch Fraser, who had taken over the famed Kenrick Brothers store in Middle Stewiacke some time ago, died. Norma Rutherford, formerly of Carter Road, and sister to Stella Cox passed away. Elmer Reid, formerly the “Irving oil” man in Brookfield passed away in Truro. Tragically, long time hockey player and official Butch Drew of Hilden was stricken by a fatal heart attack while playing oldtimers hockey at the Sportsplex. Our condolences go to all who have suffered the loss of loved ones.

Gerry MacWha and Gerald Cox both made trips to Florida and Ron and Marilyn Morrell (not Russell, as was erroneously typed in last months Eagle!) went to Vancouver. Brent Harrison’s work took him to BC, while Gordie and Doreen Frank went to Ontario. Alycia Putnam travelled to the Netherlands to visit her beau; we’re not sure if she inculcated the Dutch with a love of fiddle music or not. Mitchell Cooke has returned to Southern Georgia to pursue his professional motocross career after a holiday stint at home, in which he failed to penetrate the Cruise Missiles defense. Roy and Shannon Baird travelled to the Arabian Peninsula for their son Mark’s wedding; afterwards Mark returned to Brookfield for a vacation from his duties as a fighter pilot instructor.

Glad to report that Lynn Matheson, wife of BMC President John, is recovering nicely after a ruptured appendix and peritonitis; we hope she is soon able to resume her familiar perch at the Metro Centre for Junior hockey games. Irene Retson was also hospitalized for a period. We hope that these people and any other suffering infirmities are well on the road to recovery.

The BMC “Italian Feast” has been put on hiatus as the short staffed BMCers throw their energies into their anniversary dinner in February and the Ladies Night gala set for April 17 - it may return in the future if there is demand for that event. In the meantime, the BMC soldiers on, eagerly hoping for an injection of new blood into its membership as it continues to provide a terrific opportunity for a modicum of community service mixed with large dollops of fun. However, our membership is not growing and will have to do so for the BMC to be able to continue to provide the community with the services it has been accustomed to (the BMC Eagle, sponsorship of the 569 Colonel G.N. Henderson Air Cadet Squadron, running the BBQ’s on Dominion Day and at HomeComing, hosting Ladies Night, and numerous other activities) that benefit many in our area. Please give this some consideration; no further invitation is required, and you can be guaranteed a warm welcome on January 16th at the Brookfield FireHall. Brookfield Community Assembly Chairman Laurie Monk would like to wish all residents a Happy New Year on behalf of that organization, whose goal is to champion the village’s cause in any way possible, especially through its Community Services, Leisure and Recreation, and Education and Youth committees. We hope everyone exercises their franchise and votes in the important Federal election on Monday, January 23 (or at one of the advance polls). The candidates in our Colchester-Cumberland-Musquodoboit Valley riding are Bill Casey of the Conservatives, Bruce Farrell of the Green Party, Gary Richard of the Liberals, and Margaret Sagar of the NDP

A Super Bowl party will be held at the Brookfield Curling Club, Sunday Feb. 5. In additional to the Super Bowl XL on the big screen (Seahawks vs. Colts??) There will be finger foods and door prizes for the guests. All proceeds are for the Nova Scotia Firefighters Burn Treatment Society. Tickets are $10, and are available from Sherry Cole, Jeremy Simms or Mark Murdock.

Another reminder that the Fitness Centre at SCA is open to the adult public effective January 10. There are sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Monday and Wednesday mornings with trainers provided, for a very attractive price. Those who utilized the facility in the fall were delighted, and many others have expressed interest - we hope for a good turnout to keep this needed resource available. Contact Terri Robblee at 673-2983 or 897-3155 for more details.

See you at the new Fire Hall on the 16th!!

The Eagle

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