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December 2007
Vol. 17 Issue 4

Joy to the world! The Advent season is upon us, and it is easy to discern the excitement in the tones of young and old when we engage them in conversation. The Holiday Season can be hectic and bring many pressures; but it is definitely something we look forward to, especially the opportunity to have many friends and family members in our village. The Brookfield Men's Club extends warmest wishes to all for a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season. To that end we invite the gentlemen to the BMC's annual Christmas party, which will be held Monday December 17 at 7:30 PM in the Baptist Church. Come and enjoy fine food, Past- President John Matheson's intriguing games, some heartfelt, yet sometimes off key carolling, and the gift exchange. All are asked to bring a gift with a value not to exceed $10; as well as an item to be delivered by the BMC to the Colchester Food Bank.

The Men's Club is happy to announce they will again sponsor the Christmas Decorating Contest in the village and surrounding environs - the judges want all to know they will be making their trip on Friday, December 21. We have been fortunate to have already received some winter weather, which certainly helps with the spirit, if not the actual decorating. It is evident already that those with decorating skills have been hard at work. You should also know that the photos from the 2007 Coming Home to Brookfield celebrations are posted on the community website and can be viewed at www.brookfieldnovascotia.ca/news/photo.htm.

Congratulations to former Carter Road resident Peter Hazelton, who performed very well on the nationally televised "Are You Smarter then a Canadian 5th Grader" game show. Peter walked away with $25,000 in cash, and despite the pressure- packed environment, conducted himself in fine fashion. In a milieu that seemingly encourages participants to act like raving fools, Peter was a beacon of poise and sensibility - well done! He came across as sincere, and very proud of his hometown. At the annual Santa Claus Christmas parade in Truro, the award for Best Club Float was won by the Brookfield 4-H; and Yan Wilson, proprietor of Little Moe's Kennels won Best Overall entry - Yan is the daughter of Harry and Letha Mowatt. From Alberta comes news of a baby girl born to Mark and Michelle (Vissers) Walters; making grandparents again of Everett and Margie Walters and Jack and Bev Vissers - congratulations! Likewise from New Brunswick - former Junior Elk hockey star Bruce Young and wife Michelle (Stewart) also have a new daughter. Proud first time grandparents are Gary and Maureen Stewart. A bit belatedly we are pleased to announce that Phyllis Sutherland was made a great -grandmother three times in 19 days! Phyllis' daughter Bev and husband Earle Woolaver, live in Petrolia, Ontario, and are avid Eagle readers. Their sons and daughters- in- law gave that family 3 babies in short order. Kaleb was born to Tim and Raquel in the Grand Cayman Islands; Bailey was born to Troy and Kate in Petrolia, and finally Savanna was born to Todd and Marianne, also in Petrolia - certainly happy and wonderful times at the Sutherland and Woolaver homes. The stars, or should we say the Elk horns, were aligned at a recent baptism at Knox United. One granddaughter and three sons of Elk hockey and/or ball players were welcomed into the church family. These included Gavin William Harrison, Braden Christopher Cornelius, and Broden Elk VanTassell, as well as Chloe Margaret Chisholm, granddaughter to Mary Bruce and the late Dave Fisher. Densmore Lane citizens Jim and Marlene celebrated their Golden Anniversary. Jim is a valued BMCer, and Marlene is a genuinely kind and very talented (art) person. Merle Nelson marked her 99th birthday and greeted over 100 visitors at Knox Hall, and made many of us several decades younger envious of her spryness. Hazel Kennedy celebrated her 80th birthday.

The winners of the Sportsmen portion of the Brookfield Athletic Association's 71st Annual Brookfield Elks Sports Draw are; Heaviest Buck (257 lbs) - Loyola MacDonald (she also won Ladies division), Heaviest Doe (149 lbs) Jim Atkinson (Michelle Cameron won Ladies Division); Archer - Michael Collins; Longest Antler - Alan MacDonald; Widest Spread - Terry Demmings; Most Points - Michael Collins. Shawn (Matheson) Lynds, daughter of Robert and Dorene, received her Masters of Education degree from St. FX - made all the more remarkable, as she achieved it while teaching full time at Salmon River Elementary. The Reverend Brad Little retired from his ministry at the Fredericton Congregationlist Church - Brad has moved full time into a counseling career. He and wife Margie visited her father Donnie Locke. Another Brad, this one Westerman, was home from Brussells, visiting friends and family. The Brookfield Curling Club was the site of a press conference which featured guest speakers Premier Rodney MacDonald, Nova Scotia Energy Minister Richard Hurlbert, and Nova Scotia Power President and CEO Ralph Tedesco. NSP unveiled their plans to significantly increase the amount of wind energy they will contract to purchase over the next few years. The province has confirmed a long term care nursing facility will be erected in Brookfield in the near future; thanks to MLA Brooke Taylor for his perseverance on this item, which was pursued by other jurisdictions. MLA Taylor has mostly recovered from his treatments for cancer, though he was recently hospitalized with some painful kidney stones that were not willing to go away peacefully and required surgery. Also hospitalized was Linda Lindsay, hobbled with a bad foot.

Congratulations goes to coach Teri Kennedy of the South Colchester Academy Senior Girls Volleyball team - coach Kennedy took a team decimated by graduation with only two seniors, two grade 11s, and 8 rookies to the Provincial Championships in Port Hawkesbury, via a win in a qualifying tournament at West Kings High. In that tournament the Wolves defeated the host West Kings Wolverines in the final - that team was lead by star setter Hilary Alain, daughter of long time Brookfield resident Cindi Mattinson, and granddaughter of Don and Paulette Mattinson. The SCA Wolves then crossed the causeway and performed very well before losing a heartbreaking semi-final to Hants East 25-27, 27-25, 13-15. The local contingent of Wolves on this team included Peggy Maguire, Bailey Campbell, Caila Henderson, Katelyn Stewart, Samatha Barr and Dezaray Hart.

Brookfield continues to be a destination of choice. New residents in the village include Evelyn Leeco and her family on the Upper Brookfield Road; and James Hill and Ann Davison, and her father Jon, on Crystal Lake Drive. James is a renowned performer on the ukulele, while Ann is a very accomplished classical cellist; both have performed internationally and are recognized as top-notch instructors - call 650-2771 if you are interested in lessons. Hugh, Patsy, Trisha and Tasha MacKay have settled at the Village Inn apartments on Carter Road. SCA Wolves watchers will recognize Trisha and Tasha from their exploits in soccer, basketball and softball . Gail and Darrell Wright, familiar friends to many from their summers at Shortt's Lake and frequent stops at the ball park, have moved into their new house on the Upper Brookfield Road - a friendlier couple is very hard to find. Welcome all to our village! The organizing committee would like to thank all who visited the House Tours and/or contributed to the trees, socks and other charitable items that were decorated at the Church or Train Station. A special thanks goes to those kind souls who opened their houses to many guests, close to two hundred toured (despite the frigid conditions on Saturday night). The host/hostesses were Dale and Jean Campbell, Wendy Fraser, Charles and Gloria Joyce, and the VanTassell sisters (Susan and Helen) who did a fantastic job given as the House Tours fell smack in the middle of their home being completely renovated. The community salutes and thanks all.

We are saddened by the loss of family and friends to many - going to their final reward were Dorothy (Dot) Finck of Bible Hill, the mother of Vicki Worsley; and the matriarch of West St. Andrews, Norma Ramsey. Margaret Matheson, mother to Jordan, Robert, the late Richard, and Helene passed away, as did Daisy Hingley's mother Edith Hodder in Newfoundland. In Truro Ida Blakeney, a twin sister to the late Irene Retson died. In Saint John, Larry Harrison's mother Jean Harrison, died, and Peggy Dickie, mother to the five strapping boys from Middle Stewiacke, died in Truro. Much too young in passing were James Crowe, son of Bernie and the late Lenna Crowe, and Ashley Vissers of Stewiacke East, daughter of Karen (Reade) and Bert Vissers. Jack Searle, father to Steve, died in Truro, and Charles Hobson died in Pleasant Valley. We sympathize with all who have lost loved ones.

Meredith Harrison travelled to British Columbia on the major cash spiel circuit for the elite Canadian women's curling teams, and then made a very strong showing at a major International tournament hosted by New Glasgow, which featured the top 24 ladies teams in North America. Meredith is skipping a talented young team headquartered out of the Mayflower Club in Halifax. Joel and Kim Dawe cruised down the Mexican Riviera. Pibby and Delta Dawn (Carter) Henderson, along with John and Denise Brimicombe, cruised through the West Indies. Dave Heffernan went to Ontario; his family is gearing up for Amy's wedding to Jason Muis just before Christmas. Brooke Taylor accompanied Donnie Fisher and his daughters Amy and Jenna to Boston, allowing the die-hard fans to urge on their Bruins. The stormy Weather resulted in their flight home being cancelled, so they motored up I-95 instead.

Thanks go to those who supported the Eagle's cause - including Kim and Sharon (Trenholm) Bird of Thamesford, Ontario and Cecil and Daisy Hingley - your kindness is much appreciated. Brenda Geddes' daughter Teresa Green is visiting from Arizona, as is Brenda's sister Debbie McCormick from Florida. They were here to celebrated their mother and grandmother Mrs. Doris Gay's 90th birthday. Brenda travelled to Florida with Debbie after the celebration.

Corrections from the last issue - we missed thanking Jenna (VanTasell) Searle who was the primary organizer behind the Scarecrow Contest; and incorrectly named Joan (Sutherland) Nickerson, Donna Jewers' sister. A jacket with the words Meridian Valley crested on it was left behind at the Coming Home to Brookfield worship service at Shortt's Lake - if this is yours call 673-3464.

Last month we announced plans to eventually take the Eagle somewhat electronic; to date 127 readers have responded and provided us with their e-mail address. We hope (and expect) to receive several more local email addresses. As promised then, we will run the notice a couple of more time, welcoming addresses and input before any final changes are made. **PLEASE NOTE** The BMC is hoping to take steps to make the Eagle's "talon - print" smaller and more eco- friendly. Each month we bulk mail over 700 Eagles, to every address in Brookfield. We know some citizens do not wish to receive the Eagle, but to get the lowest postal rate we cannot select specific addresses, so it goes bulk to all. With the ever increasing spread of technology we are hoping to solve multiple problems at one time. We are proposing to end bulk mailing - hopefully saving some trees along the way, as well as postage. We propose getting the Eagle into the hands of all who want it by the following methods: A) Emailing to all who will provide their addresses - it would come direct to your computer, at least 2 days sooner than the posted version B) It is available to all on the BCA website as soon as it is printed C) For those without email we will place several copies in public spots around the village for anyone to pick up (likely drop spots would be MacQuarries, the Bakery, Clover Farm Store, Tim Horton's, Sportsplex, schools and churchs) D) We will deliver a number of copies to Sunrise Crest and the Senior Apartment buildings and the All Around the Circle meeting room E). We will deliver in person or by posted mail to those who do not have reasonable access to any of the above.

Again we hope to improve service by being able to get it to you more quickly, while being environmentally responsible by reducing our paper usage, and reduce postage cost (about $1000 per year). This proposal will not affect those who already receive the Eagle via email or addressed envelopes. We welcome your comments please email them to BMCEagle@live.ca - please use the subject "fly the bmceagle to me" or write to the Eagle at Box 195 BON 1CO. We encourage all to provide us with your email address and test drive the "electronic Eagle"! We will repeat this message in the Eagle, and if all goes well we hope to stop bulk mailing sometime early in 2008.

You should know that there is an adult badminton group playing at SCA on Thursday nights from 8-9 PM - they welcome more racquet enthusiasts. The Baptist Church held a Christmas Cantata that won rave reviews. On December 14, 7PM, an Old Fashioned Christmas will be held at Knox United - admission is only $5 per person; come and enjoy an evening of skits, music and refreshments. On Sunday December 16, also at 7:00 PM, the annual "Food for the Spirit" concert will be held - this is an evening of musical entertainment in support of the Colchester Food Bank in which donations of food or cash would be greatly appreciated. Watch for more announcements in both churches bulletins for the time and dates of Holiday services. With any luck may be the area's lakes will freeze over and allow for more enjoyment for locals and those coming home over the season. Once again a reminder to feel free to join the BMC on December 16th, and to turn on your lights on the 21st!!

The Eagle

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