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March 2007
Vol. 16 Issue 7

The cold snap that was February appears to have finally broken, and the warmth from the sun's rays is very much apparent, giving area residents hope that spring is just around the corner ( and not just the Vernal Equinox). The Brookfield Men's Club held their anniversary meeting in February, marking 70 years since the club's formation, and in addition to a superlative dinner they were entertained and informed by Janet Sanford. Ms. Sanford, of the Cobequid Salmon Association, told of that group's efforts to improve and restore fish habitat along the lower reaches of the Little River (Creamery Brook to many). Their work will be ongoing this summer and any individuals or organizations who would like to volunteer are welcomed, and can contact the Cobequid Salmon Association. The hope is the Atlantic Salmon will be reintroduced to this waterway. Hopefully all practice the necessary conservation techniques to help with this. The March BMC meeting will be held Monday, March 19, in the basement of the Baptist Church. We avidly encourage any gentlemen of the surrounding area to attend - we're sure they will enjoy the experience. The BMCers will be putting some of the finishing touches on the Ladies Night agenda, slated this year for Monday, April 16. In addition to the dinner that evening and the entertainment (??) performed by the BMCers, the Eagle Award will be presented to a deserving winner. Residents are hereby prompted to submit nominations to any BMC member.

Last month's Eagle was beset by those type-setting gremlins who made our list of contributors disappear. Just so those kind donors will not think the Eagle or the Treasurer absconded with the funds, the full listing includes: former BMC member Ron and Dorothy MacDonald, who lived on Bell Road and now reside in Upper Musquodoboit, Canadian Forces member and former Elk winger Derrick Ross, now living in Belleville, Ontario, Mary Fisher, sound man and impresario Bruce (and Glenda) Isenor, Eloise Yorke, Nat Creelman, and from the Moncton, area Dr. Bill Dennis. A very special thank you is sent to those who help the Eagle maintain flight.

The excitement only new babies can bring was found in two households Shane and Mareshka Elliott welcomed a baby boy; and towering Elk ball and hockey star Andrew Roop and his wife Becky were blessed with a son named Logan, the first grandson for Betty and Randy Roop. Baby boys that are no longer infants (inattentive Bird!) are making life happy at the home of former Brookfield Elementary teacher Kim Bain and Brad West, in Antigonish County; and current SCA teacher Sonya (and Chris) Hughes. We're not sure what makes the Dominican Republic such a romantic locale, but a pair of couples with local connections chose that as the venue for their weddings. Mac Campbell gave the happy (and surprising!) news to parents Paul and Joan that he and Nadine Lilly had their nuptials performed in the Caribbean. They reside in the Ottawa area. Brookfield Elementary School psychologist Jennifer Blair married Gary Robar in the D.R. Jennifer is the daughter of SCA teacher Bianca and Dr. David Blair. Doug DeBay and Debbie Hineman became engaged. Congratulations to these couples!! Sherry (Roop) Ovsenny was home from Toronto to see her new nephew.

Broken collar bones suffered on the ski hill at Wentworth slowed two of our most prominent younger athletes - Jeremy Locke - a standout curler (to say nothing of his softball career in the summer) and Drew McNutt, one of the leaders of the Bantam hockey Elks both shattered clavicles. We are sorry to report that Josh Melvin remains hospitalized and that Hugh Carter has spent time in that institution as well. We hope all are healing as we speak.

Further on the BMC anniversary theme, Anne Gordon, widow of BMC co-founder Reverend Earle Gordon is now residing at Windsor Elms. She did suffer a stroke about a year ago but remains very cheerful at 94. Her grandson Andrew Gordon (John and Brenda's son) of Porter's Lake is making a real name for himself as he is the leading scorer on the St. Cloud State University hockey team in Minnesota, which earlier in the year was ranked fourth in NCAA Division 1. Andrew has been drafted by the Washington Capitals of the NHL. Another grandchild with Brookfield sporting pedigree, Delaney Henderson finished second in the Nova Scotia Figure Skating championships in her Junior Bronze category despite being a couple of years younger than most of her competitors. Parents David and Lana Henderson live in Cole Harbour and the grandparents in question are Helene and the late Ned Henderson. Anna Rutherford had a very good performance at the Canada Games in Whitehorse, as did Jeffrey Ryan who gave a strong showing in Archery, finishing 7th in the nation. Jeff is the son of Jacquie and Dale Ryan, the outstanding Elks pitcher in the late 1980's. The Junior Curling program at the BCC continues to churn out amazing rock throwers. The South Colchester Academy school team was seen as a contender by many before the aforementioned injury to Locke dimmed their chances at the Regionals in Antigonish County. Members of that team are Chad McKinnon, Michael Weatherbie, Ben Grosvenor, and Lucas Dawe, coached by Terry Henderson. The Mixed team, under the leadership of Darren Retson, was Matt Leck, Cassandra Sears, Tanner Gayton and Holly Monk. Lisa Henderson took the younger set to Chester and Lunenburg for Greenspiels and Youthspiels respectively; that team included Jonathan Crouse, Isaac MacDonell, Ben Kendrick, and Doug Holman. Former SCA standout Martine DeVries, and previous Lafarge Manager Jim Cross' daughter, Katelyn helped St. Mary's Huskies to the Atlantic Universities Volleyball title, and then on to Nationals in Calgary.

The Brookfield Junior Elks defeated the Antigonish Bulldogs four games to one in the opening round of the Nova Scotia Junior Playoffs. Two of the games went to overtime, and crowds continue to build at the Sportsplex. The Elks are into the semi finals now against Sackville - check the Sportsplex, MacQuarries or Roops or any of the local media outlets for the schedule and come out and support the red and gold. A terrific showing was made by the South Colchester Academy Senior Girls basketball team, very well coached by Shelley Roberts, at the Provincial Championships in Middleton. The Wolves defeated Northeast Kings and the host school on the way to the finals where they gave defending champs Amherst a score (48-37) before settling for the silver. The team members were Sarah Killen, Nicole Davis, Katelyn MacKenzie, Jessica Purdy, Mandi Balagot, Jolene Taylor, Shanda Cox, Jessica Leck, Lauren Fiander, Rebecca Bigelow, Natasha Merlin, and Mallory Colpitts. Former Elk Doug Holland's daughter, Ashley starred for Central Kings High in the same tournament.

We are very sorry to report on the passing in Upper Stewiacke of Keith Johnson - he was the father of five children, including Robert, husband to Jan Creelman, and Doreen Johnson, the smiling face at the Brookfield Lumber store. Dora Reade's brother-in-law, Ralph Reade died in Bible Hill, and Bob Conroy passed away in Alton. Doug Jewers, popular former resident of Carter Road, and an avid Whing Ding supporter, passed away in Bedford. The Brookfield Golf Club will miss one of its most popular members after Ron Coulter died suddenly in Montreal. "Toby" was a former grad of Brookfield Rural High and a friend to everyone he met. He had lived in Grand Lake and was an active supporter of the East Hants Minor Association. Ron "Alfie" Conrad also succumbed. Alfie was a standout hockey player with the Truro Senior Bearcats in the early 50's before joining the hockey Elks as a playing coach. The community lost another stalwart with the passing of Freda Brenton. Freda was long time principal at Brookfield Memorial in an era when the school principal was on a very short list of the most revered people in the community; and this respect was not granted to Freda merely because of her position. She was a beloved figure to over two generations of Brookfield children. The Eagle extends condolences to those who have lost loved ones.

The Brookfield Athletic Association weekly NHL pools have proved very popular with many and the season has but a few weeks to go. Watch soon for the arrival of the Elks playoff pool. Your support for these endeavours is very much appreciated and crucial, as major and (costly) renovations are planned for Elk Park this spring which will be funded by the BAA, which relies on the support of these and other fundraisers. Any who wish to volunteer their carpentry, construction, electrical (or less specialized) skills are encouraged to contact Grounds Chairman Pibby Henderson at 673-3262 if you are able to assist in the project at Elks Park. Any help is greatly appreciated. The Brookfield Community Assembly which spearheaded the Focus Group sessions and Public Meeting, geared towards a formalized "Community Plan" is moving on to the next stage. Among the subcommittees that have been formed out of the public community meetings are ones dealing with the various categories; Environment and Trails, Health, Community Planning, Community and Personal Safety, Caring Community, Youth, and Seniors. The subcommittees encourage others to become involved and pass on their ideas to form a Community Plan which will help map the future of the village. Further to that the BCA will host its Annual Meeting on April 23; there will be vacancies that need filled on that body. Please volunteer or make the names of others who may known to the nominating committee - call 673-2516, 2381, 2769 for more information or to pass on names.

Dave and Janice Peterson accompanied a several Sutherlands (Greg, Richard, Ellen, Lorna, Alton) to Mexico. Amy Fisher, Nicole, Natalie and Amanda Clark went to Ottawa. Donnie Fisher's girls (Marg, Paula, Amy and Jenna) went to Florida. Heidi Cooke and Jasmine Benvie visited Mitchell Cooke in Dubai, while Lynne and Larry Kennedy dropped down to Albuquerque to watch son Peter skating for the New Mexico Scorpions. Helen MacKay moved from Brandt Lane to Truro.

You may have realized from reading the Eagle, or from discussions with BMC members, the club is very much concerned about its future from a membership perspective. There are many reasons why people choose not to volunteer for any activity, and we realize that sometimes the first step is the hardest one. However, (and the BMC is not alone in this regard) the BMC is finding many of its efforts hindered by a shrinking membership. While the BMC's primary focus now is fellowship, the contributions of the Club to the community cannot be understated. They remain the sponsoring organization of the 569 Colonel G.N. Henderson Air Cadet squadron and have since its origin in the mid 1950's, they organize and sponsor the very popular Ladies Night and Eagle Award, they play a significant role in the Coming Home to Brookfield celebrations and operating BBQs after the parade and at Canada Day festivities. The publishing and circulation of the monthly Eagle may be a bane to some, but we certainly know from the kind correspondence and donations that many welcome its arrival. Over the years countless community projects such as tree planting, sidewalks, initial efforts towards community sewer and waste water, street lighting, centennial playgrounds, schools, the listing of many of our lanes and streets (would anyone care to see roadways like Hamilton Avenue and Cherry Lane revert back to their pre-listing days?!) - the point is, we don't think we are navel gazing when we state that the BMC is important to the village. To that end some of the discussions within the club about cutting back or restricting some of their activities due to the efforts being spread over an ever decreasing few, is not a happy thought. The Club is in good financial condition, so you do not have to worry about onerous fundraising, but we do need more hands! We welcome any community input or suggestions and if any want more information about attending meetings, or in any way being helpful we would be very happy to hear from you. You can e-mail us at linart@ns.sympatico.ca or via Canada Post to PO Box 195, Brookfield, NS BON 1CO, or call 676-2106 ,673-2769, 673-2022. This month's meeting is March 19 at the Baptist Church; also don't forget to reserve April 16 for Ladies Night.

A reminder that nominations can be passed into any Brookfield Community Assembly member, or directly to the Municipal Office before March 31st for the Royal Pettigrew Recreation Leadership Award and the Volunteer Group of the Year. Please take the time to nominate one of the individuals or organizations that make our community thrive - contact the Municipal Office. Brookfield Fire and Emergency Services are holding an "Easter Boot Drive" in support of Muscular Dystrophy on April 9 from 10-2 at Pharmasave and Tim Horton's Drive thru exit. The Central Nova Juvenile Girls Volleyball team is organizing a bottle drive for April 14, call 673-2769 for details re pickup.

See you at the BMC!

The Eagle

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