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December 2008
Vol. 18 Issue 4

The bells will soon be pealing, the Christmas lights blinking, and the carolers carolling, as the Christmas season has descended on Brookfield. We eagerly look forward to this time of year, as among all the festivities and kindnesses, it heralds a return to the area of family and friends. The giving spirit is perhaps better exemplified in Brookfield than most other communities, as our citizens are notorious for lending a helping hand. The Brookfield Men's Club will have their annual Christmas party meeting on Monday, December 15 at the Brookfield Fire Hall - all are welcome to come and enjoy the merriment and fine food; a reminder to bring a gift valued at not more than $10 for the gift exchange, and a non perishable item for the food bank. President Larry will sound the gong at 7:30 PM.

The BMC were the guests of the Brookfield Fire Department at their November meeting and Chief Rod Nielsen and crew put on an informative program and a delicious lunch. The BMCers were very pleased at the Fire Department's hospitality, and with their ongoing support for providing a location for the BMC meetings. The Brookfield Men's Club will again sponsor the Christmas Decorations Contest - the intrepid judging committee will travel every by-way in the GBA, including Shortts Lake, Pleasant Valley, Forest Glen to select the winners. Judging will be done on December 22 - we will publish the winners in the January Eagle. BMCer Win Matheson, devastated by the announcement that his beloved Trailer Park Boys series has wrapped up, has taken to another type of star-gazing. He has been transfixed by the celestial conjunction that has so highlighted our southwest heavens recently, as the rare occurrence that brings Jupiter, Venus, and our crescent moon into tight (visually anyway) convergence. He's not sure if there is any linkage between the Advent Season, the brilliance in the sky, and the Three Wise (??!) Men on TV - maybe a Messiah is needed to solve the gridlock in Parliament!

Congratulations are in order to Joel and Juliet Campbell who welcomed a baby boy (Porter) to their home in Monte Viste on Grand Lake. Joel is known to many as the hard - hitting Elks third baseman and an outstanding golfer. He is the son of Brian and Gwen (Cooke) Campbell and the grandson of Eloise Yorke. Jay Shoot and Marta MacDonald, daughter of Brian and Cherie (Rector) Mac Donald, gave Muriel Smith, Danny and Audrey MacDonald a new great-granddaughter, Nevaeh, in Windsor. Shane (Pete's and Vicki's son) Sutherland became engaged to Brittany Allum. Jim and Blanche Wilson, residents of the Brandt Lane apartment complex, were thrilled when their granddaughter Katie Pettipas of East Chezzetcook received her Master's degree in Social Work. A big round of applause to Bill and Fran Sears on the celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary. Sons Brian and wife Marlene, William and wife Susan, along with the two grandchildren were there, as well as many of the Sears' friends. Bill was a long time educator and administrator at SCHS and BJHS, and gave a large number of the area's players their first start in organized hockey; as well as being the long time leader of the 569 Colonel G.N.Henderson Air Cadet Squadron - well done! Donna Matheson's mother Merle Nelson was feted by countless friends on her 100th birthday - there is no slowing Merle - she's setting sail for 110, and who would bet against her?! 19 grade IX students from SCA participated in the "Tech Genius Automation Challenge" organized by the Chigecto Central Regional School Board and the Truro campus of the Nova Scotia Community College. Each team had to design and create a training model prototype for a new "Electo-Mechanical Program" at the college. The model had to have a minimum of four actions and reactions, and the teams had to create an effective presentation whereby they market their prototype to an NSCC representative. Congratulations to the marketing award winner Jessie Langille, engineering award winners Ashley Palmer and Brittany Robinson, and overall team winners Brandi Newman and Cody Locke (son of Steve and Krista Locke). Three SCA athletes represented the school well at the Provincial Cross-Country Championships - they were local lass Caitlyn Stewart, Ian Shupe and Olivia Giffen. The SCA Senior Girls Volley ball team finished in a tie for first at the Northumberland Regional Championships - they were placed second by virtue of a tie breaker. They, along with the Athletic Department and Leadership class, did a fantastic job hosting the provincial championship. The Wolves were ousted in the semi - finals by eventual champions Bridgewater High. Team members include Seniors Bailey Campbell and Sarah Wort as well as Annalyse Myers, Dezaray Hart, Samantha Barr, Caitlyn Stewart, Marlee Geddes, Carley O'Neill, Stephanie Prest, Amber MacLean-Hawes, Caitland Read, Taylor Clarke, Emelye Porter, and Coach Teri Kennedy. The SCA Senior Boys Volleyball team advanced through a qualifying tournament to the provincials, held in Tusket, and won by host Par-en-Bas. Coach Tim Delaney's Wolves included Seniors Justin White, Michael Weatherbie, Patrick Durkee, Derrick Graham, Myles Coldwell, and underclassmen Kyle White, Alex Delaney, Evan Chaplin, Brandon Verboom, Cody Smith, Jesse Eldershaw and Simon Rathje. Former Wolves also made their mark at the university level, Joel Sutherland was a member of the SMU soccer Huskies who had a fine year, and Leah MacNeill, Erin Durkee and Melaine Sexsmith all kicked the ball this season for the Dal Tigers. Caila Henderson was recently named Athlete of the Week at Mount Allison University, and won the same citation from the Conference (ACAA) for her exploits on the Mounties volleyball court.

The Men's Club would like to extend a formal thank you to Club President Reverend Larry Harrison and indomitable member/Treasurer Bob Lawrence for their fantastic job in organizing another classy Remembrance Day ceremony. A large throng attended the Veteran's Memorial and very much appreciated the respectful ceremony. Thanks also to the youth groups in attendance, and a special tip of the hat to the South Colchester Academy band led by Holly Hartlin and Katherine Campbell. It was great to see many former residents including "Big" Dan MacDonald and Craig Hamilton back in Brookfield laying memorial wreaths. Applause should also be directed to Knox' United Church Women's group, who once again organized the wonderful Christmas House Tours throughout the village. This is certainly a highlight in the area and draws many people into our community. Special thanks goes to those who opened their homes - Dawn Fougere on Carter Road, Art and Jan Peck on West Shortts Lake Road, and Chris and Amanda (Walters) Cornelius of the Creamery Brook Stables. These residences and business were beautifully decorated for the Christmas season and special mention must be made of the Miniature Village displayed by Edyie Teas in the Fire Hall - it was remarkable! As usual, the Historic Train Station and Knox Hall were nicely appointed. There were also wreaths and Christmas socks done for the Christmas Index Program - a terrific job done by all involved.

Though the schedule will soon pause for the Christmas Season break, (there are home games at the Sportsplex on December 9 and 16), the excitement level at the Brookfield Junior Elks hockey games is at an elevated level. The Nova Scotia Junior League is extremely competitive this year, and more nights than not the spectators at the Sportsplex are treated to Overtime and / or shoot-outs to decide the games! Coach Josh Boulton's Elks include local South Colchester MHA products Captain Ike Burgess, Josh Taylor, Coady Read, Avery Withrow, Justin Smith, Jimmy Scullion, Jay Duffy, Catlin Staples, Chris and Doug Armsworthy. From the Truro MHA are Novaro Mentis, Jacob Curry, Andrew Betts, Lee Davidson, Robert MacNevin, Brandon MacLean and Jason Lamb; and from East Hants MHA are Kody Blois, Travis Gibbon, Darcy Gillis and former Elk softballer Terry Anthony's son, Matt.

While the wonder-horse Somebeachsomewhere created a major stir in interest in harness racing, many in our area have eagerly watched another precocious trotter, part owned by former Brookfield resident Gail (Archibald) and her husband Ron MacLellan of Bathhurst (along with NHL Hall-of- Famer Serge Savard). "Shadow Play" has won nearly $1.2 million in purses in 2008, captured the prestigious Little Brown Jug, and chased the "Beach" all the way home, finishing a strong second, 1 1/2 lengths back - a fantastic showing for Gail's gang.

We are sorry to report on the passing of Bob Sibley - the Brookfield Christmas scene will not be as bright without Bob's wonderful decorations on Highway 2 north. He was a frequent winner in the Christmas Decorations Contest. Emma McCulloch passed away - she was Munroe McCulloch's mother. Long time Middle Stewiacke general merchant and community booster Doug Kenrick was laid to rest. Who can forget Doug's fervent cheering at Elk and Elkette ball games?

Gerald Delaney has moved into the Jewers house on Carter Road. Mike and Jenna (VanTassell) Searle have purchased the former Elda Brown house (with a commanding view of Trenhom's / Crystal Lake) - always nice to have young couples re-locate here!

Art Sears was hospitalized but is now home and we wish him well in his recovery. Trish Nelson also required a hospital stay.

We experienced a sizable snow storm in late November that encouraged some to book passage to warmer climates. Hopefully none had to travel West on Trans-Canada Highway through the notorious Cobequid Pass (do you think the "Western Alignment" chosen some 12 years ago might have been a mistake?!) Lifetime troubadour Gordon Tucker took his multiple instrument musical talent to Afghanistan to entertain the Canadian troops stationed in that forlorn area - thanks Gordie, on behalf of all Canadians! Susan MacDonald went to New York with her mother to visit her sister. John, Denise, Ashley and Lucas Brimicombe, along with Blair, Patty, Alyssa and Ethan Densmore went to Walt Disney World. Geoff Stewart and Dana Flemming both have had large erections spring up in their back yards. Their newly constructed garages are the envy of many men; some find these structures even more exciting than a 4x4 truck!

Earlier we mentioned our community's long and fabled history of volunteerism. There are several organizations that could benefit from an upturn in this activity. Think about some of these openings and if you could help enhance our village by lending a hand. The Brookfield Elementary School requires a community member for its School Advisory Council and the SCA also requires one from the Hilden area. The Brookfield Fire and Emergency Services have had some dwindling of their number and could use some recharging. As mentioned before the Brookfield Men's Club is always receptive to new blood; requirements are extremely light, as their primary focus is on fellowship, with some community projects tossed in. This is all relevant because the Brookfield Community Assembly (which also has a couple of vacancies waiting to be filled ) is in the final stages of preparing a Provincial Community Spirit Award Nomination for the village. The BCA is collecting information from a variety of groups and organizations that are vital to our village, and know it is high time that more outside our sphere are aware of the prominent role our hundreds of volunteers play.

Mark your calendars with these Christmas - season events. The Brookfield Elementary School Christmas concert will be held on Wednesday December 10. A five course Christmas dinner with musical entertainment will be hosted at the Knox Church Hall on Saturday December 13. Tickets are available at MacQuarries or by calling Kaye at 673-2356. There is limited seating, they started with 50 tickets and several of these already have been snapped up. Friday December 19 at 7:30 PM and December 21 at 11 AM, the Baptist Church Cantata will be performed - this should not be missed. On Sunday December 21 at 7 PM the Food for the Spirit Concert, which highlights many of our local musicians' talent, will be held at Knox Hall - admission is merely a donation to the food bank.

There will be a Special Service at Knox United Church on Wednesday, December 17, 2008 at 7 p.m. In the midst of the gaiety and lights of this season there are many carrying heaviness because of a death, a separation, an illness, loss of job, whatever. You are invented to come and release some of the heaviness from your mind and heart. This is an open community invitation to all, regardless of church involvement. A Christmas Flower for a Special Christmas Service Christmas is a special time of year; a time when we remember family and friends who have touched our lives in one way or another. To compliment the Special Christmas Service on December 17, community members can buy red poinsettias (8 inch pot) in honour or in memory of family or friends. The poinsettias can be purchased for $20. To order a poinsettia, please call Kaye Retson at 673-2356 by Sunday, December 14, 2008.

We hope all have the happiest possible holiday season, and that you take the time to greet many friends and family that we expect in our area over the next three weeks. Please remember to bring your gift and food bank donation to the BMC meeting on December 15 at the Fire Hall.

See you at the BMC!

The Eagle

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