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January 2008
Vol. 17 Issue 5

Happy New Year to all! 2008 was ushered in after as wintery a December as most can remember - we were blessed/cursed (depending on your outlook) with a full month of below normal temperatures and abundant snowfalls. The temperatures were much more in keeping with January, and to date, early January feels like December, so who knows what's in store. The frequent and sometimes heavy snowfalls complicated the traveling plans for some over the holidays, but all in all it made for a very picturesque time around the village. The Brookfield Men's Club celebrated their Annual Christmas party at the December meeting amid much merriment choreographed by past President John Matheson along with a terrific lunch. Their next meeting will be held Monday January 21 at 7:30 PM in the basement of the Baptist Church - all are welcomed to come along and join the fun! Speaking of the lovely sites of the Village, the BMC presented its Annual Christmas decoration awards. After traveling every road, alley and lane in Brookfield, Brentwood, Forest Glen, Shortt's Lake and Pleasant Valley, the winners were determined as; Best Religious Theme: Cecil and Alice Stevens, Frank and Barb Locke, Charlie and Janet Burnett, and Gary and Laura Kolstee. Other winners were Ron and Carol MacMillan, Jeff and Nikki Graham, Jamesie Adams, Delbert and Shirley Comeau, Beverly Gibbons, Cathy Toole and Bud Burris, Mike and Susan MacDonald and Bob and Shirley Sibley.

Congratulations are extended to Vaughn "Gab" Matheson, who retired at year end after 42+ years work at Lafarge. Gab was a powerful defenseman for the Elks in his heyday and is still a regular supporter at the Junior B hockey games. We're not sure how the BMCers will react to retirement, but we suspect Donna will have lots of jobs for him and/or there are many things he will have to teach his grandchildren. Heather Jamieson retired from her career at the Nova Scotia Hospital. Congratulations to Floyd and Pat Stewart of Stewiacke on the celebration of their 50th anniversary - their eight children include Brookfield residents son Dan, and daughter Kelly Fleming Shortly before Santa Claus arrived Amy Heffernan received her best present with her marriage to Jason Muis . Also exchanging "I dos" were Chelsea Ross and Shawn French of Stewiacke - best wishes to both happy couples. Cheryl Hamilton of Middle Stewiacke made news by being named to the Nova Scotia roster for the Canadian Woman's Hockey Nationals in March. Cheryl is a standout captain at UNB and is the daughter of Hallie and Susan Hamilton. Also on the Nova Scotia team is Sue Kaye, daughter of Glenn and Kathy - many remember Kathy (McLellan) from her days in school in Brookfield. Karla Armsworthy, now attending Dalhousie University, was a key member of the Courtney Winters team curling out of the Truro Club, that reached the final five in the Nova Scotia Junior Girls Championships. Karla was a mainstay on South Colchester Academy curling teams before moving on to Dal. Nice to see the strong showing by the SCA Senior Boys basketball team in their invitational tournament, which saw 3 teams each from Cape Breton and the Mainland hoop it up in Brookfield. The Wolves are coached by Jason Miller, son of former Brookfield Rural High grads Laurie and Patsy (Ross) Miller, advanced to the finals, before being subdued by a talented Dartmouth High squad. Other SCAers making waves were the Roy sisters, Lilla and Jeannie-Mae. Lilla won both 5 kilometer open female cross country ski races at Cape North and Jennie-Mae finished 4th both times. The South Colchester Minor Hockey Association hosted another Phil Sears Friendship Tournament between Christmas and New Years - this Tournament features house league teams for minor hockey associations across the province. It is a major undertaking and SCMHA does it well; a very worthy tribute to the esteemed Phil Sears.

Helene Henderson's son-in-law Jean Marc Lanthier was promoted to Colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces, he along with wife Pam and daughter Victoria are currently living in Gatineau Quebec, and were home to Brookfield for the Holidays.

The Brookfield Athletic Association were very pleased to award Honourary Membership designations to Randy and Betty Roop. This couple's involvement with BAA projects stretches back even longer than their successful 35 year marriage, and they have always been staunch supporters of many varied BAA activities. They have served as chairs of the Big Game Hunt and the Whing Ding in the past, have been very active with the Hockey Pool, both current edition and the former famous "envelopes" versions, as well as supporters of softball, hockey, broomball and many other BAA initiatives. In typical fashion Betty and Randy asked that the presentation not be done in a public forum, as their service and patronage was never about being recognized. On behalf of the BAA and the large number Brookfielders who have benefited, we extend our gratitude.

Not all were able to enjoy the best of health during the Holidays - Carrie (Allinson) Hingley was hospitalized for awhile - fortunately her children Nicole and Ben were home from college to brighten her days. Former Brookfielder Marjorie (Boomer) Matthews suffered a stroke, and is actively pursing her rehabilitation program. We hope 2008 brings improved health.

The Eagle's mail box was overflowing with Christmas cards and generous donations - the Big Bird and the BMC as a whole are truly appreciative of those who support the cause. Donors were Doris Fisher, Joyce Geddes, Bob and Jean Skinner, Phil Henderson, Reta Dunn and Roger and Barb Ryan, and from the Kentville area, Greg and Kathy (Rutherford) Clark . We should also say thanks to Canada Post and local Postmaster Graham Pearson for the favorable postage rate on the December Eagle. Susan Smith would like to publicly acknowledge a very kind "Santa figure" who left her gifts that were greatly appreciated. On behalf of the BMC we would also like to extend thanks to all who took part, either in the production sense or as performing talent, as well as those who supported the Annual Food for the Spirit concert. Once again it was a wonderful showcase for the local talent, as well as providing much needed support to the Colchester Food Bank. The generosity of the people in our community never ceases to amaze.

Jeff, Angela and baby Bobbie Cameron travelled to Ontario to visit relatives in December. Jim and Marlene Feener went to Ontario to visit daughters Shelley and Adinda. Susan VanTassell went to Whitehorse, and Chad Works spent Christmas in Alberta with brother Jamie. Lyle and Susan Carter visited son James in Calgary; they were thrilled to learn of his engagement to Laura Niedermayer. Jeff and Nikki Graham went to Newfoundland. Laurie and Maxine Monk and Ed and Edna Grham visited family in Ontario. Patty Villeneuve visited Ardith and Wayne Teas in Missisauga. Kevin Peterson, Heather Creelman and Amy Fisher travelled to Brussels, Belgium to visit pal Bradley Westerman. Troy Sutherland, Jack Roop, Brookes and Chipper VanTassell travelled to Giants Stadium to see the New York Giants almost ruin the New England Patriots bid for an undefeated season in the final game of the schedule. The boys scored what was one of the toughest tickets in the sports world. Jack's G-Men put in an heroic effort and may be a force to be reckoned with in the payoffs, after their opening win in Tampa.

Among the many visitors and returning family members were Pam (Roop) and Steve Olmstead from North Vancouver and Sherry (Roop) and Jay Ovsenny from Toronto at Betty and Randy's...Peter Kennedy and special friend Katie were home from Mississippi where he is playing this season in the Central Hockey League. Nice to see Susan Illsley, her sister Lisa, and her husband, Jazz Gado home from Hong Kong to visit with Grace and Glenn Illsely. Grace's dad, Johnny Weir visited from Cape Breton. Sandra Kennedy, Hazel's daughter returned to Newfoundland after a few months here. We belatedly note that Jean Skinner and Muriel Smith's brother Harry Carter and wife Evelyn, their daughter Lissa, her husband Rob, and their children Jake and Nichole came from Ontario to Brookfield this past summer. Also home were: Jason Ross from Iqualuit at Donald and Linda's, and he also took in cousin Chelsea's wedding. Mac and Nadine Campbell at Paul and Joan's, Jessica and Kyle Wright at Judy's, Brandi and B.J. Sutherland (Calgary and Indiana respectively) at Pete and Vicki's. Pete's brothers Robin (Button) and Herk, along with his daughter Jennifer and two grandchildren, were home for mother Edna Sutherland's 90th birthday. Home from Newfoundland were Kim (parents Dave and Anitra) Whidden and Amanda (George and Joan) Clark. Lisa and Chris George and boys were at Cecil and Daisy Hingley's , and Marg, Brad and Emily Little were at Don Locke's home, Annette (Ontario) and Andrew (Albany N.Y.) Heffernan were home for sister Amy's wedding. Ron and Marilyn Morrell moved into their new mini-home south of the corner on Trunk 2. The community welcomed a dozen students from Brazil to South Colchester Academy as part of a cultural exchange, which will see some SCA students headed to the former Portuguese colony in a few weeks. Though the visitors were greeted by unseasonably warm weather for January, they did get to sample some winter activities, including skating at the Sportsplex.

We regret to report on the passing of Frances (Hull) Nelson - she is survived by brothers Rodney and "Tobe" Ross, and was predeceased by brothers Fred, Walter, Cyril and Bob Ross. Jackie Pratt's brother, Stewart of Eastville died, as did Lillian Mumford, mother-in-law to Brookfield Elementary School teacher Jo-Ann. Also passing away in Truro was former Vice Principal of Brookfield Rural High School Carle Duval, who was the widower of legendary Brookfield junior /South Colchester High English teacher Marg Duval. We extend condolences to all who have lost loved ones.

The Eagle also wishes to correct an error in the December issue - we very well know that the Middle Stewiacke family spells their surname Dickey - the gremlins got into the keyboard and misspelled it in the last issue. Also, John and Denise Brimicombe did not take their children on a cruise, but to Disney World!

In November we announced plans to eventually take the Eagle somewhat electronic. Many readers have responded and have provided us with their email addresses. WE HOPE TO MAKE OUR FIRST ATTEMPT WITH THE FEBRUARY ISSUE. The BMC is hoping to take steps to make the Eagle's "talon - print" smaller and more eco- friendly. Each month we bulk mail over 700 Eagles, to every address in Brookfield. We know some citizens do not wish to receive the Eagle, but to get the lowest postal rate we cannot select specific addresses, so it goes bulk to all. With the ever increasing spread of technology we are hoping to solve multiple problems at one time. We are proposing to end bulk mailing - hopefully saving some trees along the way, as well as postage. We propose getting the Eagle into the hands of all who want it by the following methods: A) Emailing to all who will provide their addresses - it would come directly to your computer, at least 2 days sooner than the posted version B) It is available to all on the BCA website as soon as it is printed C) For those without email we will place several copies in public spots around the village for anyone to pick up (likely drop spots would be MacQuarries, the Bakery, Clover Farm Store, Tim Horton's, Sportsplex, schools and churchs) D) We will deliver a number of copies to Sunrise Crest and the Senior Appartment buildings and the All Around the Circle meeting room E). We will deliver in person or by posted mail to those who do not have reasonable access to any of the above. Some have advised they are willing to receive the Eagle via email but have made a habit saving their hard copies - as mentioned they will be made available around the village for anyone who wishes to have that option. If all goes according to plan, watch for your February version of the Eagle either via email on or about February 11-12 and the hard copies placed around the village by February 13! Again we hope to improve service by being able to get it to you more quickly, while being environmentally responsible by reducing our paper usage, and reduce postage cost (about $1000 per year). This proposal will not affect those who already receive the Eagle via email or addressed envelopes. We welcome your comments so please email them to BMCEagle@live.ca - please use the subject "fly the bmceagle to me" or write to the Eagle at Box 195 BON 1CO. We encourage all to provide us with your email address and test drive the "electronic Eagle" in February, so you don't have to go out to pick one up.

The Brookfield Elks of the Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League have moved into the meat of their season as they prepare to make the run for the playoffs. They are home most Tuesday nights at the Sportsplex for a 7:30 start - your support would be greatly appreciated. The team has a large number of locals who skate faster, shoot harder, and take fewer penalties when there are bigger crowds! On January 15, mothers who would like to stretch their food budgets are invited to attend Epiphany Kitchen at Knox United Church. In a group setting participants prepare healthy meals and snacks to take home, there is no charge and childcare is available. Call Joanne at 673-2227 for more information or to register. On the National Football League front, playoffs are underway and many are eager to see if the New England Patriots can follow up their unblemished 16-0 regular season record with a run to the Super Bowl. This is by no means a fait accompli as it is almost a certainty they will face three worthy opponents before the trophy can be claimed. While on other Boston related sports news, no word yet as to whether long time Red Sox fan (going back to Jim Piersall, Jackie Jensen and Frank Malzone days) Lyle Carter (and Brooke Taylor!) spirited the World Series trophy away when the Beantown gang brought it to Nova Scotia. Credit to Lyle - he was a Red Sox fan through many, many lean years and is not a recent band wagon jumper.

Make plans now to join us at the BMC meeting on January 21!

See you at the BMC!


The Eagle

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