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January 2010
Vol. 19 Issue 5

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! The Eagle would like to, on behalf of the Brookfield Men's Club, (and indeed all Brookfielders!) wish all our friends, fellow citizens, family and Brookfielders who are temporarily living away from here : ) a safe, healthy and fun new year. It was great to see so many of our students, friends and family back in the village for the Holidays; it is indeed a special time. The Brookfield Men's Club held their annual Christmas meeting / party at the Fire Hall and a great time was had by all contesting John Matheson's games, and with the multiple gift exchange. The only down side was some men went home with stomach pains from indulging too heavily in the copious food, especially cake and ice cream! The BMC will kick off 2010 with their meeting on Monday, January 18 at 7:30 at the Fire Station - any gentlemen in the community and surrounding area are invited to attend.

A slightly late, but no less exciting, Christmas gift came to Ian and Erin (Patton) Jamieson in the form of a bouncing baby boy. The newborn's roots run deep on Elm Street, where grandmothers Heather Jamieson and Kathy Patton reside(d). Hopefully the youngster does not inherit his grandfather Monty's sharp elbows when he starts skating. We know great-grandparents Ranald and Jean were thrilled when the news reached them in PEI! Congratulations go to newlyweds Blair MacAulay and Jessica Wright, daughter of Canada Postie Judy Wright of Crystal Lake Drive. Elks ball and hockey star Patrick Stewart pitched the rock to Petra Graham, who happily made the catch - they reside on Carter Road. Alycia Putnam graduated in December from St. Mary's with a Bachelor of Science Degree, Honours in Psychology, HRM Certificate, with Summa Cum Laude distinction. Alycia has been accepted into SMU's MBA program. Kelly MacIntosh, daughter of Brookfield Elementary School Principal, Kathy MacIntosh, played on a team that made it to the Nova Scotia Ladies Curling Finals, before bowing out. A beautiful new sign, complete with message board graces the front lawn of the South Colchester Academy. This has been a long term project of the School Advisory Council, and that group would like to thank donators of the sign material, Lafarge and Marwood for their community - minded effort. While on the topic we must praise Chipper VanTassell for donating the beautiful tree that the BMC decorated at the corner, as well as Lila MacPhee for allowing the lights to be connected to her power source. Thanks also go to Norman Eddy who recently volunteered his time to take a position on the Brookfield Community Assembly. A subcommittee of that group, dedicated to the betterment of organizing and managing some of the public properties in the villages, tentatively called the "Parks and Green Spaces Committee", is forming - if you are interested in helping please contact Marian Lindsay at 673-3390, or Laurie Monk at 673-2516. The BMC and the Eagle also wish to thank the very kind contributors to their cause; very generous donations were made by Barb Ryan of Shorrts Lake, Bill Kennedy of Sunrise Crest, and Joyce Geddes of Middle Stewiacke - we very much appreciate your kindness.

The Brookfield Men's Club sponsored their annual Christmas Decorating Contest - the winners as judged by the erudite panel are;
Overall - 1. Gordon and Deanna MacKinnon; 2. Jeff Graham and Nicole Sutherland; 3. Penelope Dobson,
Honourable Mention - Herb and Pat McCallum, Mike and Susan MacDonald.
Religious Theme -1. Gary and Laura Kolstee, 2. Kevin and Rosalyn Clarke.
Comerical - Unit 1 - Brandt St. Apartments. Our thanks to all who helped with the Village beautification through the decorating of their properties.

The list below of people returning home to visit friends and families is decidedly incomplete - some the Eagle saw included; Joanna and Janelle Canning, with Terry and Krista... Mac and Nadine Campbell from Ottawa with Paul and Joan... Shane, Laura, and Ella Grinton from PEI at Herb and Pat McCallum's... Great to see Nicole (Toronto) and Ben Allinson home at Carrie's...Jay, Sherry and Charlotte Ovsenny at Randy and Betty Roop's...Heather, Ken and family from Maine at Herb and Betty MacFarlane's...Erica Nielsen is home on her "summer break" from her opthamalogical studies in Australia...Ivy Haasen came from Timmins for her mother Edna Graham's 80th birthday celebration; Ivy's brother Vernon and spouse Linda came up from Halifax and there were many other friends from around the province feting Edna.

Congratulations goes to Clinton David, familiar to many of the young set from recent teaching terms he had at Brookfield Elementary; known to others as a frequent umpire at Elks games. Clinton recently received his Level 5 citation - that's as high as it goes folks as a Softball Canada umpire, expect to see him as an arbiter at National Championships in the future. Clinton is currently teaching in Wallace. Kary Elliot coached his Brookfield Peewee Elks to the title in the Phil Sears Memorial Friendship Tournament at the Sportsplex. There are a couple of erections of note just south of downtown; Heidi Cooke is building a house on the former Percy Lockhart property overlooking the meadow, while diagonally across the road Earle Morgan, proprietor of the very successful Brookfield Concrete Products, is constructing what appears to be a massive five- bay garage.

Final farewells were given to citizens who went to their reward - former Elm Street resident Leroy Wright passed away in Truro, as did Don Fulton, father of standout SCA Art Teacher, Christine Sandeson. He was a major contributor to the Truro scene for many, many years. Sandy Barber's mother, Muriel passed away in Plymouth, Pictou County. Susan Hamilton's mother Shirley Bonnell also died. Bob Burgess, patriarch of the famed Burgess curling family, and grandfather to SCA Curling Coach Chris Burgess passed away. Tony Carlisle, Assistant Coach of the Brookfield Junior Elks, lost his life in an automobile crash on Highway 104. We extend sympathies and condolences on behalf of the community.

Lyle, Susan and Donald Carter headed west for Christmas, to celebrate the Holidays with sons James and his wife Laura and son Rob (Broccoli) in Southern Alberta (Medicine Hat and Calgary). No word yet if Susan dragged Lyle up into the Rockies with planks strapped on his feet to embark on a new career as a ski instructor?! Actually Lyle was in Calgary advising Steve Yzerman and the rest of the Hockey Canada brass as to who should be selected to Canada's Hockey team for the upcoming Olympics in Vancouver in February. Jeff and Collete Simms vacationed in two beautiful cities named after Saints - San Diego and San Francisco. Marian McDonald went to Ontario for Christmas with her family. Todd Dickie visited brother Bruce, sister-in-law Mary and nephew Andrew in Okotoks, Alberta. Dan Retson was home to visit parents Marion and Eugene over the Holidays; Genie and Dan's uncle Jim Dickie drove back to Ontario with Dan, picking up his brother Duncan in Ottawa, and then travelling to the semi-tropical paradise of Buffalo where the four of them attended a NFL game. No word yet if the elder two have shaken the chill from their bones from Ralph Wilson Stadium. Laurie and Maxine Monk spent the Holidays in Ontario, doing their best to spoil their grandchildren! Hazel Dickey has moved from her Brandt Lane apartment to the Brentwood Ponds. Making the transition easier was long-time neighbour Marion Kenrick joining her at the Ponds.

Unfortunately not all of our residents enjoyed good health over the holidays; hospitalized were Marie O'Hanley, Ron Archibald, Don McEwan and Clubman Dan MacDonald, Sr. Another BMCer, Glenn Leck has also been slowed by health concerns, and firefighter extraordinare Lawrence Wynn also needed some special care. Mildred Murphy required neurosurgery. We hope all are feeling much better in 2010.

As we break out new calendars, many of the seasonal activities are moving into their second half. The Brookfield Junior Elks are preparing for their stretch drive of the season in the Nova Scotia Hockey League - they are at home most Tuesday evenings at the Sportsplex. Jonathan Crouse's curling team made a fine showing at the Provincial Curling Championships - most every team they competed against was at least three years their senior; we expected they will continue to make noise at other events over the next three months.

We must make special mention of the "Food for the Spirit" concert at Knox United Church a few days before Christmas. The beneficiaries of the "admission" was the Colchester Food Bank who received the many gifts the attendees brought; however those who benefited the most may have been the audience who enjoyed a wonderful show. Credit goes to organizers / producers Leah Bowers and Tammi McNutt, Master of Ceremonies Lisa Henderson, sound engineers Charles Bowers and Bruce Isenor and many behind the scene folks. A big thank you to the performers who took time out from their busy schedules to entertain us and fill us with the Christmas spirit. Joanne Hatfield, Rick Hiltz, James Hill and Lori and Erica Nielsen not only performed in their own right, but were frequently on stage accompanying other artists. Other performers include burgeoning piano students Chloe Bowers, Olivia Hernden, and Peter Betts; the youth choir directed by Joan Rankine and Sonya MacLean; and Anitra Whidden performed a couple of her special Christmas songs. Charles Bowers had a couple of powerful numbers, as did the stellar Baptist Church choir which included Cindy Fiander, Kathy Best, Ken MacKenzie, Cheryl Patton, Glenna Murphy, Gail Wright, Andrew and Jill Sears and pianist Suzanne Rushton. The irrepressible James Hill contributed some unique tunes, and a couple of wonderful family groups performed - Rick, Bev and Emily Hiltz and Megan and Bruce Isenor. Susan Gamble did a couple of beautiful numbers, as did Village Blend -( Joanne Hatfield, Susan MacDonald, Doris Betts, Brenda Henderson, Susan Gamble, and Lori and Erica Nielsen). The venerable Eric Bowers closed the concert with O Holy Night, and all left with their hearts and spirits lifted.

Just in time for Valentine's Day - an evening of dining and entertainment will be held at the Knox Church Hall on Saturday February 13. A five course meal will be ably complemented by music from Village Blend. Tickets are $30 per person and can be purchased at MacQuarries or by calling Kaye at 673-2356.

Remember the first BMC meeting if 2010 will be Monday, January 18 at 7:30 at the Fire Station. We won't reprise the conclusion of ten years ago - remember the faux millennium start of January 1, 2000, but 2010 is the final year of the first decade of the 21st century, thus no "best of" decade listings here!

The Eagle

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