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February 2010
Vol. 19 Issue 6

February 2010 Vol. 19 Issue 6
P.O. Box 195,

Brookfield N.S.

February not only brings Valentine's Day, but the Brookfield Men's Club anniversary celebration of their founding in 1937.  This year's meeting will feature a catered dinner for the BMCers and special guests - their sons!  Note the special time and place of 6:30 PM at Knox United Church. Any infrequent attending members or anyone else from the community who wishes to come to this meeting, is asked to call Garth Densmore at 673- 2385 a few days before the meeting so we can arrange for the proper number of meals to be served.  The cost is $16; we expect all will enjoy the meal and the program to follow, which will feature a presentation by new Lafarge Manager, Scarth MacDonnell. One wag commented recently, that the BMCers seemed to put a heavy emphasis on gustatory delights; and one of the member's response was "and what's wrong with that - come and join us!" One hopes that the Eagle has the preceding information correct - a litany of mistakes in the January issue left some wondering about the Eagle's sanity, or at least the ability to spell and cross - reference some facts. We apologize to Craig (not Chris) Burgess, Clinton Harvey (not David), Dave (not Jeff) Simms and Colette Sampson; and most of all to Heather (MacFarlane) Loewen's husband Gregg, all of whom were mis- named in the January issue. And yes the Eagle is aware that commercial (as in prize category for the Christmas Decorations) has two m's!
        Lexie Stewart made her annual peregrination to the Dominican Republic, while her son Patrick and his betrothed Petra Graham went to New York City, where, among other things they attended two games at the self - proclaimed "world's most famous arena", Madison Square Garden.  They saw the Rangers battle the Canadiens, and the New York Knicks square off with the Raptors on the basketball court. Speaking of fantastic trips to a sporting event, Andrew and Becky Roop flew to Indianapolis to cheer their beloved Colts in the AFC championship game - the trip was well worth it as they watched Peyton Manning's boys advance to the Super Bowl with a victory over the New York Jets. The form chart here says to look for the Colts to edge the New Orleans Saints in a tight Super Bowl.  Cory Sutherland and the effervescent Pam MacKinnon holidayed on the Mayan Riviera.  Paul Campbell went to Ottawa to visit Mac and Nadine, and Mike Watson and Paul Dunn took an ocean cruise.
        On a much sadder note, we are sorry to report on the passing of Andrew Gaudet - he was a grandson of David and Sandra Brenton, and succumbed to cancer far too young at 21.  Pete Clark passed away - many remember Pete as trainer of the powerhouse Brookfield Elks Hockey Club in the mid and late 1960's.  In addition to his brothers and spouse he leaves behind three very talented daughters. The day before the overflow service held for Pete, the community filled another funeral home to pay last respects to the beloved former Brookfield Memorial School teacher Marie (Brenton) O'Hanley.  It was incredible when Reverend Harrison mentioned that Marie had taught people rangeing in age from septuagenarian Terry Henderson to Larry's son, Brent, who was a member of Marie's last Grade Primary class at Brookfield Memorial, such was her impact on generations of Brookfielders. There were few who experienced her kindness, either as their teacher, or as a friend of the community and who did not very much mourn her passing.  The Men's Club, the Baptist Church, and the community at large also are lessened with the passing of Dannie MacDonald Sr. The retired CN signalman brought his wife Audrey and expanding family to Brookfield over 50 years ago; along with Don Locke they tore down the Community Hall, and Dannie built his house on that site.  Dannie was one of the genuine good guys and will be missed not only by his wife and five children and plethora of grandchildren and great grandchildren, but by many friends in Brookfield and area.  Ronnie Archibald, long time owner/operator of a successful transport business, and a strong "behind-the-scenes" type at Knox Church died, leaving behind wife Gladys and son Larry.  Dave Johnson passed away in Truro - he was an uncle to Meredith Doyle Harrison, and Felix Pelkey's son Darrell passed away.  Brookfield Elementary teacher Jo-Ann Mumford's, father-in-law Harry Mumford of Lower Truro died.  The Eagle extends sympathy to those who have lost loved ones.
        The BMC's coffer received a significant boost with generous contributions from Carol (Dennis) Haverstock from Port Hawkesbury- she always takes time to send a nice card to the BMC and Eagle; likewise Bob and Jean (Carter) Skinner were very kind with their support.  Thank you very much from the BMC.  Long time friend to many, Ray (Swede) Johnson broke his hip, and had surgery in Halifax; and BMC member Susan Walters broke her wrist.  Mary Crossman was hospitalized for a week; happy to say she is now back at home.
        More reasons to attend the Canadian Men's Curling Championships (The Brier) at the Metro Centre, March 6-14.  Two Brookfield Curling Club-trained curlers will be representing Nova Scotia, including Philip Crowell, son of Morris Crowell Jr. of East Brookfield!  Phil, and Kent Smith, originally from Sheet Harbour cut their curling teeth at the Sportsplex; now they comprise the fantastic front end of Nova Scotia champ Ian Fitzner-Leblanc's rink.  Well done champs!  At the Sportsplex, the Ninth Annual Provincial PrimeTime Curling Bonspiel featuring players 70 years and older, was won for the first time by a rink from the Brookfield Curling Club! Skip Ken Retson guided his squad of Terry Henderson, Earle McCurdy, Elmer Archibald and Ed Graham to the title. This bonspiel featured some fine shot-making, and truly shows that curling is indeed a sport for a lifetime.  We encourage more locals to get to the Curling Club and give it a try - if not this year than at Open House next October - it's never too late to learn.
        Congratulations go to Gerald Glinz, son of Eric and Sherry who are well known around the Brookfield Curling Club, and grandson of the late Gerry and Ethel Glinz, (and nephew of Ernie, Robbie, Linda Ross, and Trish Schollmeier). Gerald the younger graduated from the RCMP, keeping the Glinz family tradition alive. He has been posted to Newfoundland. Matthew Brenton of Stewiacke East (son of long time Brookfield Elks Bowling League members Joey and Kathy Brenton) was recently named the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League's Offensive Player of the Week after scoring 3 goals and 3 assists in only 2 games. Matthew, who plied his early hockey trade on the Sporstplex ice, was first star in leading his Montreal Juniors team to an upset over Saint John by scoring two goals; this is no mean feat as it says here that either Saint John or Moncton will win the Quebec league title and represent the Q at the Memorial Cup. Some of the current Brookfield Midget AAA Elks made the All-Star team which played a series against the All-Stars from New Brunswick - among the Elks on that squad were goalie Brad Oosterom, defenseman Todd Myette and Cole Baker (the latter is the grandson of former Elk Floyd Stewart) and forwards Ryan Blaauwendraat, Jordan Wright and Drew McNutt. This Midget AAA Elks team has a ton of potential for league honours - it was very disturbing to hear that they were the victims of some exceptionally thuggish behavior after a recent game in Oxford, which saw some players assaulted after leaving the rink (allegedly by both opposition players and fans)!! It is hoped a thorough review is made and any suspensions that may have been incurred by the Elks will be revoked, and that the players who suffered concussions and other serious injuries are able to be back in the lineup in time for playoffs.
        Notable birthday parties were the order of the day - both Kay MacKay of the Brandt Lane Apartments and Roberta Lindsay of Cherry Lane were guests of honour in celebrations marking 80 years on this mortal coil.  Congratulations go to Alycia Putnam and the other members of her family (Robert, Kelly and Janelle) - they performed a stirring set at the Marigold Center opening for the legendary J.P. Cormier.  A son was born to Gail and Jonathan Kierstead - proud grandparents are Betty& Herb MacFarlane, Don Murray & Emily Kierstead.  In Alberta, Tomas and Angela (Nelson) Beran are the new parents of a baby girl.  Angela's mother Barb travelled west to assist and to enjoy new baby Emma.  Matthew and Melissa Benvie were also the parents of a baby girl Scarlett; a granddaughter for Kenny Benvie and Susan Noade.  It's never ideal when friends or family have to return to Brookfield for the funeral of loved ones, but the many friends of Owen O'Hanley, Jacob Ross and Chelsea (Ross) French were pleased to be able to spend time with them.
        The Brookfield Elks of the Nova Scotia Junior Hockey league are in the home stretch of their season with a little more than a week to go.  The playoffs will start approximately
February 22 - actual date it is to be determined, but it appears their opponent will be the tough Sackville Blazers.  Watch for information posted around the village in the downtown businesses, at the Sportsplex, and media outlets for the Elks home games, and come and give them your support.  The team is stocked with local talent, and the league has been exceptionally close this year.  You can also help support them financially, and fill your belly with a great meal on the morning of Saturday February 13 - the Elks will host their annual Pancake Breakfast from 8:30 to 12:30 on at the Brookfield Curling Club. The meal is a steal at $5, and the boys will be happy to serve you for supporting them.  Later that night of the 13th, you can attend a five course dinner at Knox United Church just in time for Valentine's Day. There will be musical entertainment, and tickets are available for $30 per person from MacQuarries, or by calling Kaye at 673-2356.  February 14 is Movie Night at Knox - a meager $5 admission charge gets you in to see the film "My Sister's Keeper" all proceeds go to support the relief in Haiti.  Tuesday February 16th is Shrove Tuesday and Knox United Church will host their annual Pancake supper that evening - get there early before the pancakes and sausages are all dealt out!  As this addition of the Eagle is landing in your mailboxes (or your computer, or one of the community locations) the games of the Vancouver Winter Olympics will be nearing their start.  With the sporting world focusing on Canada, excitement is building to a fever pitch.  Everywhere you go people are wondering how Canada's skiers, curlers, hockey players and figure skaters will do in the venues of Whistler, and in and around Vancouver.  Josh McCallum and Jessi Taggart are two of the locals who will be attending the Games, as well as some of our ex-patriots living in the Lower Mainland of our western most province.  You can take part in the excitement by filling out an entry (or multiple entries) in the Brookfield Elks Olympics hockey pool.  These tickets are available at Roop's and most any BAA member or on the community website for only $5, and will give you a chance to claim not only bragging rights, but a fat cheque if you finish in one of the top three positions.  All this while supporting the Brookfield Athletic Association, who play such a vital role in the community's recreation activities. Deadline is February 15.
        An early notice that the Men's Club will be hosting the
annual Ladies Night Gala Monday April 19 - watch for more details in upcoming Eagles.  We expect over 100 ladies of all ages from the community and surrounding area to be guests of the BMC that evening for dinner and entertainment - don't forget the date (for those of you who told me that's why you missed last year - you know who you are!).  If any ladies have any suggestions as to what they'd like to see at Ladies Night please feel free to pass them on to any BMCer or to the Eagle via email.  Can you believe that this summer will mark the 15th anniversary of the Coming Home to Brookfield celebrations?!  The committee has announced the dates as July 17- 25.  The astute among you will realize that means the Whing Ding dates will be July 23-24, and activities will fill the nine day stretch.  Volunteers and suggestions are being sought by the coordinating committee; if you have any of either, please call Marian at 673-3464 or Judy at 673-2427. On Saturday March 6th, 2010 at 1:30 PM "An Afternoon of Music" at the St. Andrew's United Church in Stewiacke on 46 Main Street East . Featuring the "Old Five and Dimers" -Five Local Musicians have joined together for this musical event. Come find out who we are! Invited Guests: Wayne Higgins & Catherine Leaker. Join us for a great afternoon of entertainment. Everyone welcome to attend. Goodwill offering. Tea and coffee included. Canteen on site. Proceeds donated to the work of the St. Andrew's United Church. On February 16 the All Around the Circle Seniors dinner will be held in the Senior's Room at the Sportsplex - please be there by 11:45am for laughing exercise before dinner.
        Please make note of the special time and place of the
BMC's anniversary and meeting - Monday, February 15, 6:30 PM at Knox Church Hall - we encourage BMCers past, present or future to attend; feel free to bring your son(s).

septuagenarian -person whose age is in the seventies

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