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Vol.21  Issue 1

September 2011 Vol 21 Issue 1

After a slow start, the summer of 2011 arrived and it was a very pleasant one- fortunately it continues to hang on well into September. The Brookfield Men's Club will hold their opening on Monday September 19 at 7:30 at the Fire Hall-all residents of the area are welcome to attend this meeting and enjoy the fellowship. It has been a very busy summer with numerous outstanding events some of which will be detailed later in this issue some items will have to spill over to the October edition due to the volume. It was great to see large crowds attending many of the coming home to Brookfield events. Canada Day at the Train Station, the Whing Ding, the Fisherama at the Wetlands Trail, The terrific job on Elk Day marking 75 years of the Brookfield Athletic Association and the Terry Fox Golf day-a big thank you to all the supporters and all of the volunteers who are so vital to these events. All who were involved in the organization and / or execution of the activities, take a bow!

Laurel Hogan received her B.A. In translation form the University of Ottawa, she is the granddaughter of Roberta Lindsay(parents Peter & Donna of Wellington). Jenna Hazelton earned her B. Eng(Chemical) From Dalhousie-she's the granddaughter of Don & Doady Hazelton(Jeff&Janet).

Stephanie(Fisher)Archibald (Late Curtis & Velma) received her Masters in Education from Mt. St. Vincent. Jonathan Dixon grandson of Linda Freedman (Jeannette&Craig) is settinga lofty pace as he enters his second year at SMU with a 4 plus CPA. Local multiple award winners at South Colchester Academy graduation included Hilary Brown, Marlee Coldwell, Taylor Clarke, Natalie Fisher, Paxton Dickey, Lucas Dawe, Megan Isenor, Caitland Reid, Jessica Conrad, Matraca Volans, maria Rutherford, Alicia Stewart, Adam Tanner, and Brandon Verboom. Cara Kaulbach won the Queen Elizabeth II medal, and Riley Giffen won the Governor General award. Riley was also class Valedictorian and the Senior male Athlete of the year, the female award was shared by Kaleigh Queripel and Emelye Porter. Congratulations go to couples who marked 5o years of matrimony- Ron & Beth Hollingworth, past BMC president John & Lynn Matheson and Wilfred & Marilyn Ross in Ontario. Well done folks!

Some of our friends and neighbors were not fully able to enjoy the summer as they spent time in hospital-this includes Clubman Don Locke. Lil Heffernan, David Ross, Chad Sutherland, Carol Campbell, Kevin MacKenzie, Brian Clarke and Steve Searle. Jack Roop is recovering from retina surgery. We hope all are on the road to recovery by the time you read this.

Wedding bells rang out for many including Kelsey Campell(Bob & Linda) and Matt Davis of Middle Stewiacke, Jason Whidden(Dave &Anitra) and Megan Thompson (Lee & Judy) of Forest Glen, former resident Adam Burrows ( Graham & Elizabeth) and Kelly Sefton of Saskatchewan, Matt Stewart (Geoff & Joanne) and Kala Bates (Larry & Sandra) of Hilden, Jim Kennedy and Jeanette (Freeman) Dixon, Matthew Nelson(Late Eric & Barb) and Sara Barnett. Peter Campbell grandson of Eloise Yorke and son of Brian and Gwen Campbell married in China. Brian and Gwen made the trip for the nuptials. We wish all the couples many years of happiness. Several others dipped their toes in the water and became engaged-this list includes Janell Campbell (Colin & Nova) and Jason Nelson (Maurice & Elaine), Cory Sutherland(Richard & Ellen) and Pam MacKinnon (Marie), Michelle MacDonald(Mike & Susan) and Jonathan MacLeod, Chad Sutherland(Alton & Lorna) and Nicole Clark(George & Joan) and Wade Peterson(Dave & Janice) and Alana Connick(Brian & Jackie) of Hilden.

The traveling bug bit many-Patrick Stewart and Petra Graham went to NYC, Kathy Dean spent several weeks in Whitehorse with her daughter Jill. Randy and Betty Roop and Gene and Marion Retson traveled to Toronto while Wayne and Shelia Johnston and jean and Danica Axworthy visited Ottawa. Terry Henderson visited his daughters and grandchildren in Vancover. Zoe Barbour went on a Caribbean cruise with Elsie (Matheson)Decker's daughter Tanya and her husband Garry. John and Shelia Clark and Greg and Kathy Clark went on a Alaskan Cruise in July, after Greg's retirement from a career in the insurance business in the Annapolis Valley. Gordie and Jackie Burnett traveled to England as did Audrey MacDonald and her sister, who also visited Scotland. Frank Locke visited Calgary, Dane Henderson and Danique Fisher went to Bermuda.

Midwives and maternity wards were kept busy as there were a number of babies born-Natalie Davis (Sherry) and Nicholas Arsenau of Truro Heights welcomed a baby girl, as did Josh MaCallum (Herb & Pat) and Jessi Taggart. Baby boys seemed to be the flavor of the season however, as there were many of them born to happy parents;Kevin(Dave & Janice) and Heather Peterson, Aaron and Cindy (Bob & Gloria Fisher) Hinton had twin boys! Nick (Kelvin & Patricia) and Kate Fisher also had a son. Heidi Cooke(Robbie & Joanne) was impatient-she delivered her and Tyler Madaglia's son two months early in Ontario and if there are a few production glitches with the Eagle this month (and in those to follow) it may be because the esteemed Eagle typist Cindy Bonin and her husband Alex have a new baby boy in Crowes Mills. We congratulate all who celebrate these wonderful additions.

Unfortunately the summer saw many friends slip from our midst- Clubman Ed Graham, a gentleman in every sense of the word, and former provincial curling champion, passed away;his widow Edna was comforted having their children Vernon, Jeff, Ivy and Lori come to Brookfield in their time of sorrow. Marg Sutherland, mother to Marilyn, Karen, Charlene, and Richard passed away. Twenty year old grandson of Wayne and Shirley Elliot, Ryan Chapman died in Truro as did Hazel Moore, sister to Don Maynard, Brian Marney, Jeans's son died in Hilden. Ermnie Dunlap, Irene Stuart's sister died as did Pat Toole's brother, Raymond LeBlanc in lower Harmony. Dr “Sandy” Murray, son of the late, legendary SCHS teacher, Mary Murray (and cousin to Marion Retson and Jim Dickie) died suddenly in Pictou County. Jean (MacDonald) Urquhart, who grew up on Densmore Lane, passed in Richard County. In Glace Bay, Edison Boutiler, a one-time pickup for an Elks trip to the Nationals, died at 53. Wendy McLaughlin's father Clarence Crouse of MacKays Siding passed away, as did Jeff Fielding's mother , Lois. Well known house builder Gordie Kennedy of Hilden died, as did Bev Bradley's mother, Margaret Timmons. Gower Flander's sister, Val died in Halifax. Gerry Brine's sister Rose Marie passed away in St. John. Brenda Griffin's father Earle Enman died in PEI and Marguerite Dryden of Truro, Helen Thompson's sister passed away as did Clara Putnam, sister to Bessie MacKay and Willa Rogers and Vera Stewart, Gary's mother. Brookfielders lost a kindred spirit with the passing of Rajka Conevski who died of cancer in Halifax-she had a very large number of friends here and to quote Rajka, she considered “Brookfield a home away from home and all of you were and are a second family to me.”

Home this summer were James and Laura Carter at Lyle and Susan's; Jimmy and Kathy Benvie came from Alberta to visit his numerous relatives. Peter and Kelly (Watson) Hazelton came from Toronto area and Mac and Nadine Campblell were home form Ottawa to Paul and Joan's, who have moved into the former Bun and Edith Watson house on Hamilton Ave. Bob Roop was home to visit his brother Randy and Dan Retson (Gene & Marion) was home form Ontario. Jay and Sherry (Roop) Ovsenny and their daughters were home from Toronto, and their cousins Jack and Carol Campbell came from Leeds, England to visit his mother Eloise Yorke and toher relatives. Susan and Helen VanTassell dropped in and Mary Crossman's sisters-Lena and Ethel Fell visited, Home for Marg Sutherlands funeral were Marilyn Fallon and her daughters Andree and Julie; Karen and Fred Davis with son Jeff and his wife Heather and son Josh and Charlene Frasher. Kitty and Phil McMillin are home after many months of travel in Western Canada and the U.S. Eva (Carter) Lutes hosted the SCS class of 1971 40th reunion at the Carter homestead- man that group is old! Zach Sill returned home from his hockey season in Pennsylvania and was featured at events at both SCA and the Coming Home to Brookfield celebrations-we wish him well as he heads off to training camp with the Penguins. It was a great treat to have Barry Hill, originally from New Zealand, but now residing in Langley, BC, in town along with Bill Plaskett (father of renowned musician Joel). They and numerous other troubadours gathered for a housewarming party at Mark Hamilton and Joanne Hatfield's new home - they moved into the former Lindsay house on Cherry Lane. There was much impromptu playing and singing by a multi-piece band and chorus! Barry is father to the illustrious James Hill, who led the musicians that evening. We remind all that James has just released his new CD "Man With a Love Song"; it is a very well-crafted album and we encourage you to pick one up! Mark's parents, Don and Jean Hamilton, moved from Crystal Lake Drive to Mark's former home on Carter Road. Meanwhile, Marian Lindsay, who'd been living in the house Mark took over on Cherry Lane, moved to an apartment formerly owned by Donna Jewers - also on Carter Road and practically in Don and Jean's back yard - "fearful symmetry" indeed. But that was child's play compared to the next house swap, triggered by Jonathan and Gail (MacFarlane) Kierstead moving back to Brookfield and into the former Rick and Wendy Locke home on - again - Crystal Lake Drive. Then the Lockes moved into the Jonathan and Jodie Woolfitt house on - you guessed it! - Carter Road, the Woolfitts in turn moved into Jodie's parents' home, and the never-resting Hugh Matheson is busy building a new home for himself and Judy!

Not moving, but returning to visit, were Wilma (Matheson) Avila, her son Chris Knight and his wife Mary and friend Betty, from California, for John and Lynn Matheson's 50th anniversary. Ivy Haasen, Edna Graham's daughter, came from Ontario for the event, as did John and Lynn's son Randy and his friend Merline. Also, Angela (Nelson) Beran and her daughter Emma spent the summer at mother Barb's. Angela's husband Thomas joined them from the Czech Republic. Frank Locke's sons were home for his birthday - David from Saudi Arabia, Evan from Porter's Lake, and Ken and Peter from Ontario.

Earlier we mentioned Tyler Madaglia becoming a father; that was not his only accomplishment. He also won the Canadian Championship in motocross. Probably the only thing that kept his partner Heidi Cooke from winning another Ladies' Crown was the aforementioned baby. On the softball diamond the Kelly Spencer-coached South Colchester Academy Wolves won yet another provincial championship in girls' slow pitch, while the SCA boys' team battled hard before falling in the final to Hants East, settling for the silver medal in fast pitch. Coach Chris Bernard guided her CEC girls' team to the NS girls' high school fast pitch championship. Jeremy Locke (Deanna MacKinnon, Darrell Toole) and Myles Coldwell (Darrel, Gail), both former SCA Wolves standouts, were key components on the team that won the Canadian Junior Men's fast pitch championship in Napanee, Ontario! The Brookfield Gold Club 2011 champions included Steve Locke and Chris Bernard as men's and women's winners, Robert Putnam and Joanne MacLeod won the Senior titles, and Cody Locke was the club Junior champion. BGC defended the Shaw Cup title in their annual match play competition against Fox Hollow of Stewiacke. Members of the winning team were Darrell Penney, Carmen Michael, Mike Penny, Patrick Stewart, Alex Fleming, Mike Henderson, Steve Locke, Robert Putnam, Richard White, Mark and Dan Dean, and Cory, Ryan and Troy Sutherland. During that event Steve Locke set a new course record of 63! Locke and Mike Henderson finished 2nd in the Provincial Senior 4-Ball event at Avon Valley GC. Well-liked SCA teacher Peter Hunt claimed the Truro Golf Club Championship this summer, with a sparkling 1 over par score. Wayne and Ken Parnham won the Men's Doubles Championship division at the Maritime Horseshoe Championship in Bible Hill. Dylan McCool was a key part of the team that went to Eastern Canadian Championship. We want to extend thanks to the organizers of the terrific presentation at Elk Day – all who came were extremely impressed with the remarkable display of memorabilia, uniforms, jackets, pictures, equipment, etc. It was great to see so many Elk greats of the past, including Gary Whittier, Paul Euloth, Donnie Dennis, Herman Murphy, Lyle Bryson, Gerry MacWha, Frank Harlow, Walter Fanning, Doug Ransome, Steve Healy, Donnie Stevens, Turk and Phil Henderson, and many, many others. John Matheson was recognized for his outstanding work on behalf of the Athletic Association, both as longtime groundskeeper at Elk Park and for his Chairman duties with the Big Game Hunt, the BAA’s primary fundraiser. The Athletic Association was happy to be able to increase their funding this year to local minor hockey registrants and the Junior B Elks hockey club, as well as many other sports they support, including volleyball, bowling, softball, curling, etc. The Whing Ding was a major success; over 100 volunteers helped make it so, but a special thank you to primary organizers Nancy VanTassell, Betty Roop, Pibby Henderson, Andrew Roop, Chris Bernard and many others – it remains the place to “come and meet your friends”. The Coming Home to Brookfield committee wants to thank all the volunteers, sponsors, and supporters who made it such a success for its 16th year – watch for a contest to pick a theme for next year in an upcoming Eagle. Watch for the BAA NHL pools to start in early October – play as an individual or in a group, even from long distance via email; enjoy the fun, and help support the BAA!

The BMC and the Eagle want to thank kind donors Helen Kenrick and Beth (Retson) Brogan of Dartmouth for their generous support to the publication – it would not be possible without your help. Thanks also to interim transcriber/typist Kate Chisholm!

Upcoming events – the Brookfield Mens Club Opening meeting is on September 19th, at 7:30, at the Fire Hall. A day before that the annual Terry Fox Run will be held at Carter Falls – registration is from 12:30–1:00 and you may walk, run, bicycle, drive, whatever, through the beautiful scenery up to the Carter Falls. A free thank you barbecue is held for all at the Train Station afterwards. Please help the organizers maintain their status as the most successful Terry Fox venue in the province – this year’s event is being held in memory of Terry’s mother, Betty Fox. For more information on the Terry Fox Run contact Pat McCallum (673-2853), or Nova Campbell (673-2771). 569 Colonel G. N. Henderson Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron is enrolling youth, age 12 to 18 years. If you are interested in learning more about flying, leadership, sports and many more activities, join 569 Squadron. The squadron parades every Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 9:15 PM at the Brookfield Elementary School (rear entrance). For more information about 569 Squadron call 843-6265 or visit any Tuesday evening at 7 PM. On Monday, September 19, the Senior Citizens group will be taking a bus trip to Tatamagouche – contact Audrey MacDonald (673-2114) for more info. All Around the Circle Seniors’ dinner is September 20, 12:00, at the Sportsplex. On Sunday, October 2, 7 PM, the Baptist Church presents the Gabriel Gospel group from Edmonton, featuring former Brookfielder, Ralph Carter. The Colchester Sports Hall of Fame will induct Judy Matheson as a multi-sport athlete, and the Brookfield Athletic Association as an organization. This is a wonderful honour, and we hope this is a huge turnout of Brookfielders at the Marigold Centre on October 28 – get your tickets now! We are very fortunate to have Kathy Manuel as new Principal of Brookfield Elementary School – in less than two weeks teaching and support staff, as well as the students, are very enamoured of her leadership style! Amy Crowell is filling Janell Campbell’s position while she prepares for motherhood. There will be a Ratepayers’ meeting Thursday, September 22, 7:30 PM, at the Brookfield Fire Hall. Upcoming dates at SCA – September 13 – Grade 7-8 Parent-Teacher Orientation; September 14 – Grade 9-12 Parent-Teacher Orientation; both at 6-8 PM; September 19 – Rick Hansen Man in Motion Tour – 25th Anniversary – departing SCA at 2:54 PM.

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