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December 2011
Vol.23  Issue 4

The Brookfield Men's Club would like to invite any citizens to our annual Christmas party on Monday, December 19, 7:30 PM at the Brookfield Fire Station. The meeting will be short on business, long on laughter and friendly games, and hopefully some delicious food thrown into the mix. Any men attending are asked to bring a contribution to the Food Bank and a gift to be exchanged during the meeting with a value not to exceed $10. Make plans now to join the BMC on the 19th! A reminder that the Brookfield Men's Club is once again sponsoring the annual Christmas Decorating Contest- the esteemed panel of judges will be covering the entire community, including Shortts Lake, Brentwood, Forest Glen, etc. on Friday, December 23, so be sure to have your lights on that evening. The Brookfield Fire and Emergency Services hosted the BMC at the November meeting and provided a fine program on fire safety, followed by an abundant and scrumptious lunch. The BMCers were very appreciative of the Firefighters for their generosity. Speaking of generosity, the Eagle received a donation from long time reader Reta Dunn- given the tripe that is put on the these pages, she probably would never admit that she once schooled the editor in Grade 10 English! Mary Fisher, that ageless wonder- one of the few remaining charter members of the Brookfield Curling Club still on the ice- also gave financial support to the Eagle. We're glad to report that Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Department (TIRD) has recently removed the log jam under the Little River bridge over the 289. This should help that somewhat wonky structure to survive the upcoming ice jams and flooding which seems to be all the more frequent. Primary indication from the School Board is that they hope to repair the breached riverbank a few hundred meters north of the bridge, which has caused damaging flooding of the soccer field and the highway ditch. Principal Nevin Jackson and the School Advisory Council will continue to pursue reparations. If you were watching Sportsnet channel a few weeks ago, you would have seen Tyler Medaglia capture the Canadian Motocross Championship in the 250 cc division, winning the Monster Energy Drink trophy. Tyler, an Ottawa-area native who has quickly acclimatized to Brookfield since arriving as Heidi Cooke's beau, is a fantastic athlete, who also displays his talents with the Cruise Missiles Hockey Club. He is also making frequent trips to Germany to teach the Deutschlanders who want to learn from one of the best. We have been keeping tabs on Andrew Gordon, who is playing for the Anaheim Ducks- as mentioned previously his Grandparents Earle and Anne (MacLennan) Gordon were Brookfielders- recently Andrew scored his first NHL goal against the Philadelphia Flyers. Former Lafarge employee Sam Adams received the Nova Scotia Medal of Bravery for rescuing a woman from her crashed and burning vehicle; there is very little doubt Sam's brave actions saved a life. The November Athletes of the Month at South Colchester Academy were all volleyball players- Juniors Jacob MacNutt and Alexis Rains while Senior Honours went to Aiden Schenkels and Katelyn Cox. The Mark Dean-coached Senior Girls advanced to the provincial qualifiers, before being eliminated- Mark did an excellent job with the team. The SCA Jr. Girls Wolves volleyball team captured Silver Medals at the Regional Championship- coaches Sharon Hill and Jodi Domminix led players Alexis Rains, Taylor Simms, Rachel Sears, Alyssa Densmore, Erica Robertson, Morgan Toole, Haley Duykers, Shenia Hill, Mariah Hunt, Morgan and Hannah Fisher. Congratulations go to David Robichaud (parents John, Lori) for being named the Nova Scotia High School Football League's All Star kicker. Glen Stewart's step-son, Sam Bishop lead his Horton High team to the Provincial Volleyball Championship. Congratulations to proud parents of baby boys- Brookfield Lumber Company store manager Darcy Merryweather and wife Margo on their third child, and from a few months back, Janet Tomlinson and Stephen Van Herk of West Shortts Lake Road also had a son. The beautiful and brainy Nicole Allinson married Chris (Topher) Cox in the Dominican Republic; Mother Carrie, John, and many friends and family went to Punta Cana for the ceremony. In Los Angeles Bob Roop's son Jeff was married. He is an actor and his bride is a lawyer.He was delighted to have Nova Scotian cousins Pam and Steve Olmstead, and Sherry and Jay Ovsenny in attendance for the nuptials. The BMC Street Patrol on Halloween unanimously give the "People's Choice" award to Josh McCallum, Jessie Taggart, their child Samara, and dog Squiggy for their spot-on portrayal of the nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle, The Cat in the Fiddle". They also collected 79 pounds of grub for the Food Bank- and idea worth spreading! Travelers through the Highway 289/2 intersection ("the corner") will have noticed a longer dwell time for the traffic signals. This originated with the fact that the lights previously changed quite quickly, sometimes endangering pedestrians crossing the wide roadways; and it also helps alleviate traffic congestion at school bus dismissal time, as well as being more friendly to the Emergency Service vehicles when they have to pass through the intersection. At Roops Esso/ Tim Hortons, construction is underway to expand the food and coffee services at Tim Hortons, but their fine products are still available via the drive-thru trailer set up so none have to do without their daily fix of joe.  Judy and Hugh Matheson hosted Judy's aunt Grace Campbell's 95th birthday party in their new home on Carter Road- a large number of family and friends attended and complimented Hugh on yet another example of his excellent workmanship. Grace was pleased to see many friends, including former neighbour 103 year old Merle (Kent) Nelson. The 75th Brookfield Elks Sports Draw and Sportsman Contest has just concluded- the Brookfield Athletic Association would like to thank all who helped with this endeavor, be it through selling or distributing tickets, helping weigh deer, or many of the other necessary tasks to help make this such a successful fundraiser. The Grand Prize Winners List is as follows: Grand Prize a 2011 Can-Am Side by Side or $25,000 cash was won by Kyle Harvey, an NSAC student from Kennetcook, Second prize of a 2011 Can-Am 400 ATV went to Angus MacDonald of Glendale, the third prize-a $2000 gift card from Atlantic Superstore was won by Kathy Hubley of HRM, fourth prize a 2000 watt generator or $1000 cash was won by Rae Hayman of Tatamagouche, and the fifth prize of $500 cash went to Guy Densmore of Shortt's Lake. The special 75th anniversary prize a .75 carat platinum set trinity diamond ring was won by Trevor Burris of Hilden- Trevor is son of Debbie (Reid) Burris another of the friendly Brookfield Tim Hortons smiling faces. The heaviest buck weighed in was a 251 pound beauty by Mark Gregory of Folly Mountian, and the heaviest doe checked in at 139 pounds- the winner there was Jacob VanVonderen of Antigonish, while Andy Furmidge of Middle Stewiacke won the Archer's prize for his 210 pounder. Hilden's Sharleen Martell won both the Ladies Heaviest buck and the prize for widest antler (26"). Jason Terry (Merigomish) led the way with a 17 point buck, while George Young (Enfield) had the longest antler (27"). We wish Wes Morrell well as he rehabs after knee replacement surgery. Otherwise it was a rough period for members of the Brookfield Men's Club- Gordie Burnett had gall bladder surgery, while Mr. Everything to the BMC, Bob Lawrence was sidelined to have a pacemaker installed- no doubt he needs that to keep up with wife Jean's spirited square dancing! Don Hamiliton was sporting a multicolored shiner covering much of his face at the November BMC meeting, remnant of a fall off the porch at his cottage in Port Greville. One does not need to feel endangered to attend a BMC meeting, we truly believe this is coincidence! In other Club-men news, Frank Locke announced his engagement to Hazel Sharpe of Calgary, formerly of Bass River- their wedding will be July 1, 2012 Zoe Barbour's sons Paul and Michael traveled to New York City and took in the thrilling Green Bay Packers (38)- New York Giants (35) NFL game. Beth Maguire also visited Gotham City on behalf of Stanfields Ltd. Steven and Michelle Kelly of East Brookfield went to New York and Philadelphia, where Michelle ran the Philly marathon. She is an avid volunteer with the local Terry Fox Committee; her parents came from Newfoundland to care for their two granddaughters. Jim and Shirley McNutt cruised through the Panama Canal, with stops in Aruba, Curacao, and Puerto Limon. We were sorry to learn of the destruction by fire of the barn and 25 head of cattle belonging to Frank and Ivy (Graham) Haasen in Timmons, Ontario. Ivy is the daughter of Edna Graham and well known to many Brookfielders; she and Frank are dedicated, hard working dairy farmers. The Haasen's have had to move some of the remaining herd to farms an hour and a half away, but will persevere. We are sorry to learn of the passing of Michael Patton in Brentwood, and of Elsie Murphy in Truro- she was sister-in-law to Shirley Wynn and Herman Murphy. In Debert, Judy Elliott's mother Helen Lane passed away. Bobby Dennis, also a resident of Debert, but well remembered here as a Little League baseball player for the "Indians" in the late 50's-early 60's when be lived in Upper Brookfield, died at 63 years of age. Marilyn Ainsworth, mother to Jennifer MacNeil, died in Hilden. Ada Mantle passed away in Lower Truro at 95- she was a fantastic teacher and tireless volunteer, and friend to many Brookfielders. Keith Miller of Lantz, another teriffic volunteer whose efforts have been duly noted throughout East Hants, passed away- his late wife Roxy was a pitching and slugging star with the Elkettes softball team in the 60's. Bob Roop came from Flordia to visit brother Randy and family. Kent and Joan (Sutherland) Nickerson came from B.C. to visit family. The Eagle tries- often unsccessfully- to keep abreast of newcomers to our community. The Brookfield Community Assembly has a Caring Community sub-committee to help extend welcomes- so please pass along any names to We are happy to welcome Tim and Lorraine Ross (orginally from Loggieville and Rogersville, NB) and their three kids to Cherry Lane. Karen Langille is renting the loft at Don Harvey's, and Barry and Stephanie Cranham have moved from Ontario into Johanna Benning's house on Hamilton Avenue- Stephanie is Len Read's daughter. There are also tenants in the former Seldon Carter and Bill Stewart houses on Hamilton Avenue. We hope the new arrivals take advantage of all our community has to offer. Over 200 visitors enjoyed the Annual Christmas House Tours and the exhibit of 100,000 poinsettias at Forest Glen Greenhouses. / of the Christmas trees and poinsettias. The sponsoring UCW and the community at large is truly indebted to the homeowners (Duane and Lorna Rath, Russ and Bev Bradley, Heather Jamieson, Gordie and Doreen Frank) as well as Lee and Judy Thompson and Jason and Megan (Thompson) Whidden at the Greenhouses, for welcoming folks into their homes and business in the true spirit of the season. The Train Station served suppers for 80 people on the two nights of the tour and many beautiful gifts and monetary donations were given for the Colchester Christmas Index Program by community businesses, groups, organizations, and individuals. Thank you all who volunteered to help keep this valued tradition of 16 years alive and running in Brookfield! On Sunday, December 18 the annual "Food for the Spirit" will be held at Knox Church at 7 PM. This event is annually one of the best of the Christmas Season; please make plans to attend- there is no admission but you are asked to bring a donation for the food bank of either nonperishable food or money which will be delivered the next day to the Colchester Food Bank. Do you expect to be alone on Christmas Day? Would you prefer to celebrate in the company of other folks? Are you unable to prepare a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, or just can't face leftovers for two months? On Christmas Day from 12-2 join like-minded folks at Knox Hall for a traditional free Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings (bring along any special traditional trimming you may want). If you are celebrating with your family but still want to help there are other ways you can contribute: a) donate some food (vegetables or pie) b) assist with food preparation and or serving, and c) deliver meals to folks unable to come to the hall. Call Krista at 673-2285 for more details. Any extra food will be donated to the local Food Bank- this is an initiative of the Knox United Church Team. 2012 marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Brookfield Baptist Church, on January 8, 1862. In a few short weeks, also on January 8 at 7 PM the Baptist Church is presenting a play depicting the first meeting and interesting highlights of those early years. The play is entitled "How the Church Began" it was written by Reverend Frank Locke and directed by Ruth Colburne. Actors will be in period costume, and the community is invited to share in this momentous occasion, and welcomed to stay and meet the cast and enjoy refreshments and fellowship following the production. Sounds like a can't miss to me! All Around the Circle's Christmas dinner celebration will feature a Christmas Carol sing-a-long at 11:30 AM on Tuesday, December 13- meal to follow. A reminder that there is a contest underway for picking the theme for the 2012 Coming Home to Brookfield celebration. Entry forms are available at MacQuarries or you can also return the theme you choose to enter the contest there. A cash prize will be awarded to the winning entry. We again remind you to please provide any information you would like on the Brookfield Community Assembly's website under the Calendar of Events- have the secretary/communications director of your organization send any information to

Hope to see you at the BMC

The Eagle

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