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MAY 2012
Vol. 23 Issue 9


September 2012
Vol. 24, Issue 1

    After a summer the likes we have not seen for a long, long time, the cooler evening temperatures tell us that Autumn is approaching. The very warm summer has over-heated the ocean currents, so we are likely in for a very soggy and windy fall - already in the past few weeks we have had four major deluges, the most recent being directly responsible for delaying the launch of the Old Bird! Another very good indication is the revival of Brookfield Men's Club monthly meetings - the next to be held on Monday, September 17 at 7:30 PM at the Brookfield Fire Hall. The BMCer's have been active throughout the summer with many tasks including catering at BBQ's at community events, maintaining the Ed Creelman Park, working on cemeteries, etc, and they are eager to get back to the Club room for some light - hearted fellowship. All members of the community are welcome to attend; all you have to bring is a sense of humor!
    We will say at the outset that there is a ton of information to disseminate since the Eagle's last flight in May, and it will be impossible to fit it all in this issue, some will spill over into October, so please be patient, and continue to pass along news to our reporters - see the numbers below. Some of our residents went to exotic locales - this included Anitra Whidden, who went to Finland to meet cousins, and she also took in a Canada-Kazakh game in the World Hockey tournament. She was so inspired, she went to Cape Breton to compete in Women's Hockey in the Over - 55 Canada Games! Kathy and Mark Dean made separate trips to Whitehorse to visit daughter and sister Jill. Jean Mercier went to Japan to see her new grandson...and Marilyn Stewart went to Fort McMurray for her grandson's graduation. We're sad to say that Joanna Canning has moved to British Columbia - we wish her the best there. Devan Graham worked in Western Canada for the summer, and Linda and Bailey Campbell went to Toronto and Niagara Falls. Bruce and Janice Leck enjoyed a Gulf of Mexico cruise. Herb and Betty MacFarlane went to BC. Jimmy and Marlene Feener and Doreen Frank travelled to Ontario, as did Betty Roop....Dave Heffernan went to New York to visit son Andrew, and Lee Nelson went to Newfoundland as did Adam Deyarmond and Kyle Henderson - Kyle and Nate Smith later travelled to New York City. Carla Baird and Patty Villeneuve went to Quebec City to visit Patty's daughter, Krysten.
    Congratulations are extended to those who graduated from academies of higher learning - these include Dr. Heidi Weatherbie (parents David and Cindy) who graduated from Canadian Chiropractic College; Emma Horner (Dan and Sharon - Shortts Lake) who got her B.Sc. from Dal, as did Holly Monk (Floyd and Bev) with a degree in Nursing from Dal. Matthew Leck (Bruce and Janice) received his Engineering degree (mineral resources) and won the Lister Memorial award at Dal. Matt recently became engaged to UPEI veterinary student Sara Seemel of Fall River. Peggy Maguire graduated from the College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. South Colchester Academy girls won the Provincial Slo-pitch Softball Championship for the fourth consecutive year - coaches Kelly Spencer, Ryan McNutt and Dave Clarke counted on, among others Morgan Fisher, Ally Campbell, Katelyn Cox, Alexis Rains, Shanea Hill, Kelsi Barr, Brooklyn Rutherford, Haley Duykers, Jessee Fazio, Chelsea Newman, Mariah Hunt, Alyssa Densmore, Madison Clarke and Rachel Sears. Ally Campbell (Bob and Linda) was the Female Athlete of the Year at SCA and Jonathan Crouse of Mackay's Siding was the Male Athlete of the Year. Junior High Athletes of the Year were Rachel Sears (Jill and Andrew) and Ryan Duykers. At the Nova Scotia Track and Field Championship, Wolves athletes distinguished themselves. Trent Lynds (Clay and Shawn) was third in the 1500 m and second in the 3000 metres in the Junior boys, while Haley Duykers was second provincially in the Junior Girls High Jump. Brother and sister Andrew and Karlee Burgess (Craig and Allison) also medaled; Andrew won gold in the 400 m Intermediate Boys, and Karlee was second in the Junior Girls 200 m. In the Special Olympics category Trueman Russell (Lewis and Shannon) was first in the long jump and second in the shot put. At the SCA graduation ceremony in June, Ryan Leedham (Glen and Annette) was presented with the Governor General Academic Medal for highest Average over all in Grade 11 & 12 courses! Emily Nielsen of Fort Ellis was the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II medal for superior Academic achievement in Grade 10-12 and combining school and community involvement. Other grads who won significant awards, bursaries, or scholarships include Amy Allain, Alex Bekkers, Kelsi Barr, Michaela Benvie, Regan Bowers, Gabrielle Clark, Katelyn Cox, Braden Cruz, Clarissa Dean, Rylan Feetham, Devan Graham, Nicole Illsley, Julianna Kennedy,Ariel McCoul, Melissa Miller, Dani Miller, Katelyn O'Connell, Luke Patton, Breagh Quigley, Jacob Rains, Megan Wright, Samantha Wright-Smith and Emily and Jonathan Crouse. Dylan McCoul, Kobi Crowell, Jacob Bowers and Jacob McNutt all played in the Eastern Canadian Bantam Softball Championships held in St.Croix. The Huff and Puffs won the Truro Women's Ball Hockey League - some of the members on that team were Anita Fisher, Cheryl Hamilton, Regan Bowers, Bev, Meghan, and Allison Read, and Kathy and Holly Dean.Congratulations to Danica Cooke and her horse Agent Scully - together they won the Grand Prix and Hunter Classic at the elite Coveside Classic in Chester. Heidi Cooke has had a very successful season on the Pro Motocross circuit with several outstanding wins. Her man, Tyler Medaglia, was having a good season but suffered a fracture in his lower leg and has only recently returned to action. The Central Nova Under - 15 girls Volleyball team won their division at the Canadian Tournament in Toronto - that team featured Alexis Rains and Rachel Sears and coach Jennifer Stanfield. Madison Clarke (Dave and Carla) was named the all-star first baseman at the Eastern Canadian Bantam Girls fast pitch tournament held in North River. 2012 Champions at the Brookfield Golf Club were: Men - Steve Locke; Women - Chris Bernard; Seniors - Mike Henderson, Annie Woodworth; Super Seniors - Grant White, Myrna Clarke; Junior - Austin McBurnie; 2 ball - Steve and Cody Locke.
    Congratulations are extended to brother and sister Terry Henderson and Judy Matheson, who were recently presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medals by Premier Darrell Dexter at a ceremony at the Fire Hall. These awards recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements by citizens that have brought credit to their communities, province, and country. It is fitting that the longtime service given by these two dedicated community builders was recognized. Brother and sister Mitchell and Heidi Cooke have opened a new cafe on Inglis Place - stop in and sample the fine fare at Jimolly's. New houses are springing up around the village; on the eastern end of Carter Road both Dave and Janice Peterson and Al and Lorraine Carter have built new homes, and Joanne Cooke's new house is quickly taking shape on the #2 highway north of her daughter Heidi's. Jamie and Angela Reid have built a new dwelling at Carter and Whidden. Scott Fisher (Dale and Margie) has moved into the house beside the post office, and Jennifer Adams is the proud resident of the rebuilt home immediately west of the Baptist Church on Highway 289. Dennis Hutchinson and his son Hazen have moved to Arbour Drive in Upper Brookfield. Wedding Bells rang loud and often over the summer. Among those exchanging vows were Jason and Janelle (Campbell) Nelson, Jack and Leah (Densmore) Roop, Brian and Ashley (Jessome) Matheson, Wade and Alanna (Connick) Peterson, Cory and Pam (MacKinnon) Sutherland, Jeff and Janelle (Putnam) Murphy, Dan and Marita Retson, Ryan and Jane (Fleming) MacKenzie and Joel and Emily (Little) Goodwin in Fredericton. Best wishes to all the couples embarking on matrimony!!
    Baby girls were the order of the day at the house of Matt and Kala (Bates) Stewart - a grandaughter for Geoff and Joanne Stewart and Larry and Sandra Bates. A girl (Lily Alana) was also born in Hong Kong to Meghan and Greg Williams - she is the daughter of Terry and Joan (Burrows) Fisher, and granddaughter of Mary Fisher and Geraldine Burrows. Megan's cousin Adam, and his wife, Kelly Burrows, had a baby boy (grandson for Graham and Elizabeth). They are both Canadian Customs Agents in Saskatchewan, Craig and Kim (Whidden) Kennedy also had a boy (Jesse Alexander) in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland, a grandson for Dave and Anitra. Stephen and Sandra Cook's daughter, Samantha, had a baby boy in Cold Lake, Alberta - (another great-grandchild for Stena Cook). Well done to all, enjoy the excitement!
    Our list of people passing is probably not complete but is far too long. It includes Connie Taylor of Birch Hill, recently returned home after retiring from her position with CBC in Toronto...Vivian Brenton of Brentwood...Brookfield Elks bowling league stalwart Enos Crouse...Brenda Craig, an aunt to the Retsons...Bev (Toole) Morrell, mother of Pauline, Wilfred, Debbie, Kathy, Darrell, Everett, Jackie and Gerty...Vaughn Wilson in New Brunswick (Dave's father)...Norma Collins...the much loved and respected Jean Nelson, mother to Seldon, Ellen, Lorna, Krista and Sandy...former SCHS Track and Soccer star Debbie Murphy...Reg Carter...Bob Denton, husband to Erma Conrad...Sharon Dartt...Elwyn Little... Bette Chisholm in Old Barns...Tommy Hatton...Don Thomas...John House...Lyda Fisher...Audrey Hanrahan, mother to Brookfield Elementary Phys. Ed teacher Tom Hanrahan...Larry Paquet, father to Wayne...Helen Pate, legendary organizer of figure skating events who played a massive role in the Sportsplex skating schools... Fred Bible Hill, Audrey Carter's nephew Gerald Peters; he was followed in passing by his wife Shirely (Suttis) Peters, a sister to Peg Rutherford and Linda Geddes, who also lost their brother George Suttis in Kamloops...Warren Lindsay, a Brookfielder who had spent most of his adult life in Calgary, but had retired in Nova Scotia, and was a member of the Brookfield Men's Club, passed away this summer as well. Our sympathies and condolences to all who have lost loved ones.
    A gigantic "thank you" goes to the organizing committee of Coming Home to Brookfield - once again aided and abetted by a countless number of volunteers - who pulled off a spectacular event in July. It is eagerly anticipated by all ex-pats who make sure they get back to Brookfield at that time. We will not detail all of the events - only touching on a few - a fabulous parade, the Domino Man, One Hit Wonders, Beautiful Brookfield Blooms, the Whing Ding, the Amazing Race, Lafarge Quarry Tour, Four Generations, farm tours, the Golf Scramble, the various church services, an unbelievable brunch at Shortt's Lake, and many others. On behalf of all we'd like to thank the coordinating committee of Marion McDonald, Janet Burnett, Judy Matheson, Susan MacDonald, Gail Wright, Lynn Matheson, Sarah Densmore, Susan Walters, Karla Armsworthy, and Larry Harrison. They put on an event that truly makes that the village proud, and they are very grateful for all the volunteers and event attendees!
    Many visitors were here over the summer - including Lyle and Susan's sons, Rob and James Carter, James' wife Laura and their children from Alberta... Mac, Nadine and Regan Campbell from Ottawa to visit Paul and Joan...Bob Roop, children Allison, Chris and Jeff, at Betty's, as were her daughter Sherry and Jay Ovsenny and their daughters. Terry and Mary Henderson welcomed daughter Julie and Jack Hsu, and their three children, then later in the summer, daughter Laura - all of whom came from Vancouver. Nice to see Josh and Mandy Smyth who visited his mother Sharon and other friends. Chad Works was home from the west to visit parents Rollie and Glenda. Peggy (Cooke) Underwood was home with her granddaughter from Alberta, as was Herk Sutherland. Nice to see sisters Marilyn Fallon, Karen Davis (both from Ontario) and Charlene Fraser (BC) home for nephew Cory Sutherland's wedding. Helene Henderson welcomed home daughter (and grand-daughter) Pam (and Victoria) Lanthier from their posting near Tacoma. Edna Graham's grand-daughter Cassie Recoskie moved from Ontario to take a nursing postion in Truro - she is residing with Edna. Another of her grand-daughters, Sally, along with hubby Rob Trigiani and son Lukas was here for a visit. Phyllis Sutherland had grandson (and great-grandson) Tim, Raquel and family from the Cayman Islands, and Troy and Beverly Woolaver from Petrolia, Ont...Bill and Vivian Paul visited her sister Shirley DeBay - they drove from Calgary in a 1947 Ford to go in the Home Coming parade. Ardith (Ross) Teas, her daughter Joanne Bean, and grand-daughters Ava and Scarlett visited from Mississauga, and Greg Stewart came from Montreal to Shirley Comeau's. Jill Dean and her beau Patrick were home from Whitehorse; they also touched down in Newfoundland where he will be attending medical school this fall. They then toured his homeland of Germany. Duncan Retson and Andrea Budgell were home with Gene and Marion, and Raymond (Duffy) Sutherland came from Victoria, BC. Marian McDonald's children Greg, Burt, and Angela, and their families spent a good amount of time in Brookfield and at Shortt's Lake. P.I. Nicole Allinson came from Toronto to visit mother Carrie Hingley. Tamara Katayama came from Toronto with her two boys in tow to visit her grandmothers; Shirley Harrison and Alice O'Leary, as well as her parents George and Sharon O'Leary.
    Not all had pleasant summers; some of our friends and neighbours required medical treatment or hospitalization - these included Blair Densmore, Dennis Grant, Ronnie Morrell, Barb Wallace, Casey Reid, MP Scott Armstrong, Edna Sutherland, Gerry MacWha, and Carrie Hingley. Geraldine Burrows broke her hip, and has moved into Elk Court, where she welcomes visitors! We hope the treatment they have received has them all well on the way to recovery.

There will be numerous events and activities starting in the near future; for the most comprehensive information on this check the community website at Look under the Calendar of Events to see what activities are upcoming. There are also photos and videos of events from the Coming Home to Brookfield celebrations from several photographers at this site. We would encourage people and organizations to pass along information pertaining to upcoming events to the website. There is also a Facebook page called The Village of Brookfield.
    The 569 Col. G.N. Henderson Royal Air Cadet Squadron (sponsored by the Brookfield Men's Club for almost 60 years now!) is enrolling youth from ages 12 to18 if you are interested to learn more about flying, leadership, sports and many more activities join the 569 squadron! They parade every Tuesday evening starting September 11 from 7-9:15 PM at the Elementary school. For more information call 843-6265 or visit any Tuesday evening at 7pm (rear entrance). The Terry Fox Run will be held Sunday, September 16 at beautiful Carter Falls. Registration starts at 12:30 at the top of Carter Road, walk / run at 1:00. You can participate by walking, running, cycling, or sponsoring person (s). A complimentary thank you B-B-Q will be held from 2:30 onward at the Train Station. For rides, support, or info call 673-2427. The South Colchester Minor Hockey Association recently had their registration - if you missed it please contact Charles (673-3126) or Al Fielding at the Sportsplex (673-2063). The Senior Citizens room at the Sportsplex hosts card parties (45's and crib) on Wednesday evenings. The Brookfield Curling Club will have an Open House and Learn to Curl session running from October 19 -25 at the Sportsplex. Be sure to drop in any of those evenings (or afternoons on Saturday and Sundays). The members will be delighted and make you feel welcome in the newly refurbished club rooms. More information can be had from Donald at 673-3262, Mike 673-2769, or Lisa 673-2106. Colchester County will be holding Municipal Elections on October 20, declared candidates to date in District 3 (Brookfield, Hilden, Alton, Forest Glen, Brentwood, Shortt's Lake, etc) are Gerry Buott, Hugh Matheson and Geoff Stewart. We encourage all eligible voters to cast their ballots on October 20; or at advance polls on October 11 or 16.

We hope to see you at the BMC meeting on September 17 at 7:30 PM at the Firehall.

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