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January  2012
Vol.23  Issue 5

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The Brookfield Mens' Club held their annual Christmas party in December; after a brief business meeting the men participated in a Christmas carol sing-a-long, and then some of President John Matheson's famous games. There is an underground report/rumour circulating that someone peeking in the windows of the Fire Station bore witness to an incredible indoor snowball fight as part of the festivities??!!? The BMCers lips are sealed about this, and to date no video has surfaced on YouTube, so it may be merely an urban legend that Herb MacFarlane was plugged between the eyes with a white puffy missile, and Don Harvey had several of the same ricocheting off his polished dome. President John was at a loss for words at the hilarity; except he was heard to mutter he would never again use marshmallows in his games?!? The group will gather for their first meeting of 2012 on January 16 at the Fire Hall where the program will feature the local Air Cadets (569 Colonel Ned Henderson Air Cadet squadron), which has been sponsored by the BMC for almost 60 years now). All are invited to attend at 7:30 PM.

An intrepid panel of BMCers braved the heavy snowfall shortly before Christmas to make comprehensive rounds of the village and surrounding areas to judge the Christmas decorations contest. The selections were as follows: Best Religious theme- Audrey MacDonald; runner-up Rick and Bev Hiltz. Best Commercial- the apartments at 29 Brandt Lane. Most Original- Greg and Nancy VanTassell; runner-up Kevin and Rosalynn Clarke. Best Overall- Ron and Carol MacMillan (Loon Lane); runners-up were Jeff Graham and Nikki Sutherland, Gerry and Marilyn Stewart. Thanks to all who beautified their properties and the village!

The Eagle and the BMC would like to thank kind contributors to the cause- these include Ken and Sharon (Trenholm) Byrd from Thamesford, Ontario, Middle Stewiacker Joyce Geddes, and Bill Kennedy at Sunrise Court- these kind souls went above and beyond for support of the Old Bird and made a very Merry Christmas for the BMC Treasurer! Thank you! Barb Smith wants to thank the secret Santa who left a stocking full of goodies for her on Christmas Morning. She was overjoyed with the lovely surprise and it lifted her spirits on Christmas Day "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!".

For sure the best part of Christmas is when so many family members return to our village, be they collegians home on their Christmas break, or those from farther afield. Some whom the Eagle noticed were, Bruce and Mary Dickie and two children came from Alberta to parents Victor and Betty's; Dan and Duncan Retson and Andrea came from Ontario to Marion and Gene Retson's; Chris and Adinda (Feener) Kunder and daughters Brianna, Cheyenne, and Ariana came from London, Ontario to Jim and Marlene's; the inimitable Rob Carter was home from Calgary at Lyle and Susan's; the irrepressible Sill Brothers- Bob and Zach came to Tammy and Grant's; Ryan Sutherland, newly engaged to Terra-Lynn (and their daughter) were at Richard and Ellen Sutherland's; siblings Jim Willie and Maggie Parks, home from Montreal and Campbell River respectively, at their mother Judy McKay's; Chris and Justin Ingram were both home from Alberta at parents Lewis and Lana's home in Upper Brookfield. Kelly and Robert Putnam hosted an international gathering of various cousins, nieces, and nephews of hers at their Carter Road home- this included Stephanie and Florent Lerat from France, Jonathan and Hilary Matheson from California, Nick and Mona Doyle from Vancouver, and Alex Matheson from Newfoundland. Also on the premises was Matt MacLellan, son of former MP and Nova Scotia Premier Russell MacLellan, who was making doe eyes at their daughter Alycia! Sandra Kennedy has moved from Newfoundland and will split her time between Brookfield and Dartmouth, staying some with Hazel on Carter Road, and with her daughter in Dartmouth. Peter and Katie Kennedy were home from Minnesota at Larry and Lynne Kennedy's, and Michelle MacDonald and her fiancé John MacLean came from the Toronto area to Mike and Susan's. Brad and Marg (Locke) and daughter Emily Little came from Fredericton to visit with Marg's dad Don. Emily became engaged to Joel Goodwin from Moncton, with a wedding planned for September. Great to see Slavjan, Hana, and Alexandra Conevski visiting with Marian MacDonald and others over the holiday season- the girls are a wonderful walking and breathing tribute to their late mother Rajka. Hana is a recipient of a Harrison McCain scholarship; she is studying at Acadia. Home to Herb and Betty's from Maine were Gregg and Heather (MacFarlane) Loewen. Pam and Victoria Lanthier came from their Seattle-area posting to visit Pam's mum, Helene Henderson. Shane and Laura (McCallum) Grinton brought daughter Ella and their twin boys from PEI for Christmas at Herb and Pat's; Andrew and Annette Hefferman were home to visit Papa Dave. Jay and Sherry (Roop) Ovsenny and daughters Charlotte and Emily came from Toronto to spend time with Randy and Betty Roop.

It was in a very recent issue we told you about Reverend Frank Locke's engagement- well the giddy youngsters could not wait- Frank and Hazel Sharpe exchanged marriage vows in December! Frank authored the play- "How the Church Began" to kick off the Brookfield Baptist Church's 150th Anniversary of its founding- the play, directed by Ruth Colburne, played to a large audience in early January. Leading roles were perfomed by Kathy Best, Frank Locke, Leon Colburne, Sherryl and Monty Patton, Ken and Sue MacKenzie, Lyle Carter (who knew he was a thespian!?!) Glenna Murphy, Gail Wright, Audrey MacDonald, Andrew Sears, Pastor Eric MacKinnon, Sarah Sears, Ben Kendrick, Wayne Paquet, Stena Cook, Jim Locke, and the MacKinnon and Rushton girls. A great job by all! Watch for news of more Anniversary events in the Calendar of Events section of the community website, and in the Eagle. Freda Sutherland celebrated her 90th Birthday (and doesn't look a day over 70!) amongst many friends and family at the Senior Citizens room at the Sportsplex. Can it be that one of the Eagle's crack reporters, Nancy VanTassell, is now eligible to draw the old age pension!?? If "Vicki" is now officially middle aged (given length of life expectancy, of course!) does this mean we will see her slow down-- I doubt it! Nice to see families celebrate the birth of new babies- a baby boy came to Jake and Meggan Smyth, a grandson for Sharon Smyth; and in Hilden, Bobby Hutchinson and Jody Domminix had a baby girl- Jody was the coach of the SCA Junior Girls Volleyball Team this year. News comes from Ottawa of the birth of a daughter to Mac and Nadine Campbell, a granddaughter for Paul and Joan Campbell; also a granddaughter for George and Trish Toole- proud parents are Josh and Becky Kolstee. The very pleasant Jean Nelson was seen scratching her head- it seems she has four grandsons all engaged to be married, and she's not sure she can keep up with all the wedding plans- in addition to the aforementioned Ryan Sutherland- his brother Cory and Pam MacKinnon have an August wedding planned, and their cousins Harding Nelson and Chad Sutherland also became engaged!

We regret to report the passing of Martha Miller in Truro, sister to Lelia Brenton, Helen Crockett, and Eldon Miller. Paulette Mattinson's brother, Ray Higgins died in Truro. Lil Boomer, lifetime resident of Brookfield, and mother of Terry Boomer, passed away at 92. Gretchen Dawe, mother to Joel and Krista Dawe-Hines, was remembered at her memorial service by a large number of friends just after Christmas. Roger Dickey's wife Sally died after a lengthy battle with cancer in New Ross, and in Brentwood, Sandra Brenton died. Ted Sponagle, husband of Shirley (Kennedy) died in Bible Hill. Joey Phillips, son of Frank and Mary of Shortts Lake, and brother to Corrina, Rocky, Billy-Jack, and Ern Phillips, passed away. On behalf of the community, we extend sympathy to all who lost loved ones.

We haven't had much ice around, but enough to cause a nasty fall for Kaye Retson, which resulted in a damaged knee that required extensive surgery. Mary Fisher had a stay in hospital after, in her words "a slight heart attack"- she subsequently checked herself out of the hospital!! Sandra Gibson broke her ankle. Robert Putnam has been slowed by a persistent blood clot in his thigh- hopefully it will take the hint and disperse.

Nate McCallum's work took him to Dallas at Christmas time, but he was delighted to see his beloved Philadelphia Eagles put a severe dent in the hated Dallas Cowboys playoff hopes in NFL action, right in Cowboys Stadium. Joan and Will Wallace and Bill VanTassell went to Florida and spent time with Bill's aunts Helen Belanger and Susan VanTassell. Doreen and Gordie Frank traveled to Ontario, while "Chip" and Maxine Monk went to Florida, as did Larry and Suzanne Harrison and Gerry and Sandra Bretton. Amanda Clark went around the world to Australia. Marian MacDonald visited with her family in Ontario. Krista Williams and Jim Pearson went to Cuba. Leah Densmore returned Sherry Ovsenny's daughter to Toronto, and visited school pal, Julia Roy.

We were not informed in time for the December issue that the South Colchester Academy Junior Boys Volleyball Team won the Regional Championship in early December in Truro. They blitzed through previously undefeated Truro Junior High in the Semi-finals, and then Ecole Acadienne to win the banner. The team was coached by Luanne Schenkles and Rene Despres. Players included Josh Cameron, Alexander Rhoddy, Jordan MacKenzie, Jonathan Kaye, Jacob McNutt, Brandon Ross, Marty Wilson, Luke Teasdale, Dale Sheppard, Ryan Duykers, Jared Schenkles, Garret and Morgan Johnson. Well done lads! Athletes of the month at SCA in December were all hoopsters- Juniors Kristyn Miller and Bradley MacKinnon; Seniors Emily Reade and Ryan Smith. The Senior Boys Wolves Basketball team is hosting a tournament at SCA Jan. 20- Jan. 21. Action starts at 1 PM Friday, with the final slated for 5 PM Saturday. The HAF Skate and Tattoo hockey team featuring almost exclusively Brookfielders, is making a strong defense of their last year's championship in the West Colchester District Hockey League- they frequently play games at the Sportsplex on Friday night at 9:30- it is an exciting brand of hockey; drop in and give them a cheer! One of the stars of that team is Ryan Ellis- in our November issue we tweaked readers to the fact that Ryan was making a late charge for the driving championship at the Truro Raceway. We can now report that Ryan was successful- going right down to the wire and winning two of the final four races of the year, including the last one, to win the driving championship by one over his stablemate Darren Crowe. He totaled 46 victories in the sulky in 2011! Obviously both husband and wife (Danica Ellis, owner of HorsePlay Stables) know their way around equines! We must give a huge shout-out to Producer Leah Bowers for coordinating the Annual Food for the Spirit Concert. Technical support was provided by Bruce Isenor, Charles Bowers, and others. The event again was an amazing show of talent, and more to the point, saw donations of cash exceeding over $400 and over 350 lbs of food for the Colchester Food Bank. The community should be very proud of the donations and marvelous talent assembled.

Reminder of the monthly Senior Citizens dinner to be held on Tuesday, January 17 at 12 noon at the Sportsplex- the guest speaker will be a representative from the Colchester Balefill site, who will answer questions on what to put in various garbage bags, to make sure no one runs afoul of the recycling/compost/garbage police. Also a reminder that there are Card Parties in the Senior's room every Wednesday night at 7:30 PM. A $2 admission will get you into exciting games of 45's. There is a 50/50, and other prizes. The "Prime Time" provincial curling bonspiel for those 70 and over will be held at the Brookfield Curling Club on January 19-20- drop in to see some sharp shooting. There is ice time available at the Sportsplex for any groups or individuals wishing to rent same. Some of the openings are: Saturday, 7, 8 AM, Sunday 8 AM, Monday, Thursday, Friday 4 PM, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, 11 PM Saturdays 9-12 PM. Contact Al Fielding at 673-2063 or to reserve your upcoming fun time on the ice.
 A reminder that a contest is underway to name the theme for the 2012 Coming Home to Brookfield celebrations- you may pick up your entry forms at MacQuarries where they can also be returned when you enter the contest. A cash prize will be awarded to the winning entry- hop to it, the Home Coming will be here before you know it!

See you at the BMC meeting on Monday, January 16; 7:30 PM!

Hope to see you at the BMC

The Eagle

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