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December issue 4
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December 2013
Vol. 25, Issue 4
November was a busy month for the Brookfield Men's Club - several clubmen played a pivotal role in the very fitting Remembrance Day service, organizing and/or leading most aspects of the event that was very well attended. The BMCers were hosted by the Brookfield Fire and Emergency Services for their November meeting - the firefighters put on a very informative program related to safety with regard to Christmas trees, and also for kitchen fires. They provided a spectacular lunch with chickenburgers, cake and a variety of beverages. Come along to the Christmas meeting on Monday, December 16 at 7:30 PM at the fire station. Attendees are asked to bring along a gift with a value of $10 or less, to be exchanged. We will also finalize plans for the annual Community Decorating Contest which the BMC sponsors; clubmen and volunteers will travel all the lanes in the Brookfield, Brentwood, Shortt's Lake, and Pleasant Valley areas on December 23rd - so have your lights on then! Many homes were already decked out in late November, adding to the village's beauty during the House Tour. Meteorology remains an inexact science - in the late spring we were warned this would be a season laden with hurricanes due to rising ocean temperatures. But only one or two smallish ones materialized all season, and one of those was at the end of November, bringing lots of rain, and near - hurricane force winds. This was followed by a 50 mm rainfall a week later, which flooded most everything - the snow lovers were wishing it was white!

The community spirit which Brookfield is known for far and wide was again on display. The Garden Club came up with the terrific idea of selling Christmas wreaths, along with a bracket and sign plate, and made it available at a very reasonable cost to businesses, families, etc. More than 30 of these now adorn utility poles in the village, and they add greatly to the street scapes. Unit 3 of the UCW organized the 18th annual Christmas Home Tours that had about 250 attendees! The community thanks those who opened their homes - Deborah Matheson, the Campbell's (former Viv Roop house) and the Brandt Street apartments, as well as the individual apartments of Zoe Barbour, Shirley Harrison, and Linda Freeman. Music was provided at the apartments by Shirley Graham, The Good Time Fiddlers, Megan and Bruce Isenor. The Train Station and Knox United Church were also decorated, and the Forest Glen Greenhouses presented an incredible display of 100,000 poinsettias, and a spectacular variety of Christmas trees and other decorations. Thanks also to a number of businesses and organizations that provided trees and many, many stockings filled with gifts for the Christmas Index program. The Colchester Cyclones Bantam girls hockey team (and their mothers!) were a big help, serving the food and beverages at the Church hall. Well done to all, it really makes one proud to be a Brookfielder!

The other piece of front page news was the elevation of Birch Hill native Zach Sill (parents Grant and Tammy) to the National Hockey League's Pittsburgh Penguins. At this writing Zach has played four games, and has had many of his friends and those who avidly follow his career scrambling to find what network was televising the games. Subsequently large gatherings would arrive at houses that received the telecasts! It was a real thrill to see Zach on the same ice surface with illustrious teammates like Sidney Crosby, Evgeny Malkin, and the rest of the Penguins and their opponents - he has worked tirelessly since he was a young lad to realize his dream, and we could not be more delighted for him. Zach was a standout athlete in various sports through his South Colchester Academy days, notably softball and soccer, and he becomes the first Brookfield Junior B Elk alumnus to crack the NHL.
With only a couple of weeks left in the year, Ryan Ellis appears to have wrapped up another driving championship at the Truro Raceway - Ryan really gets the best out of the standardbreds. Donna Matheson received a presentation from the UCW for going 42 years without missing one meeting - she jokingly explained that she would not miss a chance to get out of the house to get away from Gab for an evening! Congratulation to Rod McKenney and his wife, Wanda Brown, - the dashing doctors climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya. This is a very daunting task; the summit is in excess of 19,000 feet and is not for the faint of heart. Terry Canning won the 2013 Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group's (CITIG) National Award of Excellence. This award is given out annually to those who promote inter-operable communication among public safety service providers across the country. Terry's considerable work with national efforts such as broadband for public safety etc. was recognized. He received the award at CITIG's national conference in Vancouver - well done Terry! The Lafarge Brookfield plant was the recipient of the Mobius Award of Environmental Excellence in the large Business of the Year category. They were recognized for diverting waste from landfills, largely through the development of Max Chem, which uses a by-product of steel manufacturing, that saved using 2500 tonnes of coal for fuel, and preventing the emission of 18,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, a notorious "greenhouse effect" gas. They also diverted 8000 tons of used shingles from landfills by incinerating them in the kiln as an energy substitute.

The community was saddened with the passing of Katey (Fisher) Chisholm the daughter of the late David and Mary Bruce Fisher, and mother to Chloe and wife to Paul. Her passing came at the far too young age of 37 and saddened her legion of friends. Yet another reason why we must continue to support endeavours like the Terry Fox Run to help combat cancer. Victor Dickie's brother Ken passed away in Truro. Former resident Mick Boutilier passed away, as did Bill Legere, Sr. in Hilden - he had coached South Colchester Minor Hockey teams. There were a couple of deaths linked to the Brookfield Elks softball teams of yore - Madonna Lively passed away in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland - she was the wife of former gold medal Elk slugger, Dave (Bo Deadly) Lively. In Masstown, the father of former Elks pitcher (circa mid 70's) David Fisher passed away. Gladys Morash (husband Bill) of Shortt's Lake also passed away. We extend condolences to those who lost loved ones.

Once Zach Sill got the call to the NHL, several of his local pals loaded up cars and made the trip to Montreal for the Penguins - Canadiens game hoping Zach would be in the line up that night - alas it was not meant to be. Some of the travellers were happy to see the bleu-blanc-rouge defeat the Penguins - wearing wide smiles were Patrick Stewart, Jack Roop, James Rutherford. Other travellers who have not drunk the Habs Kool-Aid, were Troy Sutherland, Lee Nelson, Chris Armsworthy, Mark Kennedy, and Jamie Works. Billy VanTassell, Joan and William Hatton vacationed in Mexico. Unfortunately South Colchester Academy multi-sport star Trent Lynds (Clay,Shawn) broke his leg in a Midget hockey games, and Cruise Missiles goaltender Cory Lester of Shortt's Lake fractured both his tibia and fibula after a fall on the ice at the Colchester Legion Stadium parking lot after one of his games. Betty Dickie broke her foot - not playing hockey! We hope they are on their way to recovery not too far into 2014.

New babies are always a terrific addition, but seem even more so at Christmas time. A son was born to Chad and Kally (Best) Schrader in Annapolis Valley, the first grandchild for Keith and Kathy Best of Brentwood - a real thrill for all involved. A bit more seasoned at the grandmother thing is Betty Roop; but she was no less excited with the birth of Jeal Olmstead to Steve and Pam of Bedford. Jeal is named after her grandfather Randy's late sister, Jeal Roop. A baby girl, Gwen, will make for a sparkling Christmas at the home of Kevin and Heather Peterson. Grandparents Dave and Janice Peterson and George and Diane Creelman are over the moon! Brooklyn Rutherford,(mother Misty, grandfather Allison Rutherford), an outstanding athlete at SCA (softball and soccer) won a silver medal in her age (14-15) class in a Karate competition in Montreal. SCA announced their Athletes of the Month - in September the seniors were soccer players Alberto Serracin and Alicia MacMillan, while the Juniors were Luke MacMillan and Jesse Laverty, as well as Trent Lynds for Cross Country. October honourees were soccer players - senior male was Andrew Burgess, female Haley Duykers, Junior male Colton Cleveland and Junior female Morgan Walsh. The SCA senior boys volleyball team under coach Rene Despres hosted the tier three provincial championships in early December - they finished with a 2-2 record in 5th place. The young team had only one senior (Dillon Ellis); others playing were Jared Schenkels, Ryan Duykers, Jacob McNutt, Jacob Bowers, Luke Teasdale, Alexander Rhoddy, Morgan Johnson, and Jonathan Kaye. The girls team travelled to Pointe de l' Eglise for their provincials; where good fortune was not on their side. Coaches Chantry Stone and Sharon Field's team included seniors Hillie van der Schaar, Paige Hernden, Adriana Volans, Adree Lynds, and Brittany Stevens, and underclassmen Aylssa Densmore, Rachel Sears, Alexis Rains, Erica Robertson, Shanea Fields, Abby Delvin, Rebecca Rankine, and Morgan Toole.

Nice to see Frank Locke and his wife Hazel back residing in the village. Peter and Katie Kennedy were home from Minnesota to visit parents Larry and Lynne and Peter's siblings Mark and Jill. Andrew and Laura Heffernan were home from USA to visit his parents Dave and Jane; Sherry Ovsenny came to Betty Roop's from Toronto. Speaking of Mark Kennedy, we congratulate him (and others) for stepping up to the plate and filling vital roles in the community. At the Annual General Meeting of the Don Henderson Memorial Sportsplex, Mark was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for 2013-14. Jack Roop accepted the role of Treasurer and Kendra Areseneau is also an Executive member- at- large. Kathy Weatherbee is the president of the South Colchester Minor Hockey Association - others heavily involved in SCMHA are Kelly Spencer, Angela Reid, Amanda Cornelius, Jeff Sullivan, and Jennifer Fisher. Diane Fraser of Middle Stewiacke is the President of the Brookfield Curling Club. Just like at the Men's Club, there is a resurgence of young people volunteering their time to improve their/our community; it is great to see!

The Eagle is very grateful to Don Rutherford of Riverview, NB for passing along financial support to the Ole Bird; also contributing to the nest were Freda Cochrane, now living in Advocate, Cumberland County, and the sprightly Scot, Mary Fisher! Your kindness is much appreciated! The Ponds Nursing Home had an amazing Christmas Open House; there was a large crowd with Santa Claus, and many former Brookfielders in attendance, including Kenny (Rock) Messervey, "Big" Dan MacDonald, Aaron and Adam MacDonald. There was lots of food and music by Katherin Roper, whose mother was a Brentwood Brenton. Ponds' resident Grace Campbell marked her 97th birthday!

All Around the Circle Seniors Group will have their Christmas dinner on Tuesday, December 10 at 12 noon at the Sportsplex. You must reserve your seats/meal ahead of time the cost is only $8, and there will be a gift exchange so please bring along an appropriate item. The following evening, Wednesday December 11, at 7 PM the All Around the Circle group will host their final card party of 2013 featuring cribbage or 45's - come along, admission is only $2 and there will be a 50/50 draw as well. Some will be conflicted on the 11th as the Brookfield Elementary school will present their Christmas Concert - there are afternoon and evening performances, which typically play to packed houses - get there early! The South Colchester Academy Christmas Cabaret Concert goes Thursday December 12 at 7 PM at the SCA auditorium. Tea, coffee, and desserts will be served. Admission is $3 for students and Seniors, $5 for adults. This is a major fundraiser for the SCA Music Department. On Sunday December 22, the Food for the Spirit Concert will be held at Knox United Church. Come along and bring a freewill donation of food or money for the Colchester Food Bank; guaranteed you will be highly entertained, judging from past concerts.

Why not come and join us at the BMC on Monday December 17 at 7:30 PM - it's always fun, but even more so at our Christmas Party. From the BMC, the Eagle wishes all its readers, near and far, a very Merry Christmas, wonderful holiday season and a happy 2014! Still looking for a typist to help insure the Eagle gets published - call 673-2769 if interested!

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