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Vol. 24  Issue 6


February, 2013
Vol. 24, Issue 6

   The Brookfield Men's Club will celebrate their 76th anniversary with a special dinner meeting on Monday February 18 - please note the change in time and place - that being 6:30 PM in the Baptist Church Hall. There the men and their guests, which include any and all of their off - spring, as well as any other citizens wishing to attend, will partake in a wonderful turkey dinner prepared by the Baptists ladies. After the meal, we are looking forward to a very interesting talk from Densmore Lane resident Tim Smith - the highland Scot we are now happy to count amongst our midst. Tim has had a fascinating career and travelled the globe providing health care in the merchant navies of Norway and the world's leading health care, medical assistant and security service company, International SOS. We very much look forward to hearing of his travels and travails! If you wish to attend the dinner please call Bob 673-2022 or Terry at 673-2106 by February 14 latest to reserve your spot - we must provide the caterers with the number of meals to prepare. The cost of the meal is $15.
    Congratulations are extended to the Brookfield Bantam AA Elks who won the Pownal (PEI) hockey tournament beating Summerside 2-0 in the final. Ed McMillan of Shortt's Lake is the Assistant Coach, and he relies on, among others, Austin McBurnie, Patrick Jackson, Reid Lanceleve, Luke McMillan, and Connor Burris. On the female side the Colchester Harmony Grove Cyclones Bantam hockey team won the Dairy Queen tournament in Amherst, and also the Credit Union Female Challenge in Antigonish. SCMHA President Dale Miller is head coach, Charles Bowers is the Assistant Coach and his daughter Chloe (Leah) is a strong leftwinger on the team; and Robert and Dorene Matheson's granddaughter Hannah Lynds (Jeff, Shawn) is a star centre. The Peewee Cyclones, featuring Grace Fahey and Hayley Elliott, lost a lengthy shootout in the same tournament to claim the silver medal. Many were thrilled to see a strong performance by Zach Sill in the American Hockey League Winter Classic from Hershey, Pennsylvania, that was broadcast on national television by Sportsnet. His Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins were led by Sill, who set up the tying goal late in the third period, and went on to win the outdoor game in overtime. Zach continues to play big-time, clutch minutes for the Baby Penguins, and the webcasts for his games are gathering a big following. Athletes of the Month at South Colchester Academy were as follows: in November volleyballers Shanea Hill and Britany Stevens were the Junior and Senior girls respectively, while Morgan Johnston and Gregor Dawe were the Junior and Senior Males. In January basketballers claiming the awards were Shanea Hill and Nicole Collier (Senior Girls); the Junior boy was Jordan McKenzie and the Senior boy was Nathan Sylliboy. Outstanding volunteer coach Kyle Cormier took his SCA Senior Boys Wolves basketball team to the nationally-famous Coal Bowl in New Waterford. This week-long event features some of the best provincial and national teams- the Wolves went without a win, but acquitted themselves well. At the Brookfield Curling Club, Hugh Matheson organized the Nova Scotia Prime Time Championship for curlers over 70, on behalf of the sponsor, the Brookfield Athletic Association. 16 teams from all around the province came and spent 2 days at the Sportsplex; the competition was very keen and the eventual championship team hailed from the Windsor Curling Club defeating Phil Henderson's Dartmouth team in the final. The B division champs were Ken Retson, Earle McCurdy, Terry Henderson and Elmer Archibald of the host club. There was great curling, camaraderie, and food throughout the 2 day event. We want to very much thank Carol (Dennis) Haverstock of Port Hawkesbury, who made a most generous donation to the Eagle - she certainly appreciates receiving the monthly news and keeping up to date as to what is going on in her former home town. She passes along the news that her daughter Gina Haverstock and husband Shawn Myles are the proud parents of a daughter (Audrey) born in Kentville. Two year old Nathan Haverstock is happy to have a little sister; and needless to say proud grandmother Carol is delighted as well. Gina is the winemaker at Gaspereau Vineyards and has won many awards. The Brookfield Athletic Association recently held their annual general meeting: elected as table officers were Mike Henderson, President; Lewis Ingram, Vice President, Julie Walters, Secretary and Robert Putnam, Treasurer. Kim Dawe stepped down after 10 years as BAA Secretary and received hearty thanks for her contributions.
Former SCA grads are named to the Dean's List at Dalhousie's Faculty of Agriculture (formerly NSAC) for 2012 - Genevieve Clark (Richard, Monique), Braden Cruz (Ray, Pascale) of Stewiacke, and Rebecca O'Connell (Randy, Shelley) of Otterbrook.
    Sorry to report on the passing of Bill MacDonald in Truro - he was the father of Brookfield Elementary School Primary teacher Judi MacKenzie of Pleasant Valley. Daniel McPhee, formerly of Parrsboro, passed away at Elk Court. Long time nursing legend at the Colchester Hospital "Lummy" Smith of Stewaicke passed away at 94 - seems like everyone knew "Lummy"- she was grandmother to Shannex care-giver Susie Smith.
   Amanda Clarke traveled to Calgary to visit former SCHS chum Brandi Sutherland (Pete,Vicki) of Lanesville. Austin and Debbie Ross visited her daughter Amanda (and husband Tony) in Maine. Taylor Clarke and Sarah Sears were part of the team that represented Nova Scotia at the Canadian Junior Curling Championship in Fort McMurray, Albert. The girls did well, finishing with a 3 - 7 record. In a special competition for players on teams that did not make the playoffs, Sarah Sears paired with the Yukon skip to win the "Mixed Doubles" championship! Along for the trip to the less-frigid-than-here north were David and Carla Clarke, and Joyce Sears. After an incredibly cold and lengthy snap in the last week of January and first week of February, which saw temperatures regularly in the minus teens, (and venturing into the -20's) with wind chills around -29, we suspect several flights were booked to warmer climes! Cory and Pam Sutherland's trip to the Caribbean was interrupted by an emergency stopover in Bermuda caused by unruly passengers - costing them a day of their vacation. Aubrey and Janet Armstrong escaped to Jamaica; Brian Stewart and Sherry Cole sunned in Cuba. Andrew and Becky Roop and kids visited Walt Disney World. Ryan and Terra Sutherland have returned from Alberta.
   The following message was forwarded to the Eagle from former Brookfielder Lane Myers (son of "Doc" Myers), now living in Greenwood N.S. I was a resident of Brookfield from 1944-1951 and have many fond memories of just how good it was to grow up in such a wonderful community.I regularly, even after so many years, visit your website to read the Eagle and see how many names I can still recognize and to catch up on news from Brookfield.The October edition of the Eagle made mention of "Memories, Musings and Milestones" by Marian Parker. As luck would have it I was scheduled to go to Truro the following week and decided to stop at MacQuarries and pick up a copy.This book is an absolutely wonderful journey back through time, to a kinder and more genuine era. It brought back so many wonderful memories of a childhood I will always cherish. However, I must warn the reader that you will at times be saddened, by the realization that no other generation of children will ever experience the quality of life, and sense of community that existed during the period covered by the author. I suggest that this is a must read for anyone who has ever lived in Brookfield. -Lane Myers
   We'll apologize on the outset if the following is a bit intemperate, but sometimes experience shows the bell has to be rung. It was approximately 30 years ago, (if the Eagle had a better filing system, one could look up the exact month) when the Old Bird railed at the Department of Transportation to do something about the death trap which was then the unpaved Upper Brookfield Road. That winter had rendered it treacherous on many occasions, and the Eagle minced no words in pointing out that it was too often effectively impassable to emergency vehicles. We're not sure if there was cause and effect, but not many months later, that road was paved, much to the relief to anyone who had to travel it, especially in the winter. It may be time again to address a couple of situations. Even prior to the Remembrance Day 2011 flood that devastated what was left of the riverbank just to the north of the South Colchester Academy soccer field, both the Brookfield Community Assembly and the SCA Advisory Council had been petitioning the School Board, Colchester County, the Nova Scotia Government (Department of Education), and the federal Department of Environment to repair the riverbank. Though some lip service was paid then, and in the intervening 15 months, nothing has been done and the bank has further disintegrated, which will add to the cost of eventual repairs. Officials or staff at the CCRSB, the Municipality of Colchester, the federal Department of Environment, and the Provincial government have agreed that repairs need to be done before the athletic field is permanently destroyed, to say nothing of damages caused to many home owners on the south side of 289, whose properties have been immersed. The Little River now finds it much easier to flow straight over the field (and across the road) than to take its normal channel since the bank was destroyed. The cost estimates to replace the bank are not huge by any means, but the various bodies seem to be most adept at pointing to other groups to effect the repairs!?! It seems the old adage "a stitch in time, saves nine" is very apropos here - come on folks, please get the repairs done while the ground is still frozen! Another example of deferred maintenance ending up costing more money in the long run is exhibited in the School Board's declining to paint the exterior of SCA, now 10 years old, and whose original paint job is showing advanced signs of disrepair. SCA's administration and the Advisory Council have begun discussions on trying to raise the money themselves to buy the paint to cover half the school, with the hope/expectation that the CCRSB would at least provide the labour to paint the school this summer(!?!) Watch for news of potential fundraisers that the community and the school population can take part in.
  There will be a benefit dance for Blair Fleming on Saturday, February 16, 9 PM-12 at the Upper Stewiacke Fire Hall;admission is a donation at the door. For more information contact Ruth Matheson (673-2836), Dennis Grant (673-2590), or Danny Chaplin (673-2772).
  The Brookfield Elks have moved into first place of the Fred Fox (West) division of the Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League. At this writing four points are all that separate first place and fifth place in the pressure packed standings. The Elks have three games left in the regular season -back-to-back-to-back, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. At this point it is impossible to tell who their playoff partner will be, but we encourage all to cheer on the Elks at their home games at the Sportsplex. Check the website at for scheduling information.
     On Tuesday, February 12 a Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper will be held at Knox Church from 4:30 to 6:00 PM - all are welcome, $7 for adults, children (12 and under) $3; call 673-3363 or 673-3448 to arrange take out.
     On Sunday, February 24 at 7 PM, Dennis Grant and the Riverview Sound Quartet will be in concert with guest entertainer soloist Martha Healy and special guest Chalmers Doane. Admission is $10 at the door, refreshments will be served, proceeds for Knox Church and the quartet - if you have not heard them you will not want to miss this.
  The Great Community Curling Classic will take to the ice on March 22-23-24, featuring 32 teams of curlers of all levels - whether you are a neophyte or have curled for years, this is the event for you! You can call Lisa at 673-2106 to register as a team, or as an individual, and maybe you can put your name on a banner!
  A reminder of the All Around the Circle Seniors monthly luncheon on Tuesday Feb. 19th at the Sportsplex, at 12 noon. The card parties that take place there at the Senior's Lounge on Wednesday evenings 7:30.
  Maritime Hearing and Speech are at Elk Court the last Tuesday of each month from 9 to 4:30. They are providing free hearing tests and hearing aid cleaning to the community. To set up an appointment on their next visit to Elk Court please call 897-4243.
   The Brookfield Athletic Association has resumed the popular weekend NHL pool - show your game-picking skills for only $2, enjoy the competition, and help support the BAA. Tickets are available at Roop's Esso, or at gvantassell@
  Brookfield Baptist Church invites married couples of all ages (and couples contemplating marriage) to join us for Focus on the Family's "Date Night Challenge" on February 23, 2013. The evening begins at 6:30 PM with dessert and beverage followed by a special DVD presentation including: real-life stories and encouragement from Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley, music by 14-time Dove Award nominee Mark Schultz, big laughs from comedian Michael Jr. and fun, helpful marriage tips from pastor Ted Cunningham. Join us for this special evening out to strengthen your relationship. There is no charge to attend this event but we ask you to pre-register by Wednesday, February 20th so that we can be adequately prepared. Register by phone at 673-2897 or 673-2212 (if no answer, please leave message) or by

Community Spirit Birthday Calendars may be picked up at Knox Church Thursday, Feb. 14 from 6pm to 8pm and Saturday, Feb. 16 from 10am to 3pm. Price $10.

     Remember the anniversary dinner on February 18, 6:30 at the Baptist Church - remember to call Bob or Terry by February 14 to reserve your seat at the table. Hope to see you then!

Correcting errors in last issue - Erica Nielsen's graduated as an optometrist; Skateboard film is at

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