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September 2014
Vol 26, Issue 10

   Back-to-school time heralds many things; not the least of which is the resumption of meetings for the Brookfield Mens Club (BMC), and the flight of their newsletter, the Eagle. Originally founded in 1937, the BMC continues to play a crucial role in community life. President Austin Ross has overseen a re-vitalization of the membership, which has seen at least a half-dozen new, youthful additions to the group. There is room for many more -drop into the Fire Station on Monday, Sept. 15, 7:30 PM for some fellowship, fun, and good food! At the closing meeting in May, Bob Lawrence was chosen as the winner of the Al Campbell Memorial Award, essentially the BMC's MVP for 2013-14. The BMC was active over the summer, operating BBQs under chairman, Don Harvey’s leadership, at the Fish-a-Rama, Canada Day, and after the HomeComing Parade, as well as work on other projects (cemetery care, HomeComing T shirts, etc).  The BMC would like to remind /request its readers that any who can receive the Eagle by email (or picking up a copy at the many outlets in the village, or viewing on the community website), as opposed to having it posted-the savings to the BMC are even more appreciated in the wake of the most recent postal hikes. Please send your email address to BMCEagle@eastlink.ca and we will be happy to email the Eagle to you-, so you can receive it the EAGLE the same day it is published!
    South Colchester Academy celebrated its 11th (already!?!) graduating class in June. Major award winners were: the Queen Elizabeth II Medal for superior academic achievement in Grades 10-12, and outstanding school and community involvement went to Alberto Serracin-Pitti (parents Lori and Juan); and the Governor General's Medal, for the highest average in all Grade 11-12 classes went to Madison Clarke (Carla, David). Other multiple award winners were Andrew Burgess, Nicole Collier, Jonathan Easton, Michaela Farrow, Ashley Fudge, Kylee Graham, Mitchell Johnston, Matt Joudry, Nicole Miller, Cody Richardson, Gillian Robinson, Jaime Thoms, Adrianna Volans, and Rebecca Drenth, who won the BMC Citizenship Award. Athletes of the Year were supported by the Brookfield Athletic Assocation - Senior - Andrew Burgess and Madison Clarke; Junior -Luke MacMillan/Tyler Howe and Faith Langille. The Track and Field team, led by coaches Ted Fitzgerald, Leah Roop, Kevin Aucoin and Shelley Roberts had a remarkable showing in the spring-the team won the NS Division 3 Championship, and placed 4th overall in Intermediate Boys, ahead of much larger schools such as Horton! Medalling at the provincial meet in Sydney were Karlee Burgess, Liam Giffen, Trent Lynds (x 3!) Andrew Burgess, and the Junior Boys 4 x 400 relay squad. Special Athletes Glenda Patterson and Angus Paul both were triple medalists in the 100 metres, Long Jump, and Shot Put. Special Memorial  Awards , and their recipients were:  Susan Glinz - Dillon Ellis;   Ricky Wood - Travis Mercer ;  Mandi Balagot - Chelsea Davis.  At Elk Park, the SCA Wolves dynasty in Girls softball continued-Kelly Spencer's squad won their 6th consecutive Provincial championship- for his stellar work there (and with minor hockey, youth ball, and as SCA's dynamic Athletic Director), Spencer was presented with the 2013-14 Randy Roop Memorial Award by the Brookfield Athletic Association [BAA]. The Wolves Boys Fastpitch team went to the provincial finals, before losing to Hants East.
    We appreciate the work of many, including the Brookfield Community Assembly (BCA), the BMC, and School Advisory Committee (SCAAC), in pursuing infrastructure projects that have come to fruition, some after many years work!  The re-paving of Whidden, Shortt Lakes West Roads, and parts of the Brentwood Road is salve to many; and the completion of the final phase of the 289 sidewalk to the Upper Brookfield Road is much anticipated. One hopes the engineers have listened and allowed for large enough pipe to handle the surface water runoff near the soccer field!?!  We are still waiting for the School Board to repair the bank of the Creamery Brook just north of the field, and reclaim the 20 % of the athletic grounds littered with flotsam and jetsam. Memories flooded with the necessary demolition of the former Moore's Canteen (the late Bert, Mildred), which had fallen into dis-repair over the past decade; also meeting the metaphoric wrecking ball were former Shirley (Hamilton)Harrison/Lorraine and Alan Carter house opposite the post office, where many manes were tamed, to make way for expansion of Roops’ Esso. Slated to follow soon is the John and Ruth Stevenson house opposite Moore’s Canteen on Hwy #2, to allow the morning sunbeams awaken Dave and Susan! The downtown skyline will look differently!
    Many Brookfielders had to take wing to attend weddings- several went to Newfoundland for the beautiful ceremony uniting Nathan Allinson (Carrie, Darrell) with Jackie Foley -they live in Vancouver, where Nathan is a helicopter mechanic and Jackie is a physician. In Alberta, Chad Works (Glenda, Rollie) wed Jerica Johannesson. Elaine and Gerald Ross are again happy grandparents, as Chelsea and Shawn French had a baby girl.  Krista McMullin and Terry Canning are basking in the glow of their first grand-baby, a daughter whom they rushed to visit in BC, born to Phil and Janelle Canning-Lue. Malorie Nielsen (grandparents Debbie, Harold) and Matt Brown were blessed with a son. Jason and Erin (Crowell) both very familiar faces around the Sportsplex and ball field had a baby girl, Addison. SCA will be missing one of its great teachers this year – but for good reason – the charming Catherine Campbell and her hubby, the terrific musician Nick Fisher (Kelvin,Patricia), have a new addition for their family – Nora! Congratulations to all!!A major thank you to all who helped with/attended the events of the 19th Coming Home to Brookfield, making it a great 9 days! The injection of new committee members lightened the load, and gives an optimistic outlook for the future of Homecoming. Likewise, the BAA is most appreciative of all who worked to make the Whing Ding another big success! The volunteers at the Train Station and Canada Day committee once again made July 1st a day for us to be proud.
    The Gales blew into town, along with tropical storm Arthur-we think their impact will be far more significant!! Reverend Keith Gale is the new man in the pulpit (or on the stage) -at Knox United, and he is full of energy and great musicmanship, which he loves to share with his congregation, and the community at large (witness HomeComing !). His wife, Tabatha, and children Annika, Jamie, and Tim have settled into the manse, and seem delighted to be in Brookfield--give them a warm welcome!! Terry and Mary are delighted that daughters Laura Henderson and Julie (with hubby Jack, kids Noah, Molly, and Kate) have re-located to NS (HRM). It was a busy summer around Club-Man Herb MacFarlane’s home-he and Betty welcome daughters Sheryl Matzner and kids from BC, Heather (and Greg and kids) Loewen from Maine, and Krista and Blair Tucker (and kids) from Newfoundland ! Andre Garneau and Kristen Stewart brought daughter Sadie from Quebec to visit Grammy Patty; Mac and Nadine Campbell were at Paul and Joan's, and the VanTassell sisters (Helen and Susan) checked in. Joanna (Canning) Stefani was here, as were Craig and Kim (Whidden) Kennedy (Nfld) and kids; likewise Jay and Sherry (Roop) Ovsenny from Toronto. Greg, Bert, and Angela McDonald and families were home to see Marian and spend time at the lake; the Henderson's welcomed the Bopper's nephew Don (and Ginger) Mason from Grand Island, NY, and niece Lesley and Matt Vaitekunas from South Florida. Elaine (Ross) Healey came from the shores of Georgian Bay, and Betty ( MacPhee) McGowan from Silicon Valley to visit friends and family. Gene and Marion Retson had sons, Duncan (Ottawa), and Dan and family (Marita and baby Clara) from Toronto. Leroy (Butch) and Joan Stevenson came from Aurora, Ontario to bid farewell to the homestead. Wayne and Ardith (Ross) Teas came from Mississauga. Sisters Marilyn Fallon, Karen (and Fred) Davis and Charlene Fraser all were home in September. Jill Dean dropped in from Whitehorse, Herk Sutherland from Alberta, and B J Sutherland from Indiana. Lyle and Susan Carter were ecstatic to have sons Rob, and James and Laura and kids home from Alberta. Also from the west came Chad Works, Adam Deyarmond, Wendy (Campbell) Grant. Dave Heffernan welcomed home daughter Annette, and son Andrew and wife Laura from New York. Cheryl Wynn and son Joey and family were home from Ontario for the Wynn family reunion. Jean Mercier's son, Jason, his wife Nao and family visited on Elm Street. The BRHS Class of '64 marked their 50th anniversary with a party-among those attending were Gene Retson, Cheryl Woodworth, Nancy (Campbell) VanTassell, Willa (Miller) Rogers, Kaye (Fisher) Retson, Joan (Burrows) Fisher, Janice (Watson) Crowe, Hellen (VanTassell) Belanger, Faye Miller, Keith Fisher, Helen (Kent) O’Neill, and Herk Sutherland.
    Zach Sill was home for the summer-happily he has re-signed with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He and brother, Bobby made a terrific donation, providing thirty sets of hockey gear to the SCMinor Hockey Association! The Colchester Royals fastpitch team playing out of Elk Park, won the Eastern Canadian Under 14 Championship in Fredericton-coachs Andrew Sears, Steve Patton, and Lou Lanceleve relied on Hayden Yorke, Rowan Sears, Carson Lanceleve, and Cam Patton among others. Mike Wood and Jeremy Locke took the Under 18 Elks team to Gander, where they made a good showing at the Nationals-among their stars were several Wolves, including Alex Rhoddy, Dylan McCoul, Jacob Bowers, Brad MacKinnon, Garrett Henley, and Coby Crowell, who batted .433, and was named to All-Canadian team! Ernie McNea coached the Elks U-12 team to a 3rd place finish at the provincials. Thanks to all who support the minor ball program!    Former Senior Elks catcher Jason Sanford had a hit and scored a run in the final game for the winning Ontario team at the ISC World Fastpitch tournament-he was named to the All-Star team.  The Brookfield Elks, under new Club President Josh Boulton of Melville Dr., and Head Coach Patrick Stewart will begin their N. S. Junior B League season on October 7. Home games are most Tuesday nights (7:30) at the Sportsplex-let's get behind the team!

    Paul Rodd placed first at the Indoor shooting championships, with a score of 299 out of 300 in the sporting rifle division, and was 2nd in the C-7 match division. Shirley Collins retired after 47 years at Stanfields, where she was much respected, and Monty Patton has corrected his last assignment after 30 years of teaching. Sharon Swan (Cherry Lane) retired from Tandus (formerly Crossley). Dr. Karla Armsworthy (Jane, Dave), received her M.D. from Memorial University!! She is doing her residency in Moncton; and frequently is back in her home town. Emily Hiltz (Bev, Rick) graduated with an Honours degree in Journalism from King's-she is reporting for the Antigonish Casket. Emma Horner (Sharon, Dan) of Shortts Lake, received her Masters in Business Administration degree from Dal; she is the grand-daughter of former Intermediate Elk twirler Fred Mitchell! We have been amazed many times over by Crystal Lake Drive’s James Hill’s mastery of the ukulele (and several other instruments) in his time in our village. His newly-released CD, “The Old Silo” demonstrates his incredible depth as a songwriter, lyricist and vocalist!!! Order it now at www.jameshillmusic.com.

    Alex Jewers (Donna, late Doug) won his first professional golf tournament, besting NS Hall of Famer Kevin Dugas in a playoff in the APGA event at Abercrombie! Local champs at the BGC include Mike Henderson - Mens, Chris Bernard - Ladies, Robert Putnam and Annie Woodworth - Seniors, Noah McCallum – Junior, Patrick Stewart – Match Play. Ryan Sutherland and Patrick Stewart won the Partners event. All seven titlists have worn the Elk/Elkette uniform! Dan Dean and Mike Henderson both aced # 15 a week apart, and Kate Coulter joined the Hole-in-One group soon thereafter. Cory Sutherland and Mike Penny both were undefeated in 3 matches in a valiant effort (10-14) by BGC to regain the Shaw Cup. Peter Betts received his pilot wings from the Gliding School.
    We mourn the passing of many over  the summer- Rose Carter, a few months after her 100th birthday, and her sister, Delia Johnson...Kevin Burris, brother to Bud and Brenda...Kelly Putnam's Dad, John Matheson...Herb McCallum's sister, Betty Merritt...Roger Cox' brother , Eric...Former resident, Nordean Lynch, mother to Lauren and Linda Sandmo…Ronald Little, Margie (Locke) Little’s father-in-law…Paul Fowler and Misty Cooke’s father David Fowler…Ruth Burgess, originally from Brentwood, and aunt to Evelyn Negus, Harold, Anna, and David Brenton...Sheila Hobson, sister to Sharon Burris...Krista Williams' Dad, Charles Conrad...Frank Rogers' sister, Ethel Dean...Elsie Decker...Miles Pellrine... Phyllis (Wright) Ward.  Marian (Lindsay) Parker, sister to Bob, Art, and Warren Lindsay, and mother to eight, including Jim, Evan, and Allan Stuart, passed away in Truro. Her book “Memories, Musings, and Milestones- Growing Up om Brookfield”, published in 2012 is a must-read. Korey Bates was lost to a motor vehicle collision. Don Worsley, a fabulous softball, football, and hockey player, and father to Mike, John, Donnie and Pat died in Truro. Dr. Ron Chalmers, treated many Brookfielders over a lengthy career at the Hilden Medical Clinic passed away. Dot Nielsen, matriarch of the award winning Foundation Farms Family of Shortts Lake succumbed at age 90. Malcolm MacQuarrie passed away in Truro -- a true gentleman, volunteer, pharmacist, business mentor, and family-man; his opening of the Pharmasave in Brookfield has meant so much to our community. Sympathies go to all who grieve the death of their loved ones.
    Myrna Clarke went to the Yukon to see grand-daughter Jill, and lunched there with the VanTassell sisters. Billy Tass, Joan and Will Hatton also went north to see Susan. Robert Putnam and family made a trek through California, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Utah. Scott Fraser and friends made an epic motorcycle trek of over 8000km – from Calgary-Prince George-Prince Rupert-Haines, Alaska-Dawson City-Inuvik-Jasper and back to Calgary. Terry Henderson, despite possibly being legally blind, flew to Vancouver and drove his daughter’s van back to NS, accompanied by son Robert – they were to Regina before they realized they had their map upside down! Tristan Sutherland, along with grandparents Gerald and Elaine Ross, made his first airplane trip, to Calgary to see Aunt Chelsea and family – from there up to Mayerthorpe to see Uncle Jacob. Ron Morrell went to Seattle; Edna Graham visited family and friends throughout Ontario, and Kyle Henderson visited Timmins, before joining the horde in Newfoundland--did Dave and Janice Peterson, George and Joan Clark, Greg Sutherland and Joan Adey, Phil and Kitty McMullin, and David and Judy Carter see lots of icebergs ?!? Frank and Hazel Locke spent time in Newfoundland, before hosting his four sons in Brookfield on Frank’s 85th birthday. The Works’ wedding in Calgary attracted brother Jamie, mother Glenda, father Rollie, Lee Nelson, Bobby and Zach Sill, among others. Paul Campbell went to Ottawa, while Trevor Ross, Adam and Devon Graham went West. Marlene and Jim Feener visited daughters Shelly and Adinda and their families in London, Ontario. Marlene  attended the Canadian Women's Open at the Hunt Country Club-grand-daughters Brianna Kunder caddied for rising Canuck star Jennifer Kirby, and sister Cheyanne was on world-ranked Chella Choi's bag in the Pro-Am! We wish Eloise Yorke well in her recovery from an appendectomy.

     On Saturday, September 13, the Sportsplex is hosting a Carribbean Draw/Dance, featuring the Scott DeCoste band. Tickets are only $20, and enter you in a draw for a $2500 travel voucher (or $2000 in cash). You do not have to attend the dance to win the draw, and the Sportsplex certainly would appreciate your support, as the addition of another ice surface in the area has created a glut of ice supply, with prominent financial repercussions on existing rinks. The next day (Sunday 9/14), we expect a large crowd at the top of Carter Road for the annual Terry Fox Run, beginning at 1 PM. Please support this noble cause, by any of participating, sponsoring, spectating, donating, volunteering-all are welcome, and join in at the BBQ and entertainment later at the Carter Homestead! The Sportsplex is also operating a Chase the Ace draw, with proceeds benefitting the Sportsplex and the Curling Club. For only $1 you may win over $5000-stop in every Thursday night 7- 830 PM. The New Horizons Band for Seniors, led by Brookfielder Paul Barrett, will welcome newcomers over 50 eager to learn a musical instrument-meet at former PMR School on Willow St, Thursday Sept. 11 at 3:30. Ukulele classes with Joanne Hatfield resume this fall. Last year’s beginners learned in a supportive environment, playing as an ensemble, with performances, jam sessions, and lots of fun. Call 673-2227 or econtact  for more information. All Around the Circle Senior's Club will resume monthly noon luncheons on September 16 at the Sportsplex. On Thursday 9/18, the AATC will do a Bus Tour to Cole Harbour Farm Museum and the Boardwalk at Eastern Passage. Contact President Susan Stevenson (contact) to register. Nothing to do on Saturday, Sept 13, why not go to the Giant Yard Sale and Pancake Breakfast, Knox United; 673-3448 for more info.
    569 Colonel G.N. Henderson Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron is enrolling youth ages 12-18. If you are interested in learning more about flying, leadership, sports, and many more activities, join 569! They start Tuesday, September 9, 6:30 pm on the north (back) side of the Brookfield Elementary School. Call 843-6265, or visit any Tuesday for more information. The Brookfield Athletic Association’s primary fundraiser, the Sportsman Contest (Big Game Hunt) is underway for its record-setting 78
th year. New this year is the ability to buy your tickets on line via a PayPal account- this will certainly make things easier for all the ex-patriate Brookfielders out there who wish to support the BAA and have a change at the 5 Grand Prizes (top prize 2014 Can-Am Commander side-by-side and $5000 gas card OR $25,000 cash!). Go to www.brookfieldathleticassociation.ca/ and check on the Sports Draw heading. Final testing is being done; the site will be live in the near future. The Brookfield Garden Club decorated the village this past Christmas Season with large wreaths hanging from the brackets on utility poles – once again they are inviting businesses, groups or individuals to sponsor a wreath. A plaque is installed with the name the sponsor wishes to recognize. Phone Elsie at 650-2028 or econtact  for more information. The Brookfield Curling Club will begin their 39th season with an Open House week, expected about October 18-24-plan now to take part in the re-energized Club!  The Hockey ice will be available for rentals from October 3 onward-call 673-2063 to snare your ice time for the season. The BCA will meet next on September 29 at the Fire Station.     

See you at the BMC on September 15!

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