April 2021
Volume 32, Issue 8

 The saying this time of year is "hope springs eternal"; daffodils and crocii are peaking out of the ground, the rain seems unending, Major League Baseball kicked off its season over the Easter weekend, and The Masters arrives via television from a former nursery in Augusta, Georgia. So it will be warm and sunny soon...right?!? As mentioned in our last edition, the Brookfield Mens Club (BMC) Annual Ladies Night gala has been postponed to a yet-undetermined future date. The BMC also has agreed to defer the naming of the Eagle Award winner until a suitable presentation scenario/date presents itself.
The good news is that the BMC will hold their monthly meeting on Monday April 19 at the Fire Station; start time is 7:30, we hope to see you there!

      The Brookfield Community Assembly has marked Saturday May 1 as the date for the Community Clean-Up Day. We hope many of our residents will meet at 9 AM at Knox Church to receive supplies (Garbage bags, safety vests, etc) and then set out for just 3 hours to help clean up our village and area. The BCA coordinates collection of the bags, making the work light for all. The 569 Air Cadet Squadron and the BMC both will be responsible for their Adopt-a-Highway sections. South Colchester Academy students will do the ditches on 289 from the Little River eastward to the end of CCRCE property. We hope many residents will take part, either in the coordinated activities, or on your own, on or soon before May 1. More specifically, we implore residents to clean the ditches in front of their own properties, which frees the other volunteers to concentrate on the areas without houses, which tend to attract more littering. Areas with pressing needs are Highway 2 South from Stevenson's to the CN tracks, and North on 2 from Brookfield Lumber, Hwy 289 West from civic # 35 to the Wetlands trail, and east of the Upper Brookfield Rd to Alder Brook, the John Bell and Upper Brookfield roads. If bags are filled in Brentwood, Forest Glen, East Brookfield, Shortts Lake, Pleasant Valley, etc., please contact Larry (673-2335), Donnie (673-2263), or Rod (890-0714) for pick-up of same. 180 minutes is a small ask - we hope you can help brighten our byways!

     Speaking of beautification efforts - kudos and thanks to the caretakers of the Wetlands Trails! Heavy equipment was utilized to slice and dice the nuisance bush growth on both the inside and outside of the trails, allowing a much better view of wildlife, wider walking paths, and better access for anglers. They were even able to get their gear on the less-traveled, pristine West Pond (both bodies of water would be called lakes if located in Dartmouth). As the frost was leaving, the trails were a bit bumpy for those pushing prams, etc - but they are fast solidifying.  There are many pairs of nesting geese, mallards, red-wing blackbirds in evidence – check them out, but watch your step – those thoughtless geese do not “pick up” after themselves! The removal of the unwanted bushes will be an ongoing task, as plant succession around "still" bodies of water is a reliable, if aggravating, happenstance. A marginally higher water level in the ponds would slow the process somewhat - can the water be allowed to rise even 25-30 centimetres, which would also protect fish and other aquatic creatures from thermal shocks prevalent at low levels?!    Happy Trails to Frederic Bolduc, Plant Manager for 5 years at Lafarge--he has moved to their Richmond, BC operation. We hope the incoming Manager will continue the strong tradition of his/her predecessors in the realm of community engagement and support. The Eagle and the BMC extend their gratitude to Carol (Dennis) and Dennis Haverstock of Port Hawkesbury for their contribution towards expenses - Carol grew up here, and has never forgotten her roots! Creamery Brook Stables also was very generous with their support - merci beaucoup!

     Herb McCallum had a cardiac episode – we were glad to see he wasn’t hospitalized long. 

      The season has concluded at the Brookfield Curling Club. Attesting to the balance of the leagues, none of the regular-season pennant winners were able to cop a playoff championship! In the Thursday loop, the Ernie Glinz team (Lisa Henderson, Beth Mudge, Wade Hurlburt) almost pulled off the ultimate Cinderella story - they finished in last place in the circuit, but went on an epic playoff run, before bowing 7-4 in the final to Champions Mike and Steve MacKeil, Ted Wellwood, and Nolan Osborne of Elmsdale/Belnan.  The Cameron Cup, emblematic of Tuesday League supremacy was copped by the Dane Henderson - skipped quartet of Mike Henderson, Mark Grant, and Diane Forshner, who ousted the MacKeil family (Mike, Steve, Heather, and Anne), 7-2. Cochrane Challenge (Monday) winners were another long-shot entry, as the Hants North tetrad of Eric and Richard White, Christian Miller and Phil Vroegh downed runners-up Nick Murray, Mark Grant, Mike Cameron, and former Jr. Elks puckster Brian Kennedy. Due to the Covid-caused cancellation of the banquet, a presentation was made on the final night - the Donnie Cameron Memorial Award was instituted to recognize the many contributions to the BCC by the late Executive member of Cottage Lane. Though he took up the game relatively late in life, Donnie did so with great gusto, and became a friend to the entire membership, and actively recruited several new curlers to the club! It was with great pleasure the Club welcomed Don's mother Pearle, wife Shanda, sisters Janice and Jo Ann (and hubbies Mike and Dom), daughters Abby and Ginny, and grandson Cooper Singer to take part in the presentation. The very deserving winner - in that he is the embodiment of many of Donnie's traits, is John Van de Reit - a guy who truly loves his time spent at the BCC! The BCC was hit hard this year membership-wise, and by the loss of the Great Community Curling Classic (again!) by Covid - we would LOVE to see MANY MORE residents of Greater Brookfield - Shortts Lake, take part next autumn - it truly is a game for all ages, and stick curling makes it accessible to all!

     We extend condolences to those who lost friends and loved ones....high-spirited, ever-cheery Joe Toole, 85, of Brentwood - husband to Pat, and Dad to George, Bob, Andy, and Pam... Nelson "Leo" Tanner, 48, son of George Tanner and Sheryl Lynds died in the apartment building fire in Hilden...Liz Glass, 66 of Truro formerly of Hilden died; she had been an active leader of a Youth Group at Knox United...Heart-breaking news from Cape Breton, where Emma Peterson died from cancer, aged 34.  She was wife to Niles, mother to three young children, sister-in-law to Graham Peterson of Crystal Lake Drive.  Daughter-in-law to Wayne Peterson and Shelia Higgins. Borden McLellan, 88 of Milford - he was a pillar of that area, and well-liked by many at both the Brookfield Golf and Curling Clubs....Five Mile River's Phyllis Savoy, 85 passed away at Elk Court...Mary (Boomer) MacCallum died in Truro - she was raised here along with surviving siblings Lil, Marjorie, Shirley, and Donnie...Guy Densmore, 73 of Shortts Lake died – he was a former BCC member, and successful businessman….First Baseman on the Elks 1963 Maritime Championship softball team Randy Cameron,86, died in Nictaux...Helen O'Neil's sister, Mabel Loughead died at 88 in Truro... Bill Blair, 75, died in Bible Hill - he was husband to Colchester Mayor Christine Blair, and well known to many here through his recreational motorsports and hockey careers. May they rest in peace.

     Congratulations to the South Colchester Academy Senior Mixed team for winning the Northumberland Regional Curling Championship in New Glasgow! The very young squad was skipped by Travis McAndrew (Julienne, Shawn) and relied on Madison Denton, Isaac Fahey (Ronda, Peter) and Sophie Fisher (Larry, Jennifer) to sweep to the crown!  Covid regulations have eliminated provincial championships this year, so they did not get to go to the next level: (The Senior Girls - Alexa Roop (Andrew), Riley Gates (John, Lisa), Hailey Drummond (Jimmy, JoAnne) and Audra Lavers (Matt, Amy) and Senior Boys- Noah Lavers (Matt, Amy), Logan Roop (Andrew), Rylan Sutherland (Brad, Megan), Will Singer (Shann, Ginny), and Hunter MacLeod both were runners-up. Most of these players are in Grades 7-9, so the future is bright. Coaches were G R Walters and Carter Redmond, with a big assist from the leader of the BCC's Junior Program, Lisa Henderson. SCA Athletics expressed their deep appreciation to the Brookfield Curling Club and the Don Henderson Memorial Sportsplex for the near-unlimited use of their facilities. The SCA Junior Boys team ran roughshod over their competition in basketball, romping over Bible Hill JH to win the District title. Coach Scott Armstrong deployed a breakneck-speed attack- the champs are: Colby Brown (Kim, Mark), Liam Legge, Jack Sullivan (Jeff, Pam), Jack Livingstone, Evan Cameron, Braden Cornelius (Chris, Amanda), Matt Merryweather (Darcy, Margo), Connor MacDonnell, Austin White, Logan Roop, Rylan Sutherland, Broden VanTassell (Brookes, Lisa), Matt O'Hara (Kaley), Jax Killen, and Waylon and Wyatt Countway (Brent, Kelly). Athletes of the Month for March were: Curling - Travis McAndrew, Audra Lavers; basketball - Seniors - girls - Morgan Countway (Brent, Kelly), Taylor Lowe (Terry, Trace); boys - Landan Ryan (Merna), Dom Moores; Juniors - Mia Syliboy-Kaulbach, Abby Crosby; Colby Brown, Wyatt Countway. The Brookfield Elks bowed out to East Hants in the NS Jr B Hockey League playoffs. Jewel Woolfitt (Jonathan, Jodie) was an integral part of the CEC team that won the Northumberland Regional Sr. Girls basketball championship.  Gavin Harrison (Brent, Meredith), Rylan Sutherland (Brad, Megan), Will and Ben Stewart were key contributors to the Truro Bearcats team; they won the Northern NS Bantam AA Hockey crown.

     Welland, Kiel, Panama, Erie, Suez – all prominent canals (well, maybe not Suez lately !?) – but were they any busier than the birth canals in the area?!?  The much-expected Covid-related baby tsunami is gathering momentum - newborns came to Trevor Ross and Brandi Davis in Middle Stewiacke. Colter Frederick Owen Ross is a grandson for Ardith and Owen (Subby) Ross of Forest Glen, and Fred and Carol Davis of M.S. From north-eastern PEI comes glad tidings - Charlene (‘Smiley') and hubby Ben Ching have a gorgeous baby girl (Charlotte Della) - grandparents for the first time are Steve and Krista Locke!! In Pleasant Valley. Krista and Brian Kolstee doubled their fun - they had twin girls- Blaire Morash and Raya Jean! They should be well-looked after - they have grandparents John and Andrea Kolstee and Jim (J C) and Barb Holland both within a mile! In Dartmouth, Caila Lebans delivered a son, Samuel much to the delight of proud Papa, Robbie Lebans.  Second grandson for Brenda and Mike Henderson and Peter and Krista Lebans, formerly of Bible Hill and now residing is Shediac River.  All the babies have Elk connections – Charlene’s, Krista’s and Caila’s fathers all wore the red and gold for the Senior Elks; and Owen Ross was a standout Bantam age hurler before turning his attention to farming.

     Nice to have Michael Monk home from BC with parents Laurie and Maxine. Lucas Dawe has made tracks for Grande Prairie, AB. Watch for info in the future on Minor Ball Registration. In 2019 - before covid - we had over 100 girls and boys playing at Elk Park. Coaches and other helpers always welcomed. Brookes VanTassell is the primary contact - bvantassell@eastlink.ca, 673-3310. Alan Syliboy and the Thundermakers, with our own piano/guitar/ukulele/djembe teacher Joanne Hatfield, has been nominated again for an East Coast Music Award. Selections from their album, "Signal Fire" have been played on CBC radio, and stations world-wide! Joanne has continued with her private teaching at Knox; anyone interested in pursuing lessons may contact her at 673-2227.

     A vigil was held in front of Knox United to draw attention to the pitiful Child Poverty situation in Nova Scotia. Covid protocols kept numbers physically present in check, but there was also a large social media presence calling attention to the situation. A final decision will be reached at the BMC meeting if the Fish-a-Rama will be held on May 29 - it was Covid-cancelled last year, still waiting to hear from government departments if it can happen this year. An Ice-Fishing Derby drew some 150 to Shortts Lake - no need to stock that water, several large ones were pulled out!

Looking back – 200 years ago – US population reaches 9.6 million….100 years ago, Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize for discovering the photoelectric effect…..80 years ago – Donald Bailey invents the portable military bridge which bears his name today…Lou Gehrig “the Pride of the Yankees” dies at 38….Chattanooga Choo Choo is a hit song, and Orson Welles film “Citizen Kane” is a hit…..70 years ago, J.D. Salinger pens “the Catcher in the Rye”, and Marlin Brando directs and stars in “A Streetcar Named Desire”… and 50 years ago, in 1971 – U.S. planes bomb Vietcong supply routes in Cambodia and Laos, further widening the Vietnam War…..Mainland (Communist) China is admitted to the United Nations….Erich Segal’s “Love Story” is a best-seller, and Stanley Kubrick’s film, “A Clockwork Orange” shines a somewhat shocking (pun intended) light on behaviour modification practices.

See you at the BMC on April 19, 7:30. Austin Ross, John Matheson, Jim Feener, and Geoff Stewart will lead the program/lunch.  

                                The Eagle