December 2017
Volume 29, Issue 4

    The Brookfield Mens' Club wish to thank the Brookfield Fire and Emergency Services, led by Chief Rod Nielsen, for hosting the BMC's November meeting. The program kept members up to date on BFES activities, and the lunch was very tasty. The BMC throws out the welcome mat to community members to join them at their Christmas meeting on Monday December 18, 7:30 at the Fire Hall. That session will be long on festive frolicking and food (and short on business!), so come along - please feel free to bring a donation for the Food Bank, and a gift to exchange (suggested value $5-10). The BMC will again sponsor the annual Christmas Decorations judging, to be done by the Wise (?) Men (and Women) on Friday December 22, so be prepared!
    The Eagle may be ready to be nudged (yanked ?!?) into retirement, or at least sent to the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre for a frontal lobotomy, based on the errors in the November edition. The Ol' Bird overplayed his hand at an attempt at poetic license - we wish to absolutely clarify, and apologize, for ascribing news tidbits to persons who did not provide same, and that may have caused them undue stress. We shall attempt to be more judicious going forward; an effort to make the edition less banal, yielded some unintended consequences, and we are truly sorry. Likewise, while lauding young entrepreneur Mitchell Johnston last time, we named his uncle and aunt as his parents; of course that should have been his progenitors George and Carolyn Johnston. Please accept our apology - there is enough 'fake news' out there - we don't mean to add to it by making errors! So if any budding (or post-bud) journalists out there wish to improve the effort, send resumes to the BMC!
    While we are sorry to see the Gillis family re-locate for work reasons to Metro, we are glad Sarah McNutt has moved into the former Seldon Carter house on Hamilton Avenue. Sarah is the grand-daughter of Roop's Cleaners master seamstress Lorna Johnson, daughter of Shannon Johnson, and niece of Dorene and Robert Johnson. Sarah's kids Noah, Addison, and Terrence are in school here. Tamara MacKenzie and daughters Haven and Hope, have moved into Pleasant Valley. There is also a building boom ongoing - Mitchell Cooke has built an impressive workplace just east of the CNR tracks on Rte 289 to house his 2 U Like New Auto Detailing business, which, in addition to the fine detailing work, also provides a mobile wash and mechanic components. Just south of the village proper on Hwy 2, Mark Toole is building a huge garage to house the equipment for his thriving excavation business. It is thrilling to watch these young businessmen prosper in their home
village, providing needed services and employment - well done guys! Some expansion to families has necessitated additional living space - Heidi Cooke and Tyler Medaglia have built on to their home on the old Percy Lockhart property; and Mark Kennedy and Laura Grinton have enlarged their Densmore Drive home in anticipation of a new arrival! Brookfield Elementary School teachers Judy MacKenzie and Shelley O’Connell received their Master’s of Education degrees from St. F. X.
    Speaking of babies - once again the Eagle was a bit behind the curve - but overjoyed to announce the birth of two daughters. Former Elks hockey star (and Don Fisher Construction employee) Ike Burgess and Megan had Sylvie in Old Barns, another grandchild for former Elks Coach Dan and Janet Burgess. Brookfield Curling Club members are taking turns cooing at members Steve and Courtney (Rutherford) Hanham's baby, Calley Raelene Gail. Courtney is the daughter of SCHS grads Arlene (Deyarmond) and Layton Rutherford, the latter a member of Elks championship teams in Intermediate hockey and softball. Very recently, the delightful Corinna Upham gave birth to a son, Ryker; proud papa is Stanley Lentz - they live in the former Geordie Sutherland house in mid-town. All the best to these families on their new journeys!
    Mabel and Sandy Barber vacationed in Costa Rica (before the earthquake); while Gwen Campbell went to Jamaica with gal-pals, then rode the rails to Montreal with hubby Brian. The Holland women - mother Barb and daughters Krista and Brette also went to Montreal for a Lady Gaga concert, leaving JC to fend for himself! Austin and Debbie Ross spent the U.S. Thanksgiving with her daughter Amanda in central Maine, and also took in the Festival of Lights in Boothbay. Dawn Carter- Henderson took hubby Pibby to Ireland to help celebrate her 50
th and to check out her ‘roots’. Krista McMullin returned home after spending the fall attending grandmother duties in Yellowknife and Vancouver and Terry Canning scurried out when he got the call for Grandpa chores.
    A big thank you to all who organized the spectacular 22nd Annual Christmas House Tours. This event which brings many visitors to our community, shows off Brookfield in a splendid light, even in the absence of seasonal weather. Thanks to homeowners Muriel Smith, Josh and Rebecca Kolstee, Danica and Ryan Ellis, Julie Walters and Kraig MacKenzie, as well as the beautifully decorated Train Station and Knox United sanctuary. Likewise for the spectacular display of 100,000 poinsettias and other fabulous decorations at Forest Glen Greenhouses from the Thompson family, and those who fashioned the many crafts for the sale. Gratitude to the close to 200 visitors, 'drivers' and those who provided the post-tour feed! The Train Station Society served delicious Chicken dinners prior to the Tours each night. Perhaps the big winners were the families assisted by the Christmas Index program - numerous community-minded business, organizations, and individuals decorated trees, filled stockings, and /or provided financial support to those in need at this time - among the donors were: Cobequid Hills Apartments, Brookfield Elementary Home & School, Roop's Esso/Tim Horton's, Units 1,2,3 and 7 of the United Church Women (UCW), Brookfield Athletic Association, Brookfield Lumber Co., Fifty Shades of Hair (Lesley White-Best); Brookfield Middle Stewiacke United Youth Group, Knox Explorers, Red Hat Society, MacQuarries Pharmasave, Mario Baini's Emporium, Brookfield Bakery/Hurricane Heidi's Cafe, and several individuals. Kudos to the Brookfield Garden Club for adorning utility poles with wreaths for the holiday season. Last month the BES Home and School hung tributes to locals who served in World War II.

    Our condolences to Stephanie Fielding and Kari Lyn Furmidge; their Dad, Brian Blaikie passed away in Truro at 71. Franklin “Buck” Miller, who was very solid in the Brookfield hockey Elks net for the NS-PEI championship teams circa 1965-68, passed away in Fredericton. He was part of the large Miller family from Alton, several of who were involved in the Brookfield athletics. Matthew Lavers grandmother "Peg" Lavers, 101, died in Truro. BES teacher Sarah Topshee's mother, Anna Thomas died in Truro, and former BES speech pathologist Gail Coldwell lost her dad, Donnie Frame. Christmas will be less cheery in these homes; we pass along our sympathies.

    Anne Janelle, accompanied by hubby James Hill, (with cameo from Birch hill native Nick Fisher) delighted a large crowd at the Marigold with her concert/CD release of her new album, "I Didn't Want to Break It". Perhaps the only things she/they broke were records for sustained applause, and/or hearts with the poignant tunes, all penned by Anne (three assists to James!). The album was recorded at their Crystal Lake Studio (in their eponymous – located home here in Brookfield). Seek the album out! The Brookfield Baptist Church did a marvelous job presenting the musical, "A Baby Changes Everything". Some will remember Chris Crawford as the son of Nancy and Peter Crawford – they operated the Laundromat and ice cream parlour around the turn of the century where Reclaimed Cottage now is; Chris was cited, along with his partners in their architecture firm, receiving an award at Government House from the Lieutenant-Governor for their work on restoring a building dating to the 1800s in Saskatoon.
    Lots of honours at South Colchester Academy - Art teacher Margaret Sadler contributed a chapter to the book " Creative Dimensions of Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century", which featured authors from across the country, who share their knowledge and experience supporting creativity in a variety of educational settings. Her work was based on her M. Ed. thesis, regarding culturally responsive teaching and Aboriginal students in the visual arts classroom. Hayley Elliott (Kary, Theresa) received a full scholarship to attend the Campeche International Leadership Camp in Mexico; and Jorja Smith (Beth, Todd) was awarded same to go to the Encounters With Canada Leadership competition in Ottawa. Makayla Clarke, Grade 10 O2 SCA student, tied for first place in a horse-jumping event at the Royal Horse Show in Toronto. She and 22 year old horse Twisted sped over the 12 jumps in 23.1 seconds. Makayla polishes her skills under the tutelage of Danica Ellis at Horseplay Stables downtown. Taylor Lowe, another SCA student was first in her Holstein Intermediate category at the Royal Winter Fair.
    SCA alumnus Cassandra Sears (Joyce, Luther) earned her Chartered Professional Accountant designation. This is a long, arduous task; well done. Cassandra – her late grandfather Art Sears, who served as the original Treasurer for the committee that founded the Sportsplex would be most proud! Both Senior Girls (Div. 2) and Boys (Div. 3) won Northumberland Region titles in volleyball and attended provincials. The girls were in Middleton, and included seniors Alysha MacSwain and Virginia Bellino Roci; and underclasswomen Madison Eichenberg, Mariah Hatfield, Jade MacDougall, Macey McBurnie, Hayley Fisher, Emily Kelly, Clarissa Pasion, Erica and Emma Fisher, and coaches Randy Kelly and June Fisher. The boys were coached by Paul Tufts, and included Luke Fisher, Riley MacLeod, Adrian Sheppard, Pablo Rodriguez, Cole Mockford, Jack Lewis, Jordan Crouse, Colton and Nigel Graham. Congratulations to Rob Adams' Leadership Class for a bang-up job hosting the Boys Provincials - many favorable comments about the organization and the school came from visiting team members and fans - folks from Bridgetown, Liverpool, Halifax, Annapolis Royal, Cheticamp, Pomquet, Terre Noire/Margaree Valley, and champion Clare were effusive in their praise. Brookfield defended their title at the Sherbrooke Mens hockey Tournament – the talented squad featured Patrick Stewart, Jack Roop, Lee Nelson, Ryan Ellis, Troy Sutherland, Jamie Works, Bobby Sill, Charlie Fleming, James Rutherford, Mark Kennedy, Connor and Cole Baker, Tyler and Jeremy Medaglia with Robbie Cook behind the bench. They downed teams from Cape Breton, Pictou County and the host!   
    Great to see BMC-er Robert Putnam back on his feet at his Carter Rd home - he had open heart surgery to replace a leaky valve, as well as a bypass. His legion of friends and admirers are happy he is on the road to recovery. Martin Gomez of Hamilton Avenue survived a cardiac event, and had several stints inserted in his pumper. Former Sportsplex Director and hockey star Jeff Dickey is battling lymphoma, manifesting itself as a large tumour in his chest; treatments are ongoing, and we hope/pray for the best for the universally-liked "Big Man". Cameron Fisher (Larry, Jennifer) and Myla Searle (Jenna, Mike) both are in casts after breaking limbs (arm, leg, respectively). Hopefully Santa brings better health to them all!
    The 81st Annual Brookfield Elks Sports Draw was a success - the Brookfield Athletic Association thanks its numerous volunteers and supporters for all their work in ticket distribution/collection, the ticket sellers, and of course the buyers, Roop's Esso for providing the centrally-located, and seemingly always open weighing facility! This is the BAA's major fundraiser and enables that group to support numerous community activities including Minor and Adult Ball, Minor Hockey, Figure Skaters, Youth Volleyball and Golf, Curling, the Jr. B hockey Elks, Mixed Bowling, the Christmas Index program, Athletic Awards at SCA, and of course, maintaining Elk Park! The BAA looks forward to your support in 2018!  Grand Prize winners were: 2017 Jeep Wrangler - Steve Wood of Springhill; $5,000 Atlantic Superstore Gift Card - Raymond Rolfe of Tatamagouche; Shooting Party for 12 at Hnatiuk's - Jeff Rushton from St. Margaret's Bay; Inflatable Watercraft - Helen Burns of Kennetcook; and Pet Food for a Year - James Ritcey of River Philip. The hunt side of the contest saw some amazing deer registered - winners there were: Heaviest Buck - 270 lbs - Robert Falconer; Heaviest Doe  - 159 - Peter Rehburg; Ladies Buck - 201.5 - Kelly Countway ; Ladies Doe - 132.5 - Autumn Doucette; Bowhunter Buck - 220 - Shaun O'Hearn; Bowhunter Doe - 134 - Gary Robar;  Most Points - 34, and Widest Antler -27.5" - Brett Hennebury; Longest Antler - 28" -Darcy Blackburn, Stephen Rafuse.
    Come and support the South Colchester Minor Hockey Association Phil Sears Friendship Tournament at the Sportsplex on December 28 and 29
th. This tournament is for 5 – 10 year old kids and they would love to see you there!
Sunday December 17 - the annual Food For the Spirit concert goes at 7 PM at Knox - it guarantees to fill you with Christmas spirit; feel free to bring along a donation for the Food Bank. All Around the Circle Senior's Club will hold their Christmas luncheon at the Sportsplex at 12 noon on Tuesday December 12 - meal is at 12, with entertainment by Joanne Hatfield's ukulele class. On Wednesday December 13, the students of Brookfield Elementary will perform their Christmas concert - the early elementary tykes hit the boards at 9:15; the older gang basks in the floodlights starting at 1:15. The Brookfield Curling Club welcomes players on a drop-in basis Wednesday mornings at 9:15 – dust off the broom and enjoy a game – you will be pleased with the environs and the camaraderie.

We wish all our readers, a very Merry Christmas, and the best for 2016