February 2020

Volume 31, Issue 6

As we start this edition putting pen to page (??!?), we notice it is a palindromic date - 2020-02-02; brighter minds than this Old Bird's can figure out when that will happen again?!! The shortest month - one day longer this Leap Year - is also Black History Month; it is good to see the displays at our schools shining light on the many varied contributions to our mosaic by African-Canadians. February is also when the Brookfield Mens' Club (BMC), founded in 1937 as a means of providing community service and fellowship, celebrate their anniversary. You can take part - on Monday February 17 their monthly meeting will be preceded by a roast beef dinner, with the trimmings - mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, tea, coffee, and dessert. The plates will hit the tables at the Brookfield Fire Station at 6:35; all are cordially invited to come to the meal and meeting - guest presenter will be Shortt's Lake native, Christopher McKenney, who will detail the genesis and development of the Shortt's Lake Vistas - the handsome condominium development on the A. Stewart Road! What is required of the reader is an RSVP - we must provide the caterer with the numbers by February 13 latest, so if you will attend, and join the BMC-ers and their offspring, you must contact Mike at 673-2769 or mdhenderson@eastlink.ca before that date. Cost of the complete meal is only $16.50 total! We hope to see you there.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose – (The more things change, the more they stay the same).  The writer couldn't help but note some of the similarities/related facts on the world scene from 100 years ago!   In 1920, the Red Army took Odessa, the primary port of Crimea, the Ukraine on the Black Sea - it is occupied by Moscow again. Feisal becomes King of an independent Syria - a century later "independence" depends on your perspective; not-so-much, according to the many emigres who have enriched Nova Scotia. As part of World War I reparations, Great Britain receives the Palestine mandate - a century later, it is still a flashpoint. Now the UK finalizes steps to exit the European Union - seemingly a contradictory step for the empire "on which the sun never sets"? The League of Nations, a forerunner to the United Nations, is formed, with the goal of avoiding global conflicts. America votes NOT to join - today the republic is again thumbing its (executive) nose at international conciliatory conventions. And the American Pro Football Association is formed - this year's Super Bowl saw the Kansas City Chiefs (sorry Spud) win the 100th title of the re-named National Football League.

    Apologies for mis-naming Sunrise Crest, Sunset in the January edition - the residents there love their east-facing mornings! Among the many home for the Holidays were Gene and Marion Retson's boys, Duncan and Dan and their families; it is a certainty we missed others - please pass along such items to our reporters - numbers at the bottom of the page!  The Eagle tips his wings to former residents who sprinkled feed his way - Joan (Burrows) Fisher and former Club-man Jim (and Shirley) McNutt, now residents of Young Street in Truro. The BMC is appreciative of your support!

    We were sorry to learn of the passing at Elk Court of Cyndi Fiander's Mum, Ruth Hayden; she was a very cheerful lady. Taylor MacArthur, the pleasant Service scheduler at 2 U Like New Auto, lost his dad, Jim, as did Brookfield Curling Club's Barb Cox - her Dad was Perry Logan, originally of Upper Musquodoboit. Another BCC member, Bill Bernasconi of Hilden had his brother-in-law, Hughie Murray die in Dartmouth. Gerald Delaney of Hilden, a long-time craftsman at Brookfield Box/Lumber died unexpectedly - he was an ardent Elks' softball fan, and father to Tim, Randy, Rick, and Brent. In Stewiacke, Glen Penny died; he was a brother to Vic. Sandra Brenton’s sister, Lil Chester of Truro died as did Eddy White at Elk Court. Barb McNutt of Carter Road (Felix Pelkey’s partner) died. Cheryl Pearce, sister to former Elks start pitcher (1971) Dave, died in HRM. Anitra Whidden’s brother, Killoran Bay, who spent some of his youth on Elm Street, died in British Columbia. The Brookfield Athletic Association lost a dear friend and supporter with the passing in HRM of Al Coneen. He was husband to Barb MacKenzie (formerly from Brookfield and sister of John; they distributed and sold thousands of Big Game Hunt tickets for decades. Condolences are extended to all who mourn losses.

    We were pleased to receive news from the west of the marriage of Sarah O'Connor and Cory Brown. Sarah is a British Columbian who came east, and in less than two years became a mainstay at the Curling Club. The groom, resplendent in his newly- acquired red serge, as a graduate of the RCMP academy, is the grandson of fabled former SCHS Social Studies guru, Gordie Brown. Best wishes to the couple, posted to Quesnel, B.C.; and we hope you get back to Canada's Ocean Playground soon! Dale and Margie Fisher are grandparents again - delighted to announce the birth of a son (Kane) to their daughter Suzanne and Matt Russell in Truro!  Dr. Karla Armsworthy, a standout at both her medical practice and on the curling ice, gave birth to a baby boy, Oscar. Hubby Josh Archibald is over the moon, and promises to have the young lad on skates on the Mill Pond behind their home (former Frank Benjamin house) as soon as he is upright! Grandparents Dave and Jane Armsworthy are a tad overjoyed!

    Bob and Jean (Carter) Skinner and son Jeff, were thrilled when their standout harness racing horse, The Rev, won another race at Woodbine in Toronto recently. The win pushed The Rev’s total earnings to $593,000, making the equine star the richest – ever pacer bred in the Maritimes. Jean is the former several time N.S. Ladies Curling Champion – we remember the Skinners well around the ball field, adjacent to her childhood home (Butt and Florence Carter). Jean and Bob live in Truro, and are regulars at many Brookfield events; son Jeff lives in HRM.

    Ardith Ross slipped away to a winter retreat in Florida. Heidi Cooke, Dane Henderson, and Dan MacDougall skied at Les Chic-Chocs Montagnes in the Gaspe peninsula; Heidi's partner Tyler Medaglia went to the southern US to hone his Motocross skills ahead of his upcoming Pro season; similarly golf pro Tanner Gayton spent a week in Florida honing his game. Paul and Karla Rodd went to Cuba, as did Dave and Joan Bangay. Sherry and Brian Stewart went further south – to Antigua and Barbuda. Anitra Whidden visited family in Newfoundland. Gregor Dawe and friend Erin Bursey have relocated to work in Whitehorse.Mitch Cooke is always up for a challenge - he and Kim went to Aspen, Colorado for the Winter X Games, in the new-to-him sport of Snow Bike Cross!

    Winners of the Mayor's Challenge Bonspiel at the Brookfield Curling Club was the Tatamagouche rink of Campbell Foote, Sandra Langille, Brenda and Steven Forbes - they bested a 12 team field. Champions at the 16 rink Dairy Queen Bonspiel were G.R. Walters, Alexa Roop, Hunter and Carter Redmond. Runner-up was a rink skipped by Kirby Densmore, and Consolation winners were skipped by Leroy Burns and Andrew Sears. Athletes of the Month for January at South Colchester Academy were: Junior Girls Basketball - Lauren (Dave, Diane) Percival and Sammy Tracey;  Jr. Boys BB - Camden Weatherbee (Charlie, Kathy) and Riley Parker;   Sr Girls BB - Erin Carter ( grand-daughter to Layton Carter) and Rachel Hawkes; Sr Boys BB - Eric (Mike, Sharon) Fields and Riley McLellan; and Jr Boys 3 0n 3 Hockey - Tristen (Brad, Megan) Sutherland and Jordan (Joey, Crystal) Richards. A big tip of our curling broom to former BCC junior Phil Crowell (son of Maurice Jr) – he recently was on the N.S. Men’s Championship team for the 5th time! His sweater will be laden with purple hearts, emblematic of provincial championships as his Jamie Murphy team goes to the Brier in Kingston, Ontario. Another champ very familiar with the BCC ice is SCA alumnus Karlee Burgess of Hilden. She was third stone on Team Manitoba that won the Canadian Junior Ladies title in Langley, B.C. Incredibly this was the former Wolves curling and track star’s THIRD national crown!

    Brookfield Elks goaltender Danny Walsh was named Player of the Month for January in the N.S. Junior Hockey League. He made headlines by stopping EIGHTY shots in the Elks 3 – 2 overtime loss to league-leading East Hants. It has been a tough year for the Elks, far and away the youngest team in the challenging loop, but the management group led by Phil Lynds is optimistic for the future as the experience garnered should benefit next year.

    Brad and Marg Little are home after a lengthy grandparenting stay in Manitoba.  Fulton Lynds has moved into Sunrise Crest.

    In Indiana, former BGC golf sharp-shooter B J Sutherland (Pete, Vicki) suffered a broken fibula and badly dislocated ankle on the hockey ice. Chipper VanTassell broke his foot playing hockey, and Joel Campbell was hospitalized. Kathy Weatherbee suffered knee damage in a skiing mishap. Rev. Mike’s, Mum was hospitalized, but is now back at home. Flu and cold strains diminished attendance in the schools, churches, and kept many sniffling - hopefully the worst is past us?!

    The year 2020 represents 75 years of Brookfield Fire providing service to the community and travelers passing through. An anniversary event for current and past members will be held on May 23 at the SCA with a public open house event during Home Coming week. Anyone who has photos or other memorabilia of Brookfield Fire Department or Brookfield Fire & Emergency Services events or activities is invited to lend them to the fire service for display during these events. Contact any member or call and leave a message at the fire station at 902-673-2965.

    There are lots of activities immediately in front of us - seems St. Valentine wants to keep us hopping! On Feb. 14, the SCA Sr Girls basketball team will host the Angus Paul Memorial Game - always a moving tribute. The next evening - the 15th - Knox United hosts their annual Old-Fashioned Valentines Dessert Extravaganza and Silent Auction. Reservations are mandatory for this popular event, which gives you all-you-can-eat access to delicious and delightful creations; contact Kaye Retson - 673-2356 or kaye.retson@gmail.com. Musical entertainment, Silent Auction (to donate contact Marilyn Groves 673-2489), door prizes and more await you! Knox will host their Shrove Tuesday Pancake and Sausage Supper on Tuesday February 25 from 4:30 – 6:00 P.M.; a nice way to usher in Lent. The Brookfield Curling Club has a Leap Year/Day celebration planned on the evening of the 29th - come that Saturday to their annual Auction!  It is always a fun-filled night; food and beverage service available; doors open at 6:30. If you have an item to donate, please contact Pibb at 673-3262 or don@stewiackehomehardware.com or Dee at djvipond@live.ca.  Reminder to RSVP to Mike to book your spot at the BMC Anniversary dinner on Monday February 17 - details in first paragraph. The All Around the Circle Seniors Luncheon will be Tuesday February 18, at noon at their lounge in the Sportsplex.  Longer term reminders - BMC Ladies Night is April 20; BCC's St. Patrick's Day 'Spiel is March 21, and the 31st Annual Great Community Curling Classic is March 27-29 - reserve your spot in the GCCC now!

 The Eagle