January 2019

Volume 30, Issue 5


Happy 2019 to all our readers! By the look of things over the past 2 months, we may expect 3 more months of “old-fashioned winters”! Twenty-one members of the Brookfield Mens' Club enjoyed their Christmas meeting, replete with song, games, food, and a lively gift exchange!  They look forward to their 82nd year with the January 21 meeting, and welcome and encourage any to come to the Fire Station at 7:30 PM and 'test drive' the BMC! Resolutions are in vogue this time of year - the Eagle is putting a spin on that - we will start a SIX YEAR Countdown clock for the various bodies - from the Brookfield Community Assembly, to the Colchester County Council, to the Nova Scotia government/Transportation and Infrastructure Dept., to the federal government - to collectively get their acts together - and replace the bridge/sidewalk over the Creamery Brook/Little River on Highway 289. This structure is well beyond its expiration date, presents hazards to vehicles and pedestrians, and with heavy trucks banging on the bumps, even to the neighbouring houses! Obviously, some groups above are better able to address this issue than others, but ALL (BCA, our councillor(s), MLA, MP) should do their part, pursuing the decision-makers with vigour and perseverance. So, we feel it is reasonable to expect a new structure, with a safer pedestrian crossing on the north side, to be in place by New Year's Day 2025.
 Tick- tock! 

    The Eagle was provided the date for the January 8 Orientation session for the SCA Fitness Centre after our December issue went to press; we can tell you the next one will be March 5, 6:30 PM; to be able to utilize the wonderful facility, one must go to an Orientation session and sign a waiver, then free, unlimited use is yours for the taking! We are very sad to see Laurie Hutchinson move her Reclaimed Cottage business from downtown Brookfield to West Prince St. in Truro - we wish Laurie well, and heavier traffic at her new location - the Shortt's Lake resident is a delight, and has been an avid supporter of community activities.   A big round of applause to the organizers, performers, behind-the-scenes staff, and the appreciative audience, who generated $700 and 438 pounds of food for the Colchester Food Bank at the Food For The Spirit concert. The array of talent was highlighted by a performance from Anne Janelle and James Hill, who were glad to be home after a lengthy time away touring.

    New Year's Eve was the date for a very nice wedding when Chris Armsworthy (Dave, Jane) exchanged vows with Danielle MacDonald - they live in Onslow. Fantastic news from the Czech Republic - former Elk, pro hockey player Zach and Leeann Sill welcomed a baby girl, Harper Audrey - what a Christmas present!
Notable birthdays were celebrated by a pair of our community's most pleasant citizens - Felix Pelkey (98) and Freda Sutherland (97) were feted by friends and family. Danica Axworthy (Jeannie) graduated from the University of the West of Scotland as a midwife.  Thanks very much to perennial supporters Joyce Geddes, and Ken and Sharon (Trenholm) Bird from Ontario, for their kind donations to the Eagle.

    Among those home for the afore-mentioned wedding were Mark (Florida) and Jill (Calgary) Dean, and former Jr Elks Josh Taylor (Fort McMurray). Keiver and Bev Read welcomed daughter Meghan Pineo and new husband Donnie as well as son Coady and girlfriend Hilary Grant for the holidays. Julie Hsu of Vancouver (Terry, Mary) visited her parents and Henderson siblings; Gord and Denise MacDonald were at his mother Audrey's from Fort Erie, Ont. Tim Watson came from Timmins; Roddie Jack (Dorothy) and family came from Alberta, and Robbie Densmore was home from Deutschland to Wade and Nelly’s, and Jay, Sherry (Roop) Ovsenny and kids came from the Big Smoke. Brenda Geddes’ daughter, Theresa, visited from Arizona; and Andre Garneau, Krysten Stewart and kids came from Quebec City to her mother's (Patty Stewart). Nice to see Heather MacFarlane and Greg Loewen and kids Sarah, Matthew, and Adam home from Maine at Herb and Betty's - Adam will travel to Italy this summer with his soccer team! Aleksandra Conevska (Slavjan, the late Rajka) visited her adopted grandmother Marian McDonald - Aleksandra, who grew up here after emigrating from Bosnia-Herzegovina, is completing her M.A. in Political Science at McGill, and hopes to pursue her doctorate in Environmental research.

    Our sympathies go out to those who lost loved ones, those who passed included: Dave Creelman (Margaret Fisher's brother)... Lillian Samson of Salmon River, Doris Betts' mother...Boyd Stewart of Shortt's Lake, Pearl Clark's brother...Lee Groves, Lloyd's brother...Gerry Nelson, Debbie’s Dad, of Shortts Lake died in Truro…Rev. Ed Morrison at Elk Court...Chuck Johnson, in Truro, Scott Glinz' grandfather...Tom Maguire in Enfield, Grahame's uncle...Fred Creelman in Truro, father to Randy, Roddie, Kathy, Joanne, and Lisa. Scott Giffin, M.D. died in Saint John – he was a brother to retired SCA teacher Gaye MacDonald, and uncle to Cruise Missile Morgan MacDonald. Scott is remembered as a highly skilled, tough hockey star with the Hugh Matheson-coached 1975 silver medal winning Canada Games and Truro Jr. Bearcats teams, and a dedicated family physician and public health professiona

    The MacMillan lads of Shortt's Lake were making noise - SCA grad and Truro Jr. Bearcat Luke, a Dal AC student, was awarded the Maritime Hockey League - Boucher academic scholarship of $1500 for his combination of athletic and academic skill, along with his volunteer work. His dad Ed coached his Midget AA team to the Moncton Challenge Cup title - his team featured his (and Wilma's) twin sons Eric and Jon. Michael Adams, son of SCA teacher Rob (and former teacher @ SCA, Kate) was named MVP of the Scotia Conference High School Football League. Coaches Jeff Sullivan and Andrew Roop guided their AAA Peewee team to Gold in the Truro Mike Schmitt tournament - key players included Wyatt Countway, Logan Roop, Rylan Sutherland, Jack Sullivan, and Colby Brown.  Rylan was later sidelined with a broken wrist.  The Atom AA team won their division at the same tournament - hotshots there were Rigby VanTassell, Matthew O'Hara, and Tyler Sullivan. The Atom A Female Colchester Cyclones are leading the North conference in their Hockey League - Myla Searle and Kathleen Henderson are part of that squad. The Phil Sears Memorial Friendship Tournament attracted scores of Novice and Initiation level players from near and far, as the South Colchester Minor Hockey Association did a great job hosting.  December Athletes of the Month at SCA were all hoopsters - Seniors - Rachel Hawkes and Kerem Dogan; Juniors - True Field, Eric Fields, and Chris Singer. Basketball tourneys upcoming- Senior Girls on January 18-19; and Junior Girls on February 1-2.

    Travelers included Andrew, Jill, Rachel, and Rowan Sears, who skied Sugarloaf; and Dawn Carter-Henderson who went to Alberta and Montana. Brian and Gwen Campbell visited son Peter and family in Ottawa; then Gwen no sooner home went on a Carribbean cruise, and Betty and grand-daughter Alexa Roop visited Sherry's family in Toronto. Krista McMullin and Terry Canning visited daughters Joanna and Janelle and families in Vancouver and Lake Country, BC respectively. Tyler Medaglia and brother-in-law Mitch Cooke travelled to Florida for some motocross practise and racing – Mitch’s bike was struck by another while he was in mid-air, resulting in a horrific crash, which left him with a broken humerus and 12 ribs, as well as a collapsed lung. He spent time in the ICU in Jacksonville, we hope he is soon well enough to return home.

    The Sportsplex continues to be a beehive of activity - the Curling Club is hosting a bonspiel on January 26, open to all (contact mdhenderson@eastlink.ca), and the Mayor's Challenge ( contact the County Rec Dept at 897-3155). Wing Nights at the BCC lounge every Tuesday night from 4:30- 8:00 have been a hit; come see what the buzz is about!  Drop-in curling is available for a nominal fee on Fridays at 7 PM, and Wednesday mornings at 9:15.  Early notice of the Auction and following Social on Saturday Feb. 23, doors open at 6:30; last year’s was a big hit for attendees. On the ice, Minor Hockey for Boys and Girls are most weeknights, Saturdays and Sundays; Womens hockey leagues play Wednesday and Friday nights, Mens leagues Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday,  and Thursdays, and the Junior B Elks Home games are most every Tuesday night at 7:30. The Sportsplex Pre-School is a going concern in the second floor of the southeast corner, and the Senior's lounge hosts Card Parties every Wednesday night (7:30), Chair Yoga at 10:15 Thursday mornings, and the monthly luncheon meeting of All Around the Circle Club on January 15 (doors open 11:45). Friends are welcomed to the Seniors Lounge to help Shirley Comeau celebrate her 80th birthday on January 19, 2-4 PM, best wishes only.

Orders for the Community Birthday/Anniversary Calendars are now being taken, please order by February 10th. Calendars run from May 1st to April 30th and cost $10 each. When you order, you can add your dates to the Community calendar. If you have never gotten a calendar or have not taken one in the last few years and would like to order this year, you can contact Margie Johnson (673-2543)/ msjohnson@eastlink.ca or
 Jocelyn Langille (673-2951)/jalangille55@gmail.com.

Reserve the night of Saturday February 16 (7:30 PM) for the Valentine's Dessert Extravaganza at Knox - this is annually a stupendous event that features: “All You Can Eat of Fantastic Desserts”. Entertainment will be provided by Cherry Lane and Friends (Art Peck, Kayla Kennedy, Jake Smyth and Anna Hamilton) and there will be an enticing Silent Auction, and Door Prizes. Advance tickets only, call Kaye (673-2356) to obtain.
The Brookfield Athletic Association will hold their Annual General meeting in the Sportsplex Board Room on January 14, 7:30 PM - all welcome.  The SCA Advisory Council will meet in late January - any wishing to weigh in on the future of the Grad Class photos, referenced in December edition, should contact Principal Scott Armstrong, Wayne Paquet or Mike Henderson. It is not too early to submit nominations for the BMC Eagle Award, presented to persons who have made significant contribution to the growth, development, and life of the community. Deadline for nominations is March 25; submit same to Charlie at cburnett@ns.sympatico.ca.

Hope to see you at the BMC on January 21!    

The Eagle