January 2021
Volume 32
Issue 5

     Sayonara to 2020! The numerically (Roman and Gregorian) pleasing revolution of our orb around El Sol will not be remembered fondly by most, with adversity, tragedy, circus-like political scenes in capitals near and far (with some self-appointed potentates trampling democratic institutions), and health-related situations disrupting life as we comfortably knew it. The bizarre/other-worldly infestation of the U.S. Capital by hordes of misguided zealots (read: anarchists) wrapping themselves in the flag gives weight to the old saw that “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. (Interesting to note that despite seemingly unlimited resources, and location, right in its back yard, CNN’s coverage paled in comparison (especially in visuals) to CTV and CBC?! In our part of the world, it was a quite pleasant year weather-wise, with a very agreeable autumn (not so much to outdoor winter activity enthusiasts!) keeping heating bills low, and sneakers on sidewalks till past Christmas. Winter finally arrived early in 2021, and the lawns and fields, which had been green past New Year's Eve, were finally buried in a lustrous white, to the delight of those with sleds, motorized or otherwise. Dare we hope this newly-launched decade reprises some of the high times of the Roaring '20s from a century ago?!? (without the crash landing of October 1929!). Let's do our best to make a Happy MMXXI for all our readers and residents!

The Brookfield Mens Club (BMC) intend/expect to resume their monthly meetings on Monday January 18, at 7:30 PM at the Fire Station. All are welcome to attend, we expect the gents to be chomping at the bit after provincial authorities’ dictates led to the cancellation of the December/ Christmas meeting!!?! The current roll lists the following - Robert Putnam, Jim Feener, Bob Lawrence, Austin Ross, Geoff Stewart, Don Harvey, Larry Harrison, Scott Armstrong, Herb MacFarlane, Gerry Buott, Larry Archibald, Dale Fisher, Don Hamilton, Frank and Jim Locke, Charlie and Gordie Burnett, Terry, Pibb, the Rev., and the not so reverend - Mike Henderson, Peter, John, Gab, and Win Matheson. We are positive this group - some of whom have chosen to sit out until the coronavirus is calmed - will welcome residents looking for fun, fellowship, and community service. Consider this your invitation!

     Two years ago, in January 2019, the BMC Eagle initiated a very generous six year Countdown Clock, to spur elected members and bureaucrat officials to replace the Highway 289 bridge over the Creamery Brook/Little River. This reminder, as promised, is re-visited now, to ensure we remain vigilant. There has been promising geo-technical work/signs in the past year, and our delegates have kept the issue in front of the decision-makers; hopefully the clock will be dismantled two years hence (or less!), and no longer needed. The inevitable traffic disruption/ delays will be worth it if the new span is safer for vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, etc. Thanks to our residents who, despite the forced cancellation of the annual Food For the Spirit concert, were determined to stock the shelves of the Colchester Food Bank. The organizers, led by Leah Bowers, offered the Stuff a Truck, and our area responded by providing over 1000 pounds of food and $915 in cash donations!

     As detailed in the December edition, the Annual Christmas Decorating Contest went online this year. The Eagle's aerie does not include social media connectivity, so help was needed to pass along favorable reviews, especially for properties beyond the urban core/frequented trails. Thanks to those who posted pictures and comments, and made things brighter for those who could not get out. Many mentions were made of some dwellings in the downtown/central core that were beautifully adorned - among ones turning heads were the Scott Fisher, and Brian & Sherry Stewart homes on Hwy 289. Also on that avenue, kudos were bestowed upon Betty Roop and Brenda Henderson. Carter Road highlights included Gab and Donna Matheson, and Petra and Patrick Stewart. Nancy and Greg VanTassell spiced up Trunk 2, and Amanda Greaves sparkled on Densmore Lane. Special mention to Stephen and Tracey Henderson for adding Stan "Chook" Maxwell to the pantheon of hockey stars on their front lawn - the effort very much pleased members of the Maxwell and Jackson families who visited, and former Elk and NS golf champion, Darrell Maxwell, who appreciated receiving a picture of the display at his home in Ottawa.   

      Ryan Sutherland required surgery to cobble together fractures in his lower leg/ankle after a fall in the snow, and Judy Matheson's knee/leg lost an argument with a flight of stairs. The seemingly indestructible Donnie Fisher, owner of the highly-regarded eponymous construction company (and co-founder) of the Cruise Missiles Hockey Club (est. 1985), suffered damage to his hip from a fall on ice at work that will require him to take it easy for awhile – Good luck with that! Ron Morrell and Liseann Ross were hospitalized; hope all are feeling better soon.
Others avoided mishaps, and still had lots of lung capacity to blow out candles - notable birthdays were marked by much-loved Freda Sutherland, who matched Wayne Gretzky's number! Former across the street Carter Road neighbours, Edna Graham (91) and Felix Pelkey (100 !!) agree there is something good in the water there. Felix re-located to Hartland, New Brunswick, awhile ago, but has many friends here. Lyle Carter was elected to the Maritime Sports Hall of Fame, a testament to the Cat's incredible prowess on both the ball diamond and the hockey rink- congrats Lyl-ee! Over the next 4 weeks, the National Football League playoffs, culminating in Super Bowl LV on February 7, will command a lot of attention. It is indeed a fool's errand at this point to predict a winner, but setting aside personal preference (cough LA cough Rams), we would love to see the perpetually-cursed Buffalo eleven advance to the big show in Tampa. We are not suggesting anyone wager much at all on the Bills, who face a hurdle-filled road – with past champs Colts, Steelers, and Chiefs likely in their way just to get to S.B. – and they may still be a year away...

     The travel section is as barren as a miser's givings - gee I wonder why people are not jetting home, or off to exotic locales!??! Some who did come home and went through the mandatory self-isolating were Gregor Dawe, Erin Bursey, and their 3 month old son Malcolm - they subsequently visited family and friends in Cape Breton and Brookfield (notably his parents, Kim and Joel Dawe). Jim Willie Parks came from Victoria, B.C. to his Mum’s (Judy MacKay). Megan Isenor and Dan Washburn sold their Dartmouth home and have acquired a house at Shortts Lake. Yan Mowatt accepted the big diamond from her man, Grant Campbell – congratulations!

     While many activities subsided due to Covid protocols around the holidays, the Grim Reaper unfortunately took no time off. From Illinois comes word of the death of David Carter, 84 – he is a cousin to Lyle and Stena (Cook) Carter. His parents, Lee and Katherine grew up here. In Truro, Marilyn MacWha, 77, died - she was mother to ex-resident Janet Taylor (and 3 other girls), and Gram to former Jr. Elk Josh Taylor. Linda McCurdy, 81, died in Onslow - she was a friend to many at both the local curling and golf clubs. Helen Barkhouse, 77, died in Truro - she was spouse to Harold Barkhouse, long a fixture as PA announcer at the Jr. Elks hockey games, and before that, a respected arbiter on the ball diamond. Speaking of softball, a leader of the renaissance of high - level softball in Shubenacadie and East Hants was Carl Anthony - he passed at 81. His son Terry was a member of the Elks Canadian Championship in 1980, and he was a big run-producer for the Elks 1990 NS title team. His four grandsons all have played at high levels of hockey and softball. Former Shortt’s Lake resident Glen Thompson died in Valley at 85. Brookfield Golf Club member John Archibald's mother (and BES teacher Kurtis Porter's great-aunt) Muriel died at 92 in Denver - not Colorado, but NS - we are sure our readers know that area? Pam Harrison of Minudie, sister to Myrna Matheson, and an occasional lay reader at Knox died. The saddest info comes from Australia, where Amanda Clark and husband Dave Collins’ 1 month old son, Charles died suddenly - a devastating and inexplicable loss to the parents, and also to local grandparents George and Joan Clark, and Amanda’s sisters, Natalie Brenton and Nicole Sutherland. Sincerest sympathies to those who mourn.

     As this edition reaches your computer/tablet/smart phone screen/mailbox, school will be just back in session after a very long hiatus - especially given the many restrictions on gatherings, travel, etc, measuring 3 1/2 weeks! Hard to say who is happiest about getting back - the kids, getting to see their friends again, their stir crazy parents, teachers praying they can provide in-class, as opposed to online instruction, or the local merchants, Curling Club, and Sportsplex, who are among the countless operations who have lost significant business volume under the edicts. Another pending start-up is the National Hockey League season, hopefully on January 13, with a reduced 56 game slate that will enable the Stanley Cup to be presented in early July, and not in autumn again. What this also means is the revival of the Brookfield Athletic Association (BAA) Weekly Hockey Pools. These fun, inexpensive ($2) offerings will be available from January 18 through May 8, assuming (!?!) no/minimal Covid interruptions, with proceeds plowed back into local recreation. Tickets available at Roop's Esso or Cleaners, or from BAA members, or online at www.brookfieldelks.ca – hope you can/will play! The Brookfield Curling Club will have a 13 week sprint to the finish - they welcome any/all who may have sat out the start of the year -if you are interested contact 899-5462 or electronic mail. The Brookfield Elks season in the Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League is expected to resume on January 16; home games at the Sportsplex are at 4 PM, most every Saturday - visit their website at NSJHL.ca, and click on Elks logo for more info. Organizers of the BAA’s Sports Draw (formerly Big Game Hunt) often get requests from collectors for pins from the past to help round out their set – if you have any pins from before 2015, please contact Putty at 902-673-2764, or electronic mail. While in the souvenir/gift mode, the BAA is responding to several requests and soon hope to have more of the popular “Home of the Brookfield Elks” license plates available. Contact Nancy at 673-2070 or electronic mail to reserve yours.

For those interest in testing their luck, Brookfield Fire & Emergency Services has joined the online 50/50 Nova Scotia Fire Service Raffle being run by the Amherst Fire Department as one of their fundraisers. The weekly jackpot, open only to Nova Scotia residents, has grown from $5,700 initially to over $200,000 on the Christmas Eve and New Years Eve draws. If you wish to participate, the website is https://www.rafflebox.ca/raffle/nsfd and specify Brookfield Fire as the fire service you wish to support. We plan to return our share of the proceeds to support local community activities.

If you know anyone who wishes to receive The Eagle, please send us their email address, and the Bird will land on their screen the second Monday of every month, September to May, absolutely free of charge. Hope to see you at the BMC on Monday January 18, 7:30 PM!  If we are shut down (again) it will be announced on community website, churches, etc.

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