January 2018
Volume 29, Issue 5

The Brookfield Men's Club and The Eagle wish all our readers a bountiful, and healthy 2018! We are indeed fortunate to live in such a special community, where so many contribute and, but it is hard to visualize a place that is so interwoven into the lives of her residents, as well as those who reside (temporarily, we hope!) away from the Little River valley! The BMC is part of what makes things special here; they will kick off 2018 on Monday January 15 at 7:30 with their monthly get-together at the Fire Hall - we welcome you to come along. After a remarkably benign autumn weather-wise, we have been locked in a deep freeze since Christmas including very low temperatures and raging winds. The BMC will help push away the chills!

2018! Can it be almost 20 years ago when most were gripped with apprehension if the computer-controlled systems that seemingly operate everything would survive the switch from 1999 to 2000, a year before the end of the millennium. Fortunately, the cyber-coders took the necessary precautions, and chaos was averted.

The BMC again sponsored the Christmas Decorations/Beautification contest. Some of the old judges have been put out to pasture/muzzled, and the fresh eyes have chosen the following winners to receive the gold ingots, (or a reasonable facsimile). The Eagle, organ of the BMC, was scooped by Colchester Weekly News with this info – security leaks are being actively investigated with Trumpian fervor! Those enshrined in the annals of history are:  Best Overall - Nancy and Greg VanTassell; Best Religious Theme - Frank and Hazel Locke; Most Original (with amazing, larger-than-life cutouts of our NHLers, Lyle Carter and Zack Sil) - Stephen Henderson/Tracey Williams; Best Outdoor Tree - Bill Campbell; Best Back Yard - Bob and Jean Lawrence; Best Christmas Card Effect - Ric and Wendy Locke; Best Commercial - Geoff Stewart Welding. Honourable Mention to Colin and Jackie MacPhee, Brian and Sherry Stewart, and Kyle and Megan Morgan. Thanks to all who made our village shine - it is a wonder shepherds and wise men did not follow the illumination!

Congratulations to the organizers and volunteers of the South Colchester Minor Hockey Association (SCMHA) with Gail MacFarlane at the helm, for an excellent job with the Phil Sears Memorial Friendship Hockey Tournament held at the Sportsplex as 2017 wound down. It was great to see so many high-energy kids flashing around the ice - Initiation, Novice, and Atom teams of girls and boys (ages 4-10). The parents, grandparents, guardians, and friends flocked to the rink as well, creating traffic gridlock on Carter Road! If anyone questioned the need for a sidewalk there, it was laid to rest, as cars and pedestrians jostled for space/right-of-way - and that was in the absence of the soon-to-appear snowbanks, which contribute to the safety hazard. Luke Fielding (Jeff, Stephanie) is turning heads – he is one of 20 named to the N.S. Minor Midget AAA All-Star team and will play this week in the East Coast Ice Jam Tournament in Bedford. While handing out bouquets, don't forget Leah Bowers and crew who produced the 19th Annual "Food for the Spirit" concert to support the local Food Bank. Goodly sums of food and cash were forked over to this sadly-necessary agency. MCs Lisa Henderson and Joel Dawe, sound engineer Rod Nielsen, and Ms. Everything, Joanne Hatfield made the transitioning acts mostly seamless. And the performers, all of whom donate their time and talent!  Say thanks to the afore-mentioned Hatfield for guiding the Knox Junior Choir, her ukulele students, Village Blend, and partnering with Shelley MacLeod, as well as performing herself with Cherry Lane (Mark Hamilton, Tim and Lorraine Ross). Tim was kept busy with the Before Monday band, and accompanying Jake Smyth, Andrea Geldart and the Middle Stewiacke church choir. Others who shone were Megan Isenor, Charles Bowers, Anitra Whidden (with Amanda Greaves), Sarah Matheson (with David Dean), Sarah Alexander-Williams, and Peter and Doris Betts. The incomparable husband-wife duo of James Hill (ukulele) and Anne Janelle (cello) put a beautiful bow on the night.

Members at the Brookfield Curling Club are hoping for a recovery from a stroke for long-time member, and all-around good guy, Bill Stone of Stewiacke. His daughter Becky, and grand-daughter Ainsley McCoul, who live at Shortts Lake, are extending the family tradition of Stones' throwing (curling) stones excellence going. Marg Osborne was hospitalized, and young Bob Henderson mashed some fingers. Firefighters from several brigades responded in frigid conditions to an epic New Year's Day suppertime blaze at the Skylyn Bridal shop in the former fire hall on Trunk 2. Owner Josephine Grandy's apartment and all contents were consumed in the inferno, which obstinately resisted all efforts, including torrents from an aerial ladder truck. The acrid smoke billowed in copious volumes over homes on Laura Drive for several hours.

Thanks to the volunteer farmers who gave of their time, skill and equipment to harvest the cornfield behind Ed Creelman Park/Train Station. Kind hearted citizens “buy” an acre of land, which provides seed and fertilizer, so more profit from the sale of product goes to the Canadian Food Grain Bank, which helps feed starving people in Third World countries. As an extra bonus, the federal government matches all donations, doubling the positive impact of our generosity!

Jim Parks was home at his mother's (Judy MacKay); he is a professor of higher mathematics at University of Victoria. Ryan and Joanna (Canning) Stefani brought their newborn daughter, Maddyn along with brother Kai home from BC to Krista and Terry's home. Lots of Sutherlands were home to help mark the always congenial matriarch Edna's 100th birthday - among them were sons Herk and Robin, with Mavis, B.J. from Indiana, his sister Brandi, from Calgary and Susan Sutherland. Peter, Kelly, and Jack Hazelton were here from Ontario. The Campbell diaspora from Stewiacke East that has gravitated to Brookfield was represented by Peter and family at Brian and Gwen's, Mac and Nadine at Paul's, Jay, Sherry and the Ovsenny kids at Betty Roop's. Peter, Katie, and Abe Kennedy came from the land of 10,000 lakes to Larry and Lynne's. Great to see sibs Robbie (Germany) and Sarah Densmore (BC) back at Wade and Nellie's. Gord and Denise MacDonald came from Fort Erie, Ontario to his mother Audrey's. Kathy Patton was happy to have mother Jean Cameron and sister Heather here from PEI; Darren Smith came from L.A. to Andy and Very Faye’s and the Greg and Heather Loewen family were at her parents, Herb and Betty MacFarlane’s. Jared Stewart was home from the west to see his siblings, grandparents (Gerry, Marilyn Stewart, Eefie Crowell) and parents, Tammy Armstrong and Brian Stewart. Patrick Jackson, son of former SCA Principal Nevin (and Lisa) Jackson was home to Truro Heights from Bolivar, Missouri, where he attends Southwest Baptist University on a golf scholarship.

Exciting news from Oromocto, where Brad George and Kathy O'Donnell have a new baby girl; second grand-child for Tony and Rhonda George in a matter of months! Four SCHS grads from the 1960s all added a grandchild with the birth of Maely Grace Abigail, born to golf pro Laura McCallum and former Jr hockey Elk Mark Kennedy. Both parents won NS High School softball championships while at SCHS. As all four grandparents (Larry, Lynne Kennedy, Patsy, Herb McCallum) left their marks on the fields, courts, arenas, and links of the area, we are not going very far out on a limb to predict this little girl will make headlines down the road. Former fireballer from the 1980 Canadian Senior Men's Fastball Champions Brookfield Elks, Steve Healy, and his wife Patty, added to their grand-child count when their daughter Jessica birthed a son, Charlie Sinclair. Brookfield Elementary French teacher Julie Holland and hubby delivered baby Mae Louise Holland early on Christmas morning. Life is Good! Regan Bowers (Charles, Leah) got engaged to Ryan Stewart (Pat Stewart’s grandson). From Centreville, Kings County comes word that New Minas native Samantha Chaulk accepted Stevie Healy Jr's engagement proposal. Bob Roop’s daughter, Allison, accepted Greg Lamb’s wedding proposal, as did Tracey Taylor (from Shawn Wallace). Best wishes to all of these folks in the upcoming chapters of their books! Noted birthday celebrants were Austin Ross (75), John Matheson (80) and Eldon Miller (85).

The Eagle received very generous greetings and financial support from readers Ron Belanger, now ensconced in the Annapolis Valley, and frequent contributors Ken and Sharon (Trenholm) Bird from Thamesford, Ontario, fellow trillium-ite Elaine (Ross) Healey (Wasaga Beach), Middle Stewiacke's Joyce Geddes,former Middle/South Branch couple Marg and Don Fisher of Hilden/Shortts Lake, and the salt-of-the-earth guy, Big Bill Kennedy! Our thank you seems insufficient; please know how grateful the BMC is for your thoughtfulness!

There are far too many entries in the obituary column this edition - we mourn the passing of: Don Berry of Shortts Lake...Irene Stuart's sister, Darlene Reid in Dartmouth...at Elk Court, Bill Connors, formerly of Middle Stewiacke - he was husband to the late Dot (Carter) Connors...at the Mira in Truro, in her 100th year, Frances Carter of Truro, mother to dyed-in-the-wool Elks fans Ralph, George, and Danny, and aunt to BMC-er Larry Archibald. Final farewells to former Brookfield Baptist Church parson David Roy of Truro, and to our most senior citizen, Donna Matheson’s mother Merle Nelson, who went to her reward at 109 years of age. Two long-term Lafarge employees passed - in West St. Andrews, retiree Elroy Hill; among others he leaves wife Elva, and sisters Mabel Densmore and Esther Wallace. Kevin Croft, an employee with Lafarge passed away at 47, in Truro. Gwen Archibald's family lost a brilliant young man (57), when her son Dr. Colin Archibald passed away in Florida, a victim of cancer. Colin was a very highly-regarded university professor, and did ground – breaking and award winning research work. The village was shocked and saddened with the death of Susanne Harrison, wife of Rev Larry Harrison who led the Brookfield Pastoral Charge for over 30 years and now, is in a second term as our MLA. A motor vehicle collision claimed the life of Rose, wife of Lucien Wybenga, and daughter-in-law of Dr. Milton and Alice Wybenga of Shortts Lake. Give a thought or a prayer for all our grieving families; please accept our condolences.

Sherry and Brian Stewart gadded about the Great White Way during their trip to NYC, taking in the acclaimed (and Newfoundland-based) play “Come From Away”. BMC Prez Jim Feener and wife Marlene went to Ontario to spend the holidays with their daughters Adinda and Shelley and their families. Barb and Roger Ryan did the same, singing their carols with son Patrick's family in London, Ont. Brent and Meredith Harrison took their kids Gavin and Paige to Florida; also along were Stacey Harrison and Jason Steele. Danny, Kathy, Holly and Jill Dean jetted to the Palm Beach area of Florida for an early Christmas with Mark. Caila Henderson and her best pal, Robbie Lebans winged to St. John's to hear their favourite band, Hey Rosetta give their final concert in their hometown. Brenda Geddes is wintering with her daughter’s family in Arizona. Marg (Locke) and Brad Little went to Manitoba to assist daughter Emily, spouse Joel, and their twin grandsons, Hunter and Harrison. Zoe Barbour celebrated Christmas on a Caribbean Cruise.

On Saturday January 27, stop in at the Brookfield Curling Club to watch 16 teams from the various leagues vie for club supremacy in a day-long Bonspiel. The BCC would love to increase the number of local participants, to keep this vital part of the Sportsplex operating. It is confounding that more residents of greater Brookfield/Shortts Lake/South Colchester do not take part of this wonderful asset, when based on the TV ratings, Canadians are watching curling on TV in droves!!?! Other opportunities to try curling come with the Mayor’s Challenge on February 3, the St. Patrick's Day 'Spiel on Saturday March 17, and the 29th Annual Great Community Curling Classic, which goes March 23-25 this year. These events welcome, and are geared towards people with minimal curling experience. The playoffs leading to Super Bowl LII will kick off before we go to press, and the Eagle is tempted to offer his vision - despite the late Punch Imlach's denigration (“predictions are for gypsies”). The NFC is far superior to the AFC, but we see the many top teams knocking each other out/off - sorry my beloved Rams (man/boy? - crush developed on Roman Gabriel and the Fearsome Foursome gang of mid-60s) - finally relevant after many years, but as we said in 2015 about the Maple Buds, 2019 makes more sense. Thus we expect the Steelers - Patriots showdown not only to crown the AFC champ, but produce the Lombardi Trophy holder.

The Nova Scotia International Student Program is currently seeking host families for the Hilden, Brookfield, Stewiacke and surrounding areas for students who would attend South Colchester Academy, or Brookfield Elementary. Our international students are seeking homes in a safe, friendly environment. They have fitted in nicely in family, single parent and senior homes. I will be happy to meet with you should you have any interest or questions about hosting a short term, one semester or one year international student. Email:  Phone:  Lacy Hines.

The New Horizons Senior Band will be starting again on January 18th and those interested in starting with the 18th Wave can attend an info session at Colchester Legion Stadium at 3 p.m. (upstairs) or email . The Fitness Centre at South Colchester Academy will host another information/orientation session on Wednesday, January 10, 6-7 PM. Attendance at an orientation is required for the adult public to use (at no cost!) this fine facility to help all get into swimsuit shape(!!?!). Or if yoga is more your style, Tuesday’s 6 – 7 PM with Debbie Matheson at Knox Hall, or Chair Yoga at the Senior’s Lounge Thursday, 10:15 – 11;Megan Morgan will lead a Gentle Yoga at the Firehall on Thursday’s from 4 – 6 PM. More info on all of these can be found on the community website. In other All Around the Circle Senior’s Club news, their monthly luncheon will be Tuesday, January 16 – doors open at 11:30. Wednesday nights are cards night (crib, 45’s) at their lounge at the Sportsplex. Brookfield Garden Club meets in that room at 7:30 PM the second Monday of every month. Tanya Chase is hosting Tupperware Bingo at the Firehall in January 21 at 7 PM; $10 for 5 games and a free gift.

See you at the BMC; 7:30 on the Ides of January - "Et tu, Brutes?" - no knives allowed!

The Eagle