May 2021
Volume 32, Issue 9

The April meeting of the Brookfield Mens Club was a bittersweet occasion - on the downside the enduring, hopefully not interminable, Covid protocols forced the postponement of the Annual Ladies Night gala; however on happier notes, we had a season-high turnout of members, no doubt all wanted to join in the celebration of President Win Matheson's 80th birthday! Win's two year term in the throne is nearing an end; he has provided able leadership, as was chronicled in Lyle Carter's "Worth Repeating" column in the Truro News. Assuming  restrictions allow, the BMC will meet for the final time this season on Monday May 17, 7:30 PM at the Fire Station. At this writing (May 9) this is looking increasingly doubtful – so the gathering will likely be moved to May 31.  Watch for announcements on signs at the corner, community websites/social media. The Program Committee of Don Harvey, Padre Mike W Henderson, Win Matheson, and Pibb Henderson hope to have a special demonstration for attendees. Physical distancing and mask-wearing will still be the order of the day; all but one member has received their vaccination at this writing.  Voting for the Al Campbell Memorial Award, as BMC-er of the Year will be conducted, along with other business and hi-jinks.

In other happy news, the Brookfield Golf Club had one of its' earliest starts to a season on April 21 - and the course is in fantastic condition, and considerably ahead of others in the region! This is not a surprise, as the club's maintenance and agronomy efforts have yielded terrific results the past 3-4 years. Founder Charlie Sutherland would be very proud!  Unfortunately, a large number of members and Green Fee guests from neighbouring Halifax and Hants counties have been prohibited from coming to BGC to play, due to the rigid coronavirus lockdown measures.  Similarly both the Brookfield Baptist and Knox United Churches have gone to online, rather than in-person – they can be viewed/streamed - contact either church for more info.  Brookfield Baptist Church – website is www.brookfieldbaptist.ca and click on a link for the service.  The service is available for a week and then is replaced the next week.  Knox United Church – links to the video and text will be available at https://www.facebook.com/knoxunitedbrookfield and there is also a link to our weekly services on Knox’s webpage that can be viewed without having a Facebook account.
http://knoxunitedbrookfied.ca/worship-service/sunday-service/.  You can also listen to the service on your telephone by calling 902-920-0335.

Kudos to Colchester Councilor Geoff Stewart, MLA Larry Harrison, and the BMC for their determined efforts to have the Highway 289 bridge over the Little River/Creamery Brook replaced! Though somewhat overdue, the new structure, due to be completed by October, will beat the "Countdown Clock" established almost 2 1/2 years ago in the Eagle. A temporary footbridge has been erected on the north side - it is eminently safer than the old wooden sidewalk. There will be a bit of a mess during the construction phase - many of the immediate neighbours have had lawns, property, driveways, etc utilized/blocked/re-routed - but proper reparations are ensured. Traffic lights and Jersey barriers have reduced the vehicular flow to one lane - the signals cycle is lengthy, but necessary, as the construction will see the bridge built in two stages - first the eastbound lane, then the westerly. So get used to the clang of the pile-driver, and related construction bothers - it will be done before we know it, and none will miss the old structure! Heavy trucks are being detoured through the Brentwood and Forest Glen Roads; hopefully most that are headed for the upper reaches of the Stewiacke and Musquodoboit valleys and Sheet Harbour are using the Pollock Bridge in Stewiacke East to access Highway 224 eastbound, or even the Cloverdale Rd. to Birch Hill and beyond. Either of these byways are much more appropriate/suitable for high tonnages than the Brentwood/Forest Glen route.  One need only go back a few years when the span on Trunk 2 over the Meadow/Mill Brook was replaced, and how much better that was on everyone's tires, suspensions, etc!  Trivia question - what year was that bridge built??

The barrage of babies continues unabated - and we are so joyful for that! From Gaetz Brook on the Eastern Shore comes news of the birth of Murphy Bruce Dunford; born to the delightfully irrepressible Gina (Monk) and Joe Dunford. Murphy is a brother to Frankie AJ, and grandson to Brookfield native Connie (Burrows) Monk. It is easy to imagine the late BMC-er Victor Burrows popping his buttons were he still with us, and relishing his role as Great-Gramps! Downtown we celebrate the birth of Goldie Nell Cooke - parents Mitch and Kim Cooke are ecstatic, and Aunts Heidi and Danica are tussling over whether Goldie's first helmet will be of the equestrian, Motocross, or hockey variety! Sixth grandchild for Joanne and Robbie Cooke, and first for SCA Administrative Assistant Angela Seymour. Brookfield Fire and Emergency Service Chief Rod Nielsen and his do-everything wife Lori upped the ante - they have TWO new grandchildren, just over a week apart. In Truro, esteemed optometrist Dr. Erica Nielsen and Derek Jones welcomed Ingrid Elizabeth, a sister for Felix. Jessica and Daniel Ash balanced their gender scale, birthing a handsome baby boy, Carter Ellis Nielsen Ash, a brother for Anna, in Truro Heights. Two new great grand-kids for Velma Fisher! The baby vapors were in the air at South Colchester Academy also - this is a happy contagion!  Senior English teacher and girls basketball coach Cassie (Green) MacKenzie and hubby Matt MacKenzie had a boy, Daxon Blade; and multi-instructionalist Shannon (and Allen) Wickens are delighted with their baby girl, Aubree Claire. And from rapidly growing Leitrim, in the Gloucester exurb of Ottawa, comes word of a SIXTH grand-son for former area residents George and Eileen (Graham) Barrett - they curled here, and George enjoyed a few seasons with the Truro & District Hockey League Elks in the mid '80s as a smooth Centre (despite having tended goal for St. F X X-Men !). Jack Joseph was born to their daughter Maria and husband Tony Casimiri. The Barrett legacy is large there - the Fred G Barrett arena is named after George's dad; and his older brothers (Fred and John) both had lengthy, successful NHL careers. This is absolutely our favourite news to report on - keep 'em comin'!

We extend our gratitude to those who sprinkled bird seed the Eagle's way - Marg and Don Fisher of Hilden, Phil and Judy Henderson of Halifax, Carol and Dennis Haverstock of Port Hawkesbury and Bill and Sharon Stewart of Bible Hill. Tip of the cap to Terry Canning who volunteered to aerate and roll the lawns at Ed Creelman Park, and to Club-Men Gerry Buott and Don Harvey, who ensure the garbage cans there, and along Hwy 289 and at "the corner", are regularly emptied. As better weather arrives, the BMC boys are picking up the pace at both the park and the East Side Cemetery - they welcome volunteers! Covid has meant the BMC will not be hosting the Fish-a-Rama at the Wetlands Trail on May 29, and the BBQs on Canada Day and after the Coming Home to Brookfield Parade also appear endangered if those events are scrubbed!?!

The afore-mentioned President Winston is grumpily recovering from knee replacement surgery, but holds out hope it will enable him to resume his golf career. Another linksman (and hockey player) sidelined is Joey Smith, he beset with cardiac issues.  Leah Roop was hospitalized with a bout of pericarditis. Bob MacKay is home after having part of his liver removed.  Long time stalwarts of Knox United's choir Ken Retson and Lynn Matheson are/were in hospital. Keep Carla Clarke in your thoughts - the Hilden resident, former star pitcher for the Elkettes, and wife and business partner of David Clarke, is undergoing cancer treatments.

The Brookfield Elks Mixed Bowling League, in existence since 1961, had a first this year, as an all-female team - Pink - captured the playoff title. The winning keglers were Kim Metlin, Tammy Melanson, Cindy Bigelow and Lisa Henderson. They edged out the runner-up Grey tetrad of Pibb Henderson, Sandra Works, Joyce Woodbury, and Joey Brenton. Lucas Canning, son of Corina Upham, had a terrific rookie season as a 16 year old for the Cape Breton Eagles in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League - we will watch with interest his progress up the ladder!  Milksnake has released his 5th CD/album - "Gross Grocer" - it can be streamed on Spotify or Apple Music, or at Milksnake.bandcamp.com.

Elizabeth Watson's niece, Clancy McDaniel, is the Executive Director of Students NS. She has graduated
from St. F X, and will attend Law School at the University of Victoria; her younger sister Zoey is in her second year at UVic on the very prestigious LORAN scholarship. We are very pleased Wayne and Elizabeth Watson's daughter, Terri, has moved home to NS from Red Deer - we will welcome her in person when she finishes her stint of self isolation. The Brookfield Area Terry Fox Committee remain committed to raising money for cancer research, even with the challenges presented by Covid restrictions. Many of their regular fundraisers have been cancelled. They are asking the community to 'Try Like Terry', and suggest ideas that will work within Covid protocols. Already in place are donating a Memorial sign in honour of a loved one, or recycling bottles - Subway Bottle Exchange has an account in the group's name - just drop off your bottles and tell them it is for the Brookfield Terry Fox account. For more info, or to pass along suggestions please call or email 902-673-2427/judy.matheson@eastlink.ca.

Many were saddened by the passing of popular Brookfield Lumber Company's contractor clerk Dana Wry, 57, just weeks after his cancer diagnosis. He leaves behind daughters Kennedy and Holly Wry, and partner, BES teacher Shelley O'Connell.  Audrey Dean, well-liked Mum to Derek, Dan, Tammy, Julie, and Brad died at 89 in Truro. Elizabeth Watson's brother, Colin McDaniel of Brook Village, Inverness Co., died after a long struggle with cancer. Kayli Gault's uncle, George Payne of North River, died at 66; and Dana Works mother, Mary Works, passed at 80 in Valley. In Camden, Ralph Henderson died at 98 - he was step-father to Ferne Bates, and grandfather  to Darlene (Delaney) Stone, Randy Delaney, Glendon, Karl, and Robert Bates. In Truro, Derek Lugar died at 63 - he owned Vantage Motors VW, and was a strong supporter of hockey at the Sportsplex.  Another auto dealer and businessman, and friend to many here, Garry Pye also died.  1957 BRHS graduate Shelia Dickey, B. Nursing, originally from Otter Brook, died at 80 in Halifax and former Brookfield resident, Al Tucker of Folly Lake, died aged 70 – he was a brother to Gordie and Heather. Condolences to all who lost loved ones.

Historical flashback - 150 years ago in 1871, British Columbia joins Confederation, becoming Canada's sixth province....P.T.Barnum opens "The Greatest Show on Earth" circus in Brooklyn - will the present-day circus of clashing egos allow the Nets to bring an NBA title to the borough that last had a World Champion in 1955, when the Beloved Bums (Brooklyn Dodgers) finally brought the crown to Flatbush?...The Great Fire destroyed a good deal of Chicago; Mrs. O'Leary's cow implicated....and a couple of items from the History Repeats Itself file - 250 years ago (1771), Russia completes its conquest of Crimea (and they have effectively neutered the Ukrainians in that crucial land mass in the Black Sea again); and in 1721 - China suppresses a revolt in Formosa - only us greybeards recognize that name of the island nation - most know it as Taiwan -  whose people and government still exist with one nervous eye over their shoulder at the bully across the strait on the mainland.    Trivia answer - the bridge on Trunk 2 over the Meadow/Mill Brook was built in 2013 - sure doesn't seem like eight years ago!

Sprouting like dandelions in our area are For Sale signs on houses – homes typically do not change
hands here often: properties are listed on, among others on Densmore Drive, Hamilton Ave., Elm Street, Carter and Upper Brookfield Roads and Highways 2 and 289. The supply has seldom (ever?) been greater – might be lots of choice for any ex-pats looking to come home?! Opportunities for family members, or any people looking to move into a great community!

Other cancellations - some to be re-scheduled??  Brookfield Community Assembly (BCA) Community Clean-Up day - stay tuned to community website and FaceBook pages...the Whing Ding will not happen for the second year in a row - so those wishing to keep the Brookfield Athletic Association's coffers healthy can watch for the Stanley Cup Playoffs Hockey Pool - entries only $5; the tickets will be available soon at Roop's Esso and Cleaners, from BAA members, or online at www.brookfieldelks.ca, or via e mail at Tickets@brookfieldelks.ca. The 85th edition of the legendary Brookfield Elks Sports Draw and Hunt Contest (formerly the Big Game Hunt) will launch in July - be sure to get your tickets to be eligible for fantastic prizes, including a 4 - door Jeep Wrangler OR $50,000 in cash; $5000 worth of Superstore Gift Cards, and many other great prizes! Pending is a decision on the Elks Golf Scramble at the Brookfield Golf Club, tentatively set for July 3. The Coming Home to Brookfield celebration will be seriously truncated; the committee is planning a concert at the Sportsplex, an online art show and hopefully an outdoor closing church service on July 24-25 - watch for announcements/updates.

What is happening - or so we expect.  The Men's Fastpitch Softball League returns to Elk Park for Thursday night twin-bills (and maybe some Monday action?), with the Elks as defending champs. We also are hopeful of a normal Minor Ball season - volunteers can reach out to Brookes VanTassell @ 673-3310.

BAA is proud to support the boys and girls in this fine program! Plans are in progress to allow a modified
Graduation ceremony at South Colchester Academy - hopefully the kids will be back in school before too long!?!  SCA is most appreciative of the organizations, businesses, families, and individuals who contribute to; and make their scholarship and awards program the envy of many schools.

Brookfield Fire & Emergency Services, in partnership with the South Colchester Community Health Board, would like to help keep our local recreational waters safe by offering FREE boater safety training (online learning due to COVID-19).  Participants will receive their Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) after completing the program.  Community member selection for this opportunity will be by lottery as spaces are limited.  Please express interest by emailing organizer Brent Fisher – Brent.fisher@bfes.ca.

Hope to see you on May 17 -  but it might be May 31, we will announce if we have to extend meeting date out further.   The Eagle will go on annual hiatus – returning in September – but must extend sincere gratitude to the various people “behind the curtain”, who make the editions come together.  So big, “thank You” to those submitting items, to the over-worked type-setters/production staff of Krista McMullin and Lori Nielsen, to the parsing proof-readers, to the distribution team of Susan Stevenson, Austin Ross, and Bob Lawrence to the merchants who provide hard copy pick up locations, to the BMC and Treasurer R. Putnam for keeping the ‘lights on’, and to your our loyal readers!  Merci mes amis!  Until September -  

                                The EAGLE