September 2021

Volume 33, Issue 1

What a summer! Lots of heat, and fortunately, abundant, properly-spaced rain made for ideal growing conditions for gardens, farm crops, lawns, and woodlands. We empathize with our western Canadian friends who dealt with heat waves, drought, and wild fires. Little wonder more and more are opting to live in Nova Scotia!  The Brookfield Mens Club (BMC) saw their closing meeting of the '20-'21 season moved to early July, after pandemic protocols were eventually lightened. The passing of long-time member Don Hamilton was observed; and Gerry Buott was voted the Al Campbell Memorial Award, which recognizes a member for significant work on behalf of the BMC. A new Executive will be brought in at the 2021-22 lid lifter meeting - note the special date -TUESDAY September 21 - the switch necessitated by the federal election the day before utilizing the Fire Station - so the BMC will go a day later at 7:30 PM. Candidates to go to Parliament Hill from Cumberland-Colchester are: Conservative Dr. Stephen Ellis; Green Jillian Foster; Liberal Lenore Zann; NDP Daniel Osborne; People's Party Bill Archer; Independent Jody O'Blenis. There are lots of opportunities to vote prior to September 20, but local polls will be open that day from 8:30 to 8:30 at the Seniors Lounge at the Sportsplex - please exercise your franchise! Advance polls there Sept 11, 12, 13. Nice to see BMC-er Larry Harrison returned to the Legislative Assembly, this time on the government side of the benches, as part of new PC Premier Tim Houston's majority mandate.

      Regular motorists on Highway 289 are now well aware of the lane change at the under- construction bridge over the Creamery Brook - traffic is now directed to the newly-opened eastbound lane, and work has commenced on the westbound half - so pay attention when approaching! Up the road at the schools, new leadership at Brookfield Elementary - Karla O'Leary moves in as Principal, with Leah Roop as the V-P! Kathy Weatherbee moves on after six years at the helm; she goes to Truro Elem., and her former V-P Jenn Clarke is the new boss at Hilden Elem. Ian Cowan, a Halifax native, replaces Karla as the V-P at South Colchester Academy (SCA). Ted Fitzgerald and Jane Layden retired from teaching posts at SCA. Dismissals will be earlier this year; 2:25 at BES, and 2:35 at SCA, with no reduction in instructional time.

      Weddings are evidently not passe by the look of the knot-tiers around! Laura Fudge (Barry, Sandra) and Matthew Kaizer kicked things off, followed by Jacob Bowers (Charles, Leah) and Morgan Rath (Duane, Lorna of Shortts Lake) at Fox Harb'r - the couple resides on Kennedy Road. Doug Cross and Robyn Morrisey were married in the back yard of their home near the foot of the Upper Brookfield Road; and Maria Halavrezos (Costas, Jennifer Henderson) and Kevin McIntyre were united on the shores of Lake Banook, where both spent many hours honing their standout paddling skills. Alicia Stewart (Brian Stewart, Tammy Armstrong) wed Ryan Ingram, a fellow SCA grad, near the pond in the field below Tammy's home - they live in Elmsdale. Megan Isenor (Bruce, Glenda) made Dan Washburn, originally from the Big Surf, a happy man when she said 'I do' at their home on Shortts Lake. Barrister Bailey Campbell (Bob, Linda) exchanged vows with Andrew Leblanc in their Quispamsis backyard. Hannah Fisher (Troy, Jeannette) married Jeremy Graham (Mike, Cindy), and Jim Pearson and Krista Williams of Robin Lane tied the knot, as did Blaise Watson and Mary Kaulback,Maria Rutherford and Mike MacDavid, and Tonya Colpitts and Matt Willison in Selma - best wishes to all!

     The joyous nuptials helped bring many from away back - Megan's aunt and uncle and partners included Lisa and Chris George and kids, and John and Carrie Hingley. Daisy Hingley's sister, Rosie came from Nfld. Jerad Stewart was home for his sister's big day. The loosened travel restrictions made it a delight to see others - Marian McDonald's progeny Greg, Angela, and Bert and families, Alma Hawkins (Mujakovic), Sherry and Jay Ovsenny and kids at Betty Roop's...Bruce Dickie and son Spencer at Vic and Betty's...Tamara (O'Leary) Katayama and her two boys came from Ontario to George and Sharon O'Leary's. Terry and Mary Henderson welcomed home son Robert from Winnipeg, and daughter Julie Hsu and family from B.C. Peter Campbell and family were at Gwen Campbell's; and Minnesotans Peter, Katie Kennedy and sons were at Larry and Lynne's. Emily and Joel Goodwin and 3 boys from Manitoba were at Marg and Brad Little's. Marilyn and Lloyd Groves' daughter Karen was at the lake with hubby Dave and their two daughters. James, Laura Carter and daughters came from Alberta; as did Sarah Matheson. Zach and Leanne Sill were home from Deutschland. Robbie Densmore was home, and fly-boy Austin McBurnie touched down long enough to finish second in Golf Club Championship. Krista McMullin and Terry Canning welcomed daughters Janelle and Joanna and their respective families. Roger and Barb Ryan were delighted to have their boys home to the lake. Nurse extraordinare Elaine (Ross) Healey to tend to big sister Shirley’s recovery. The family of the late Melvin and Doris Johnson re-united, thanks to the planning of Shirley DeBay and her daughter Debbie Works, who hosted the gathering at her Brentwood home. Eleven of the 14 surviving kids (only Harry has passed) and their progeny attended. Sadly Shirley was hospitalized just before the event, and sister Barbie and brother Wayne missed, but Glenora, Vivian, Donna, Karen, Doug, Gord, Jim, Darrell, Tom, Randy and Steve were there! We are sure there were many others - please forward to the Eagle's e-address, as well as university graduates, etc.

     Others spending time in hospital were Shirley Comeau, Judy Matheson, Zach Sill, and Bob MacKay, who all had surgery. Whidden Road's Rick George is recovering from a serious stroke--Kathy promises to have him out and about before too long! Margaret Johnson (Beth Maguire’s Mum) and Margaret Fisher (Dale) received some TLC. Broken limbs slowed, but did not stop, Marcus McCully (wrist), Ryan Bezanson (leg), and Travis McAndrew (arm). Nice to have Ken Retson back home on Elm Street.

     Speaking of grads - a couple of BMC-ers are busting buttons over their grand-children's accomplishments. Jim and Marlene Feener's grand-daughter Brianna Kunder received her B.A. (Honours) from the U. of Western Ontario, majoring in Psych and Thanatology; she is now at Adler U. in Vancouver working on her doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Ella Fitzgerald (Nancy and Ken Fitzgerald) received the Queen Elizabeth II Medal plus other scholarships and awards at Hants East High graduation- she is grand-daughter to Bob and Jean Lawrence, and is attending SMU. At SCA, major/multiple award/scholarship winners were: Hope Bower, Jayden Cameron, Erin Carter, Morgan Countway, Rodger Dash, Abby Falkenham, Codey Gomez, Cavell Hamilton, Rachel Hawkes, Kennedy Johnston, Taylor Lowe, Brooklynne McGee, Rachel Peterson, Emily Rushton, Santanna Sampson, Kierra Thomas, Sarah Verboom, and Holly Wry.  The Queen Elizabeth II Medal went to Erin Carter, while Jayden Cameron copped the Governor General's Award. Athletes of the Year had a local flavour - Hamilton Ave. resident Codey Gomez was the Senior Male, and Erin Carter - whose grandfather Layton Carter grew up on that lane - was the Senior Female. Brentwood's Colby Brown was the Junior Male, and Sophia MacDonald of Shorrts Lake was the Junior Female.  Wolf Spirit Awards to grads demonstrating the spirit of fair play and enthusiasm were Morgan Countway and Abby Falkenham. 3-D Awards (Dedication, determination, and drive) among Grade 10 and 11s went to: Aidan Fisher, Cody Geldart, Maddie Hunt, Lucas Kelly, Lauren Percival, Vinh Pham, and Alexa Roop.

     Final farewells to Carol Noonan, 79 of Truro - Mum to Kendra Arseneau...Paula MacDonald, 58, Bible Hill, she was mother-in-law to Chris Armsworthy...Jimmy Chambers of Oxford, father to Lucy Wile...Marilyn Tully of Lantz, a sister to Vic Penny...Betty Rodd, 81, in Salmon River--Paul's mother, who used to live on Densmore Lane...Victor Fisher, brother to Doreen Frank and Marlene Feener... Jean Hamilton's husband Don...Dick Croft, 79, father to Teri and Kelli...Holly Scothorn's sister, Becky Casey, 37 of Oxford...Eric Glinz, 63 in Truro – brother to Ernie, Linda, Trish and Robbie…Shawn Bernard, 54 Maitland, mother to SCA grads Adree and Trent Lynds. Gwen Archibald's sister-in-law, Thelma (Archibald) Currie...'Bomber' Campbell's mother-in-law Lillian Sullivan...Freddie Hutchinson's sister Joyce Manley, 84 in Truro. Mary Ann Rose, 50 of East Hants died - she was a familiar face with the Junior curlers when her son Mekenzy played; and another former BCC member, Anne Cox of Princeport. Sad news from Ontario where Don "Stace" Harvey lost his brother, Bob (mid 60s), and his son Darren (in his mid 40s), in short order. RCAF Capt.(ret'd) James Forbes, 62 in Port Williams- he was Valedictorian for the SCHS Class of 1977. Charles Illsley died at 72 in HRM; he was a brother-in-law to former Elk Vaughn Hibbitts. Condolences to all who lost loved ones.

     Nick Matheson did a 12 km swim in the Bras d'Or Lakes, and tied for the leading fund-raiser for Brigadoon Camp - daughter Maryn was his 'escort' in a kayak – together they won the “Big Courage Award”. Connor Hirtle, former Jr. Elks hockey player before becoming a quadriplegic in a diving mishap, earned his Master's degree from the U of Florida - he has recently been hired by the Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning's Analytics department!  Jim Midgley, former hockey star at SMU, was named an Assistant Coach of the New York Rangers. He and partner Laura Seeley summered at their cottage on Crystal Lake. He was also an Assistant Coach for Canada's team at the Womens' World Hockey Championships in Alberta, and came home with a Gold medal after their stirring Overtime victory vs. USA!  Velma Fisher’s grandson, Sam Archibald (Stephanie, Pat) of Debert has made Quebec Major Junior Hockey League with the Charlottetown Islanders – watch him go! Brad and Sonya Matheson's son, Daniel, played for Team Nova Scotia that won gold in PEI in U-18 flag football. David " Spud" Stevenson took a well-earned retirement from Lafarge, after 42 + years of dedicated service - now his garden will really take off! Club-Man John Matheson and wife Lynn marked their 60th wedding anniversary-wow! Fellow BMC-er Herb MacFarlane and his wife Betty had help from their four daughters and a number of grand-kids, puffing out 80 candles for each of their birthdays. Great for Herb and Betty to have Heather, Sheryl, Krista home with them and Gail! Zoe Barbour doesn't slow down; she barely paused to mark her 90th birthday, but was happy to have son Mike, Elaine and grand-daughter Chelsea Barbour, as well as daughter Mandy and hubby Mike Agnew. And Zoe sent some dinero the Eagle's way as well - gracias senora!

     Phil and Kitty McMullin travelled to Newfoundland this summer as did Joan Adey and Greg Sutherland. Victor and Betty Dickie travelled to Alberta for their grandson’s high school graduation. Karen Pierce travelled to Alberta as well.

      The Baby Boom continued - we may have to bring back the Doll Carriage Parade at the 2022 Whing Ding! Terry and Joan Fisher's daughter Jenane and A J MacLean have a new son, Tulloch, in Toronto, a brother to Lachlan - Joan, daughter of the late Vic and Gerry Burrows... SCA teacher Lauren Fiander (Gower, Cyndi) and hubby Chris Bresowar welcomed Elaine Louise in HRM....Yelps of delight from opposite the Fire Hall as Rickey Johnston and Mandy Wilson had a baby girl, River. Grandparents are Doreen Johnson, and Brian and Sharon Johnston...BES teacher Christy (MacPhee) Smith, whose Dad, Kevin lived in East Brookfield as a youth, rejoiced with hubby Travis Smith with the birth of Walker. Big summer for Cruise Missiles goaltender Travis - a new son, and promotion to Plant Manager at Lafarge - well played! Another BES teacher caught the baby bug - Bree (MacLeod) Hunka and hubby Robert have their first child, a son, Lane. Amy Matheson - Gab and Donna's granddaughter (Aaron, Laura) and Sam Walker-Hiltz had a baby girl, Audrey - they reside in Bible Hill. The Eagle had missed noting a baby boy, Kye, born to Kelsey Holder and Chris Lindsay late last year. Keep 'em coming!

      What a successful season for the Elks Minor Ball program! 116 boys and girls played; the Elks incredibly captured Nova Scotia titles at U10, U12 and U14 levels!! The oldest group was coached by Brent Harrison, Brookes VanTassell, Craig Maguire, Shann Singer and Brad Sutherland - their team had Gavin Harrison, Cohen Mingo, Rylan Sutherland, Keigan Maguire, Josh Gabriele, Noah Lavers, Porter Campbell, Broden and Rigby VanTassell, Will and Cooper Singer - lots of very familiar surnames there to Elks fans! The U12s had Brent, Shann, and Brookes again as leaders - the diamond dandies were Tyler Sullivan, Garrett Searle, Mikael Fields, Seth Peterson, Tanner Brown, Rigby VanTassell, Paige Harrison, Cooper Singer, Carley and Jack Brenton! The U10s were led by Craig Maguire, Charlie Fleming, Josh McCallum, and Brad Sutherland - team members were Meah Sutherland, Chloe Maguire, Samara McCallum, Dom Dennis, Anwaar Hanna, Henry Jamieson, Emmett Stokdijk, Stephen Arsenault, Madden Benvie, and Gavin Fisher. The kids were at Elk Park five nights a week - much applause and gratitude to all the organizers, coaches, and volunteers, ably led by Brookes VanTassell, and to the BAA for providing the fine field and other support! Calum McAndrew coached the U13 team to the provincial Box Lacrosse title - Kiera Akeegok (Roseanne, Gerald Wright) played. The U17 team featuring Travis McAndrew and Landan Ryan finished 2nd at provincials; and Landan played on Team NS that won the Nelson Cup in Saint John. The Golf news will appear in the October Eagle.

Terry Fox Day is Sunday September 19 - while the national body has curtailed some activities due to various Covid hotspots around the nation, the local committee is urging people to walk, run, cycle, push your way at Carter Falls or elsewhere. There will be an unveiling of a Brookfield Athletic Association sign that day at the site, recognizing the efforts of Hugh and Audrey Carter in providing access and road repair to the splendid site for Terry Fox. Due to restrictions, regrettably there will not be the usual BBQ or entertainment, but hopefully all can do their part to fund cancer research. The Run will be held from 12 noon until 4 PM with attention to Covid safety; or you could do your walk at your own time and place. To accommodate both choices, members will be accepting donations at the Carter Falls site AND Creelman Park / Train Station from 1-4. Please continue to support the Run; Covid can't stop cancer research - so let's continue to "Try like Terry" to outrun cancer. Joyful Chair Yoga moves to Wednesdays at the Seniors Lounge as of Sept. 15. Fee is only $5, 10:15 - 11;00 - Joy is a fantastic, friendly Yogi. The BAA has launched the Sports Draw and Hunt Contest for a remarkable 85th season! This year's Grand Prize is a brilliant yellow Jeep Wrangler, OR $ 50,000! The 85th Anniversary prize is a Diamond Necklace valued at $1800. Other great prizes are a $5000 Gift Card from Atlantic Superstore, a Snowblower; a 7500 watt gas generator, and a $500 gift card from MacQuarries Pharmasave!! Plus the terrific prizes available in the Hunt portion of the draw - all that for only a $20 ticket, and you are supporting the BAA, so they can re-invest the proceeds back into sports for the kids! Tickets available at almost every retailer, from BAA members, or online at www.brookfieldelks.ca - get yours today! South Colchester Minor Hockey Assn. (SCMHA) has Online Registration underway - go to scmha.goalline.ca. The Elks Mens Fastpitch team plays Thursday nights at Elk Park - they hope to defend their 2020 title - stop in and take in a game! Early notification about Remembrance Day - long-time organizer Bob Lawrence will not be ordering wreaths this year - to order, contact the Stewiacke Legion - 902-639-9979, or Pat Boulanger, Poppy Fund Chairman at 902-209-6505. The Brookfield Curling Club is looking forward to a normal season, starting this year on November 1 - more info in the October Eagle or call 899-5462. Watch the website for news on the Brookfield Elks start date in the N S Jr. B Hockey League. The ice is going in the Sportsplex on October 4 - call 673-2063 to reserve ice time!

We really hope several will come out on September 21 to the BMC - a modicum of time for a lot of fun, while helping your community! With Covid largely in the rear view mirror, we encourage volunteers to get back in action - certainly the BMC, BAA, BFES, DHMS, and many other groups will welcome your efforts!
 See you at the Fire Hall, 7:30 on the 21st!