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January 2016

Volume 27, Issue 5


January 2016

Volume 27, Issue 5

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! May 2016 bring health and happiness to our readers and citizens, and dare we hope for less hostilities around the globe?!? The Brookfield Men's Club (BMC) will open their year on Monday, January 18, 7:30 PM at the Fire Station. All are welcome. The BMC sent their four wise men up and down every road, street, lane, and alleyway in Greater Brookfield ( including but not limited to, East, North, and Upper Brookfield, Forest Glen, Pleasant Valley, Shortts Lake, and Brentwood), to judge the annual Christmas decorations in our fair burg. This is the 20th year the BMC has cited those who do so much to brighten spirits at Yuletide. The list of those deemed deserving of the priceless recognition is as follows: Best Overall - Brookes VanTassell and Ann Robicheau; Most Original - Herb and Pat McCallum; Religious Theme - Gower and Cyndi Fiander; Best Commercial - Reclaimed Cottage; Best Back Yard Display - Debbie Matheson; Best Use of Lights - Ron and Ruth Bezanson; Best Outside Tree - Keiver and Bev Read; Most Complete - Nancy and Greg VanTassell; Best Apartment - # 2 Brandt Lane. Congratulations to all, and there could have been many more as our community sparkled - maybe those very mild December temperatures allowed more outdoor work than usual!?!

    Our community is indeed very caring and generous - both the Project Hope campaign to sponsor and bring Syrian refugees here, and the concurrent one for the Sportsplex have been very well supported - more announcements from both to follow! The Good Time Fiddlers are organizing a Kitchen Party, with proceeds going to Project Hope. It should be a blast; so mark your calendar for Saturday, January 16, 7:00 PM at SCA. Come out and hear performers like internationally-acclaimed stars James Hill and Anne Janelle, the Cherry Lane Band, Bob and CJ Prest, Julian Johnston and Carol Roode, Megan Isenor, the SCA band, as well as the aforementioned Good Time Fiddlers, directed by Emily Kierstead. Emily has written an original song, which will be “launched” at SCA! Please attend and show your support for the talented volunteers. Likewise the Eagle's expenses were more than looked after for a few months by exceptional donations by the ever-attentive Bill Kennedy and Joyce Geddes, whom readers will recognize as annual contributors. Also stuffing the Bird's nest were Donnie and Marg Fisher, and Herk Sutherland from Alberta! We also want to make note that Brookfield Lumber was missed from the list of donors in the last issue to the Christmas Index through the Festival of Trees and Stockings. We are most grateful for the many kindnesses.  It seems an appropriate time to put out the first call for nominations for the annual Eagle Award, which will be presented on Ladies Night (April 18) to a citizen(s) who has made/is making significant contributions to the community. Nominations can be passed to Committee Chairman Charlie Burnett (cburnett@ns.sympatico.ca), or to the Eagle's e mail - deadline is March 30.

     The best part of Christmas is seeing so many friends and family get back to Brookfield - sadly the Eagle's vision (and /or memory!?) is much diminished, so many will be missed in this listing - but we did see Krysten Stewart , Andre Garneau, and daughter Sadie from suburban Quebec City at Patty Stewart’s , Shirley Comeau and Bill Stewart’s grandchildren Drew and Kristy Stewart (Glen) from Grande Prairie, and Queensland, Australia, respectively. John Nielsen & wife Elizabeth were home from central Quebec, visiting with his siblings in Brentwood and Shortt's Lake; former star SCA curler Michael Weatherbee was also home to mother Cindy's in Hilden. Miranda Deyarmond and pal Tom Hogben came to Barry and Linda's from Kiwi-land; Scott Johnson came from Iqualuit, Nunavut to Wayne and Shelia Johnson's; and Lisa (Hingley) and Chris George and kids (Alexander and David) came from Ottawa to visit Daisy and family. Mac and Nadine Campbell and family came from the Ottawa area to Paul and Joan's; and Jay and Sherry Ovsenny and kids came to Betty Roop's from Toronto. Also here from the GTA was Annette Heffernan; her brother Andrew and wife Laura came from Albany, NY to join sister Amy (and Jason) Muis from Sheet Harbour. Heather MacFarlane, Greg Loewen and kids came from Maine to Herb and Betty MacFarlane's. Carl Sutherland delighted his Mum, Freida Sutherland when he pulled in from Alberta. Great to see Slavjan Conevski and daughters Hana and Aleksandra here on Christmas Eve! We apologize to those we missed - see the reporters contact info at the bottom of the page to pass along info!

    It might be getting colder (at last!), but blooming love warms hearts - what better way than celebrating babies being born (at a fantastic clip, we might add), weddings and engagements joining couples! Amy and Rod MacLean started the ball rolling - Sybil Charlotte Lynne arrived to join her two siblings on William Russell Road; grandparents Donnie and Marg Fisher are nearby to lend a hand! Desiree and Connor Muise, residing in the former McMullin house on 289,welcomed a baby girl; grandmother is the Reclaimed Cottage's Wanda Arnold. Kelsey and Matt Davis of Middle Stewiacke brought home a pretty bundle, Ellie-May Madisyn, a sister for Layla - grandparents are Bob and Linda Campbell and Fred and Carol Davis. Will she be as deadly as her namesake "huntin' critters with her double-barreled slingshot”?!? Kevin and Natalie Brenton tried to restore the gender balance - their son Logan was the first New Year's baby at Colchester Hospital - he comes home to meet his three sibs. He is a descendant of grandparents Gerry and Sandra Brenton, and George and Joan Clark. Donna and Vaughn (Gab) Matheson are very excited to announce the birth of Lexie Grace in Eastern Passage - delighted parents are Brian (Yogi) and Ashley Matheson. Desha Ellis and Rob Wells of Truro have a new baby girl, Paisley; grandparents are Debbie Messervey and Gary Ellis, Sr. Morgan Burrows (Graham, Elizabeth) and Andrew Meekins had a baby girl on December 31; Hudson Elizabeth Ann adds to their home on the farm in Onslow. A bit belated, but no less exciting news , comes from Vancouver where former Burrows Drive resident, outstanding Air Cadet, now- helicopter mechanic, and all-round good guy Nathan Allinson and his beautiful Newfoundland wife, Dr Jackie (Foley) have twin baby girls, now a little over 2 months old. Scarlett Philomena and Evangeline Amelia are grand-daughters for former residents Carrie Allinson-Hingley and Darrell Allinson. This is some of the happiest news we get to report; a big congratulations to all!! A New Year's Eve wedding was solemnized as Brent Mosher and uber-talented songbird Jessica Fleming (Mark & Kelly) said their "I dos"! Others were pledging their troths and catching rings - Amy Fleming (Christine, the late Blair) - Jessica's cousin, accepted Daniel MacKenzie's proposal, as did Jessica Nielsen (Lori, Rod) to former SCA Athlete of the Year, Daniel Ash of Alton. It was a very happy month for Zach Sill - he made it home from his AHL posting in Hershey for Christmas, and went back to join the first place Washington Capitals of the NHL, where he has now played four games. But the best was getting engaged to Leeann McLaughlin! Tip of the wings to all the happy duos.

    Leah Bowers and her crew (Glenda Isenor, Keith Gale, Rod Nielsen, Lisa Henderson, and Joel Dawe) orchestrated another fabulous Food For The Spirit concert with a large amount of food and cash being sent to the Colchester Food Bank. The performances were excellent, and this has become a "must-attend" event. Joanne Hatfield, who as usual was ubiquitous, and absolutely essential to multiple acts throughout, led her ukulele students to kick things off, then turned from the old to the very young, leading the Knox Junior choir (Alexa Roop, Kenzie Boyd, Lauren Percival, Sarah Keyes, and Annika Gale). Joanne and Jocelyn Langille accompanied a moving vocal performance from Marian Lindsay. The always sweet sounds of Shelley (Clark) MacLeod on flute and Kaye Retson on piano were most soothing. Middle Stewiacke United Choir Director Tim Ross took over next - he played and sang with daughter Audrey, then did the same with older daughter Josee and Lauren Percival, before being joined by his Cherry Lane bandmates (wife Lorraine, Mark Hamilton, and Joanne Hatfield), who were boosted by soloist Sarah Matheson. Ross led the Middle Stewiacke youth band of vocalist Kayla Kennedy, Isabella Johnson, and Beth and Jamie O'Connell. The Brookfield Baptist Church Choir hit it out of the park with two numbers - Hope Was Born This Night, and a "double-trio" ensemble (Melissa Adshade, Susanne Rushton, Cyndy Fiander, Sheryll Patton, Lisa Hartlin-Turner, and leader Belinda Adshade) who did an incredible job on a rarely-heard arrangement of The First Noel. Bruce and Megan Isenor (backed by Joel Dawe) livened things up - and the show was stolen by Megan's young cousin, Alexander George, fresh off the plane from Ottawa, who snatched Megan's violin away, and brought the house down! Charles Bowers performed a couple of non-traditional, but apropos, songs for the occasion. The Village Blend group (Doris Betts, Brenda Henderson, leader Joanne Hatfield, Lori Nielsen and her recently repatriated daughter Erica) was their always mellifluous selves, and were aided by Joanne's drumming students (Ted Powell, Evelyn Negus, Sonya MacLean, Jocelyn Langille, and Mark Hamilton). The Youth Band, Khrysalis wrapped up the evening with some poignant songs, none moreso  than the closing number, their version of John Lennon's And So This is Christmas, with haunting vocals by Anna Hamilton. Keith Gale (guitar, vocals on an original composition), Kyle Henderson (drums), Julia Hamilton (keyboard), Peter Betts and Shel-be Ryan (guitars) and Beth O' Connell (bass) were tight. A terrific show! Felix Pelkey celebrated his 95th birthday - he is very spry; keeping his Carter Road pristine.

    The community lost one of its more upbeat characters when Dave Heffernan succumbed to his many challenges at 66 - he was burdened for many years with cancer and heart issues. He was a friend to many, and it was nice to see so many of his former Math students from SCHS at his service. He was also a former member of the Elks Bowling League and the Brookfield Curling Club. Another former BCC member, Ron Ellis of Eastville passed away - he was a brother to Shirley Fleming, Irene Deyarmond, and others. Former Densmore Lane resident, Pauline Brown passed away at 57, in Truro. In Tatamagouche,Birch Hill native Bernie Peterson (64) died - he was a brother to Dave, Gerald, Robert, Lee, Lorraine Carter, and Debbie Smith, and one of his sons, Allan, lives in Birch Hill. The tragic death of university professor Linnea Veinotte of New Brunswick in Granada was a deep loss to close friend, former Brookfielder Michelle (Stewart) Young. We offer condolences to all who grieve.

    The 79th Annual Brookfield Elks Sportsmens Contest (Big Game Hunt) wrapped up - prizes for heaviest buck (248 lbs.) went to Harold Kenney of Dartmouth; heaviest doe (also biggest with a bow & arrow) - Brandon Ferguson (152) of Onslow Mtn; ladies Heaviest buck (214)- Judy Wallace Antigonish;Heaviest buck with bow ( 214) - Jamie Hicks of Amherst; our own Chad Sutherland had the most antler points (13); while Shawn Smith of Middle Stewiacke had both the widest (24.5") and longest (26.5" ) antler. Thanks to all who participated, helped with the weighing, or assisted in any way; a special and heartfelt thank-you to Roop's Esso for generously serving as the BGH's weighing station for many, many years. Next year is the 80th Anniversary of this most important and legendary fundraiser of the Brookfield Athletic Association (BAA) - they have lost many sales persons over the past few years, and are concerned as proceeds have shrunk dramatically. We hope some will come forth with ideas that will help us enjoy a much-needed revival in 2016. A new committee to lead this will soon be struck - any wishing to volunteer can contact Mike (673-2769) or Robert (673-2764) - the community needs the BAA in good financial position to be able to continue their support for a multitude of activities.

    Dan, Kathy and Holly Dean celebrated an early Christmas in the West Palm Beach area of Florida, where son Mark is working his equine magic. Sister Jill made the diagonal transcontinental trip from Whitehorse to complete the happy family. Ally Campbell has also gone to Florida to work with horses, while her aunt Betty Roop went to visit her daughter Sherry and family in Toronto. Marion and Gene Retson spent Christmas in Ontario - their sons (Duncan and Dan), and their families are in Ottawa and Toronto, respectively. Jack Roop and uncle Bill Campbell also went to the Sunshine State - the quick trip included an NHL game of the Lightning, NFL games (New Orleans at Tampa Bay, and Jack's NY Giants beating Bill's Dolphins), and a round of golf! Terry Canning and Krista McMullin went further for their sun - to the 50th state paradise of Hawaii. On the way home, they stopped in BC to visit with their daughters and grand-kids. Laura Drive residents Dale Campbell and Jean Mercier went to Japan. Beth Maguire went on a business trip to Gotham City. An unconfirmed report has it that Lexie Stewart and Mike Henderson aren't going anywhere, at least by car, until re-tested - both backed their vehicles into immovable objects in their driveways - one into another car, the other the inside of the garage door!?!

    The Brookfield Elks of the Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League are back in action at 7:30 on Tuesday nights at the Sportsplex – they started the second half of the season by beating the powerful Sackville Blazers, and the East Hants Penguins!! Please come out and support the team. The Sportsplex is resuming the popular Chase the Ace contest, which has nicely fattened the wallets of two Brookfielders to the tune of some $27,000 combined! Pot will start at $1000, and is expected to grow rapidly on Thursday nights at the Curling Club (upstairs) - doors open at 7, draw at 8:30, food and beverage service available. Join the fun! The All Around the Circle Seniors group will have their monthly luncheon and meeting in the lounge at the Sportsplex on Tuesday January 19; doors open at 11:30. Their weekly Card Parties go Wednesday nights at 7:30; all welcome. The next publication dates for the eagle are Feb. 8 and March 14 - please pass along information at least a few days ahead of those dates, and keep in mind that with monthly publishing, to announce an event, you have to be planning ahead. For example, if there is something planned for March 12, it would have to be inserted in the February edition, thus needed by Feb. 5.

Join us at the January 18 meeting of the BMC!

The Eagle

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