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OCT 2016

Volume 28, Issue 2

October 2016
Volume 28, Issue 2

    The Brookfield Mens Club (BMC) opened their 80th season in September; there was a good turn-out to hear guests Colchester mayoral candidates Christine Blair and Bob Taylor express their visions and desires re leading the county after the Municipal elections on October 15. After the politicos were done, the business meeting, lunch, and good humour followed. The next meeting is Monday October 17, 7:30 PM, at the Fire Station - hope to see you there.
    Big thank - yous are extended to many, who again demonstrated why our community punches above its weight. The Terry Fox Run featured over 200 participants and volunteers, at the run at Carter Falls, and the Bar-B-Q at the Sportsplex, where Cherry Lane shared their wonderful musical talent. They were assisted by special vocal talents Josh Cochrane (grandparents Bill, Bonnie), and Colombian/SCA exchange student Santiago Osorio Vasquez. The Terry Fox Committee raised in excess of $31,000 this year for cancer research! Wayne Woolfitt exceeded the $50,000 mark in lifetime pledges - he is hanging up his sneakers on a very high note after receiving a plaque from the Committee. Dan and Kathy Dean are hosting international student Vasquez, as well as Yuki Onoda of Japan; Don and Shanda Cameron of Shortts Lake have Hannah Betzler of Germany and Derin Cakir from Turkey (the latter showing promise for the Wolves female volleyball squad!) with them. Thanks also to the volunteers from the Terry Fox Run Committee, the BMC, and others, as well as South Colchester Academy students and staff, led by Kelly Spencer, all of whom combined to provide a very special welcome to the Kids Ride for Cancer that stopped at Ed Creelman Park. The cyclists and their support staff were overwhelmed by the Welkcome they received in Brookfield.

    The BMC want to thank again the Forest Glen Greenhouses (proprietors, the Thompson family) for their donation of flowers that so beautified the park this year - truly FGG is a very community-minded operation! They will again be featured during the House Tours. Speaking of cyclists, what more can be said about Chris MacDougall's epic trip on a bike from Vancouver to St. Johns - the sojourn took over two months, and raised in excess of $200,000 for the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute, who named Chris an Honourary Member of the institute. A tip of the hat goes also to the organizers and supporters at Brookfield Elementary School's Fun Fair, which attracted a very large crowd. The local Dr. Annie Hamilton chapter of the I.O.D.E. hosted the Northern Nova Scotia Area conference. Guest speaker was Janet Maybee on her award-winning-book on the Halifax Explosion. One of the New Glasgow attendees is the grand-daughter of former Brookfielder Jimmie Lockhart and would visit here from Merigomish at Christmas time, to the farm at the end of what-is-now Crystal Lake Drive. Her brother is Leonard MacNeil, and he is father to Karen (Mrs. Chris) MacDougall and cousin to the late Harold Ellis. He shared the times that relatives Percy and Irene Lockhart who lived on the current site of Tyler Medaglia/Heidi Cooke house, always were the last to arrive at the family gathering, despite living less than 3 miles away!

    Scott Glinz and Shanda Cox became husband and wife in a very nice ceremony beside the Little River, while Dane Henderson and Danique Rowsell exchanged vows and rings on the shore of a mist-enshrouded Shortt's Lake in a sunrise service. Best wishes to both happy couples. Scott’s sisters Elizabeth and Sarah, and uncle Robbie were back in Brookfield for the nuptials. Danique’s parents Hardy and Yasmine came from Middleton for her wedding, then left for a two year job posting in Germany.   
     Stan Wood won the Match Play Championship at the Brookfield Golf Club, and Darren Peterson recorded a Hole-in-one there. Dr. Frank Schenkels, a former soccer coach at SCA, was named the Bovine Practitioner of the Year by the American Association of Bovine Practitioners at a ceremony in North Carolina. Frank is a highly regard veterinarian, and has always been at the forefront of practices to improve the health of dairy cattle. Frank and Luanne (who coaches volleyball at SCA and at the Club level) and children recently moved from Fort Ellis to Shortts Lake. Erica Sullivan (Eric, Stacey, grandparents Jim, Donna Sutherland) won first in her 4-H confirmation showing her ewe at the Pro Show, a very prestigious placing. Letha Mowatt became a great-grandmother when Yan’s son Zack Palmer and Bobbie Deuville had a baby boy, Cayden.
    Joy Wasson, daughter of Betty Carter and sister to twin Janet, Irene, Lenny and Dawn, passed away – at 62, a very sad development. We are also sad to report on the passing, after a long bout with illness, of former Carter Road resident, Kelly O'Neill of Upper Stewiacke. Her beautiful daughters Kayla and Carley are known to many from their very pleasant demeanour at the Brookfield Bakery / Hurricane Heidi's. Dennis Wright, known to many for his alter ego, McGruff, the Crime Dog, passed away - he was the spouse of Alena Wasson. Debbie Crowe's father, Guy McNutt, died in Truro – he was also grandfather to Catelyn Stewart’s hubby, Kenton McNutt, Jr., as did Effie Graham - she was the late Lawson Joudrey's daughter. Judy Tomlinson of Brentwood, wife to Laurie, and mother to Janet, passed away. Our condolences are extended to all who lost loved ones.

    Wilma Avila was home from California visiting with her sister Edna Graham and other family members. Larry and Mark Kennedy timed their visit to son/brother Peter’s Minneapolis home ideally – they took in the exciting Ryder Cup action at nearby Hazeltine Golf Club. Daughter/sister Jill Kennedy went to Switzerland and Dawn Carter-Henderson went to Alberta. Jim and Marlene Feener, were joined by Daisy Hingley on a trip to Newfoundland. Dane Henderson made a couple of trips to Windsor Salt's North American headquarters in Chicago. Former Brookfield Rural High School chums hit the road – leaving our fair burg were Shirley (Ross) Comeau and Judy ( Henderson) Matheson (Thelma and Louise ??!!?); they picked up Aerolynn ( Stevenson) Greene in Riverview, N.B., and met Shirley's sister Elaine (Ross) Healey at Riviere du Loup, then toured the Charlevoix. Patrick Hazelton (Jeff, Janet, grandparents Don, Doadie) umpired at the Canadian Senior Mens Fastball championships in St. John’s, Nfld. The 26 year old was given the home plate assignment for the final game - a huge vote of confidence.
    Sandy Barber is recovering from neurosurgery. Margie Crossman has also had a rough go of it, but is on the way back to good health. Bobby Fisher and Kelly MacKenzie were hospitalized as well. Bobby Sill injured his knee but, poled his way through the Cape Breton Highlands on crutches, and still bagged a moose. Freda Sutherland broke her wrist, and Brad Little broke his ankle.
    Brookfield Elementary School are continuing with their
Veteran Memorial Flags program. Flags must be ordered by October 15, and will be displayed in the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day. Before the next Eagle takes flight, the Brookfield Athletic Association's (BAA) EIGHTIETH ANNIVERSARY Sports Draw will be made on Monday, November 14 at 5:30 PM on Cat Country 99.5 FM radio. All should make sure they have their ticket well before that date. If you are local, tickets can be purchased at most any retail outlet; if you are at a distance, you can buy online at brookfieldathleticassociation.ca. Many former Brookfielders have already done so-don't be left out on the chance to win some of the $43,000 worth of Grand Prizes! The Brookfield Curling Club will start its 41st season with an Open House, which all are invited to the weeknights of October 24-28, 7-9 PM, and also the afternoons of October 29-30 (1-3 PM). Instruction, equipment, and fun are all provided free of charge - stop in and give it a try for the first time, or if a former player, 'come see us now'! Help support SCA Athletes – if you dine at the new Boston Pizza location in Truro, write “South Colchester Athletes” on back of your receipt and B.P. will donate 5% of sales value back to SCA! Please take a second to do so.

    The Remembrance Day service will be held Friday, November 11 at 10:45 AM at the Veteran's Memorial. The BMC play the lead coordinating role in this; if anyone wishes information, etc on laying wreaths, or otherwise taking part, contact Bob Lawrence at 673-2022 or at bobandjeanlawrence@gmail.com. A wonderful lunch will be provided to warm the bones after the service at Knox United. The BMC will be coordinating the Halloween Street Patrol on the 31st - anyone wishing to lend a hand can meet at the United Church from 8:45 - 10:45 PM. The Brookfield Garden Club is hosting their 4th Annual Community Wreath project. If you had previously purchased an existing bracket on the utility poles, you may obtain a new wreath for $35; new orders for wreaths and brackets are $75. You must have order and payment in by November 1 - call or email Elsie at 650-2028 or eandjlocke@gmail.com. The brackets will be up by mid-November. On Saturday October 29 there will be an adult Halloween dance and costume party at the Curling Club from 9PM - 1 AM, featuring the music of GlennBoB (G R Matheson, who did such a good job entertaining at the Whing Ding) & the Boot, as well DJ B-FISH (Brent Fisher). Proceeds go to the Sportsplex. There will be a concert Saturday November 5, 7 PM, at Knox featuring Sarah Matheson. The freewill offering will help fund her trip to Nashville to enter in a singing competition. The UCW committee that organizes the terrific Christmas House Tours (this year November 25 and 26) is still looking for homes to be decorated – call 673-2427 for more information.
Saturday October 8, the Moderator of the United Church of Canada (UCC), the Right Reverend Jordan Cantwell will be at Know United Church, participating with the youth group in activities. The following day, she will lead a combined church service of all the United Church congregations in our area - this to be held at the Audio-Visual Auditorium at CEC in Truro at 10:30 AM. It is expected to attract 1000 attendees, as she is a terrific speaker! The Moderator is the highest position in the UCC. On Sunday October 30, the MY-U group, which features youth from throughout the Maritimes, will present the church service at Knox, titled the Apocalypse Party! Brookfield Baptist Church has started a group (AWANA) for youth from Grades Primary to 6; they welcome all to come on Sunday evenings from 6:30- 8:00 to enjoy the scripture-based program, including games, singing and fun . Please note on Thanksgiving weekend only, AWANA will move to Monday night (Oct 10). The BBC is also forming a community choir for a Christmas musical - practises are 6:30-7:30 on Thursday evenings, and are open to all.

    Thanks to all who supported the BAA’s World Cup Pool. won by former Elks twirler, Jim Johnson. Canada rolled to a convincing victory. NHL weekly pools start October 17-21, play for only $2 tickets at Roop’s Esso or BAA website. The Brookfield Elks of the Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League had their home opener on October 6; they defeated the East Hants Penguins, 5-3 and now have a record of 2-2 under new head coach, SCA teacher, Kevin Aucoin. The Elks home games this year are most every Thursday nights - stop in to the Sportsplex and root them on. The Elks organization is partnering with the Sportsplex, so you can play Chase the Ace while attending the game! No need to miss any of the action on the ice, while still having a chance at a big pay-off! The next All Around the Circle Seniors Luncheon will be Tuesday October 18 - doors open at 11:30, meal at 12 Noon. AAtC card parties go every Wednesday night at their lounge in the Sportsplex, starting at 7:30 - you can play cribbage or 45s for only $2 admission fee. AAtC Seniors Drop In - Drop Off Friendship & Activity program continues on Monday afternoons from 1-4 PM. Enjoy puzzles, games, coloring, and refreshments. Check out the new FaceBook group at AAtC Seniors. Remember the Municipal election is Saturday October 15 - you can vote for either Christine Blair or Bob Taylor for Mayor of Colchester; District 2, which includes most of Pleasant Valley, Shortts Lake, Green Creek and Oaks is contested by Shawn Duffy and Bill Masters. Our School Board district has a new representative - Reg Pauley was acclaimed. Many are watching the slow-motion train wreck that is the presidential election campaign in the USA – seldom (never?) have been their two such polarizing candidates. See you at the BMC on October 17!

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