Brookfield Garden Club

Brookfield Garden Club was begun in the summer of 2010. Credit to Heather Caseley.
We are members of the Nova Scotia Association of Gardening Clubs.NSAGC
We are simply an informal group of men and women, of all ages and physical capabilities who just like to garden. We meet monthly on the second Tuesday at 7:00p.m. at various venues, at the senior citizens room in the DHM Sportplex, summer months at people's homes and gardens.
We have approximately 16 members at present.

Our most popular project to date is the placement of wreaths and brackets on utility poles in the community during the Christmas holiday season. If you are interested in sponsering a wreath contact Elsie Locke.
For NS Garden week 2014 we planted shrubs beneath the Welkcome to Brookfield sign at Ed Creelman Park. For NS Garden week 2015 we planted tulips in that same garden. For NS Garden week 2016 a sign was designed by members and created by members with a little help from some friends.
The sign is posted on the highway 2 between Hilden and Brookfield. The sign is removed during the winter months to preserve it.
We have made donations to the SCA in form of bursaries for 2015,2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.
We have donated to a worth while cause in a less fortunate country in the form of vegetable garden seeds threw member Maxine Monk.
During the fall members planted a large number of tulips in the newest addition to the corner central intersection sign and flower box. The sign and flower box are owned by Scotia Pines owner.
UPDATE the 150 tulips were a flop and the money refunded will go to another 150 plant project. 2017 we planted red wave petunias and white wave petunia's provided by discount from Searle's in Hilden at the Train Station and at the traffic light planter under the Scotia Pines sign. They did well.
The money from the 150 tulip flop went towards a Sugar Maple which was planted at the Ed Creelman Park to commemorate Canada's 150th! Plus more tulips were planted! 2018 and 2019 we planted multiple colours of wave petunias in our gardens. They were doing great til Hurrican Dorian ripped through the village.
2019 update- Hurricane Dorian broke our lovely sugar maple. We plan to trim it and see what the next growing season brings.
All Tulips were removed from the east end garden at the Trainstation/Ed Creelman Park after the deer feasted on them. Fall we plan to plant daffodils from Veseys.
Daffodils are in and can't wait to see the look  on the furry faces of the deer when they come up next spring!

We welcome new members at any time - please contact us for more information!
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Brookfield Garden Club NS
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