Brookfield Athletic Association

The Brookfield Athletic Association was formed in 1936, its purpose to provide a wide variety of athletic endeavors for citizens in the Brookfield area. To provide facilities, leadership, character, value, and encouragement for athletes of all groups and ages. This is the resolve of the BAA and is done without consideration of endorsement or praise.

The BAA has been the sole sponsor of all ball teams from the area - including the Gold medal winning, Canadian Champions in 1980. Financial assistance is also given to hockey teams, curling, swimming, soccer, figure skating, bowling, golf, school sports, and many other forms of recreation.
2018 WHING DING JULY  27 & 28

The BAA meets at the Don Henderson Memorial Sportsplex, normally on the second Sunday of each month.

For more information on the BAA , please contact any of the members.

The BAA depends largely on volunteer fund raising for their resources to maintain programs,
including  the Whing Ding and Brookfield Elks Sports Draw (formerly Big Game Hunt).
The Brookfield Elks Sports Draw is now in its 80th year.Buy tickets online!

Executives- President -Mike Henderson 673-2769;  Vice- P - Lewis Ingram; Secretary - Julie Walters; Treasurer - Robert Putnam

Committees:Figure Skating Wilma Schenkels  673-3007  Junior Curling -  Leah Bowers  673-3126 Minor Hockey  Charles Bowers  673-3126  ChukkerBall - Chris Bernard  673-3225. 

Board Members

Dawn Henderson
John Matheson
Don Harvey
Hugh Matheson
Chris Bernard
Donald Henderson
Kim Dawe
Win Matheson
Judy Matheson
Terry Henderson
Lyle Carter
Darren Retson
Andrew Roop
Ken Retson
Nancy VanTassell
Betty Roop
Patsy McCallum

NHL hockey is finally back! The Brookfield Elks’ hockey pool is also back!
    This pool has proven to be popular over the past two decades. The weeklycost is only $2 per entry, and the format is very simple - just select the winners of the upcoming weekend games. The player with the most correct picks claims the prize - usually in the $120 - $200 range. All funds raised go to the Brookfield Athletic Association to be used for the continuing support of minor hockey, minor ball, figure skating, curling,volleyball, bowling, Junior B hockey, SCA school awards, & Elk Park.
Tickets are available at Roop’s Esso,, thru numerous salespeople, or via email. With email, we will send you the previous week's results, and the upcoming weekend's ticket - simply e mail your picks back by suppertime Friday -- it's that simple!! Pool treasurer Nancy VanTassell (email or 673-2070) will work with you to set up a payment collection option that is convenient - many prepay an amount to cover their entries for several weeks. If you would prefer the weekly mailing to come to a different email address than the above, please notify Pibby (email or 673-3262). Thank you and Good Luck! See you in the Pool!Thanks for your support
OTHER  highlights include building and maintaining Eastern Canada’s best ball field, Elk Park being the first lighted field for softball in the east. The BAA was the leading force in the building of the Don Henderson Memorial Sportsplex. A grant of $10,000 was recently given to the new school in South Colchester allowing, among other improvements, a 25% increase in the size of the gymnasium.

For information on 2017 winners of the Sportsmen draw {big game hunt} click here. 
Watch for the weekly hockey pools this winter, Click Here for ticket information at the Elks website.

Big Game Hunt - Since 1936 John and Lynn Matheson 673-2328
Brookfield Elks - Senior Ball Donald Henderson 673-3262
Elk Park Donald Henderson
Whing Ding Nancy VanTassell 673-2070
Golf Scramble Mike Henderson 673-2769
Youth Soccer Lewis Ingram 673-2377
Minor Ball Chris Bernard 673-3225
Minor Hockey DHMS 673-2063
Bowling Terry Henderson 673-2106
Junior Curling Judy Matheson 673-2427
Figure Skating/CanSkate Nancy Rutherford 673-3411

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