Brookfield Community Assembly /  BCA

Location: Brookfield Fire Station

Time: last Monday of the month at 7pm except July & August Please contact one of the executive members for information on meetings.

Who: Everyone is welcome

: To serve you and promote this community, providing liaison between groups and outside agencies to improve the village. To also promote special events!

The BCA was formed in 1995 by volunteers from several different organizations who saw a need for better communication and coordination among the numerous volunteer organizations and activities in our community. There has always been a high level of partnering amongst our community groups, but the formation of the BCA formalized the process. The organization, which meets monthly, has a membership of representatives from the Brookfield Fire Department, Brookfield Athletic Association, Home and School, Brookfield Men’s Club, the two churches in our community, and students at the high school, the local Municipal Councillor, as well as members from the community. BCA member Susan Stevenson voluntarily maintains this website along with 'The Village of Brookfield' facebook group that you the public may post or read if you are a facebook member. WE need volunteers every spring for the 'Pick it Clean' event in conjunction with adopt a highway. Pick it clean before it turns green! Watch the Village of Brookfield, Nova Scotia, facebook group for information. 

The BCA is in need of representatives for some of the above organizations to become members of the BCA. Help keep this essential group stay informed on the needs of this community.


Chairman - Rod Neilson

Vice Chairman - Kathy Best

Secretary - we need one!

Treasurer - Andrew Sears


Communications- Susan Stevenson

For More Information Contact:
 Any of the above officers


Kathy Best - email: contact


The minutes are not always available to post online. Come to a meeting to see what is happening!

April 28, 2014   Committee Reports :

– MLA : Offered his appreciation for the BCA and how pleased to see us continuing with the

group through the years.

– Councillor :

– Fracking waste water test project at Lafarge has been approved (2 million litres) Product

will be tested before and after, and if successful they will have to reapply for further

wastewater to be used

– Discussion regarding the disclosure to the public from the public meeting at the

Glengarry on the 16th and the media blitz that followed.

– There are a number of applications in for flood assistance from the County.

(applicationss are being reviewed for eligibility and prioritized)

– More inquiries on the possible Hilden interchange. Meetings upcoming.

– More inquiries for filing of Dangerous and Unsightly complaints

– Recreation and Leisure :

– Community cleanup next month, May 24th. Muster at Knox Church parking lot at 9am

– Discussion regarding the advertising of the event

– Community Services :

- Sidewalks getting ready for tender, should be ready as soon as schools let out

– Roads are in very poor repair, potholes aplenty

– School flooding issue is going to proceed (100% Provincial funding) No word on start date yet, but funding has been approved through Ministry of education

– shoulder/asphalt cracking in North end is worsening.

– No significant update on postal boxes situation. Audit is still on-going. Councillor has made inquiry directly to Canada Post.

– Education & Youth : We are lacking in representation from the School Advisory Committee. We will be doing a minute sharing between our group and the AdvisoryCommittee to keep in the loop.

– The Provincial Review Committee has a very comprehensive on-line survey available from the Provincial Website, to offer input. (Minister's panel on education)

– Green Space : NS Gardening Club having annual Convention at the Legion, June 7th

– Going to continue on with the Wreath project, but still in flux.

– Communications :

– Website is back up and running.... Unsure why it disappeared in the first place

– Facebook continues to be very well used

– Suggestion made to add a Facebook 'Page' along with the Facebook 'Group'.Discussion ensued on pros and cons

– Pros & Cons were discussed.

– The idea of a Twitter feed tossed around

– Organizational Reports :

– Knox Church : Hawaiian Dinner on May 3rd at 6pm (together with the Terry Fox Silent Auction viewing)

– Possible viewings on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.. Check the Facebook page for times. (Terry Fox Silent Auction Facebook page)

– May 4th there will be a social and 'penny parade' with proceeds to Water for Life

– So far the funds have paid for 7.5 wells

– Riverside Country Choir will be here May 10th at 730.

– May 11th, brunch after church for free will offering, and the Sunday School will be closing that say as well.

– Rhubarb coffee/dessert party and plant sale. Tentatively set for 10am May 31.

– Variety concert recently held and it was amazing the talent in the community.Much discussion about the young Chinese exchange student who play piano at the Senior's residence who is just a phenomenal talent

– Baptist Church :

– Started the Men's choir last week

– approx 60 children attended the last KD luncheon

– 24 prayer vigil went very well.

– BAA :

– Elk park has been officialy opened and a couple of the ball teams have begun practicing when weather permits

– Hockey playoff pool is up and running

– BMC :

– Annual ladies night held last Monday. 115 ladies were served, and the evening went very well.

– Lyle Carter was presented the Eagle Award

– New members are working out extremely well(** start including MLA Larry on reminders and minutes)

– BFES :

– New tanker has arrived and is in service

– Several members attended FSANS AGM

– DNR burning regulations have changed this year. No domestic permits are required though burning restrictions are in place, and updated each day at 2pm.

These can be

found on the DNR website

– Possible liquidation/yard sale coming up in May

– Call reports unavailable for meeting

– SCA :

– No Report

– Home & School

– Regional Heritage Fair in Truro, Friday May 2nd


Discussion with Mr. Burgess regarding the night's events and thoughts moving forward.

Reminder of community cleanup in May 24th.

Elections deferred to next meeting.

Adjourned 9:15pm

Next meeting May 26th


May 26, 2014

Business Arising : Nothing that will not be addressed in Commity Reports

Financial : Balance April 1 $535.74

Web Donation $225

Web Expenses $114.84

Wreath Project $60.00 $86.25

ROJS $30.25

Bank Fees $39.50

Total Exp $330.84

Balance at Month End $429.90 (Cash on hand $25.00)

Committee Reports :

– Councillor :

– Attending the multi-agency meeting on Flood Mitigation Studies. Flood Commity from the County has met, and is reviewing submittals for smaller projects to complete this year.

– More inquiries coming in on Dangerous and Unsightly and how to resolve.

– Attended SCA Career day and the Cadet Inspection

– Tenders have closed for Swk and going to Council tomorrow for review and award

– Through discussion with TIR that Upper Brookfield Road (top of the hill to the extent of the old asphalt) and Whidden Road will be repaved.

– In Discussion with TIR as well regarding Creamery Brook Bridge which is continuing to deteriorate

– Lafarge has started their testing with their fracking water. (Started last Thursday fo rapproximately 3wks worth of test period for approximately 2,000,000 litres)

– Some discussion regarding illeagal dumpsites and refuse/recylcing issues

– Recreation and Leisure :

 Clean up – Some new faces which was good, and the container filled more or less half full. Some discussion regarding the paper plates around Mario's and along the 289 by Jake's.

Mention was made that we look to again coordinating with Cadets as we have in the past. It was also mentioned that Councillor would like to launch an initiative to try to get

the County to pay for the Dumpsters for the communities when they do these cleanups,or at least have the contractor donate the bin.

– Community Services :Mailboxes – Councillor had a conversation with Canada Post, but no real update at this time.

– Discussion around the “Chase the Ace” fundraiser for Sportsplex by the Board of Directors.

– Some discussion regarding hardships of local rinks. (Debert, Brookfield, Truro, etc)

– Education & Youth :Discussion about gathering information from SCA and suggested to contact the individual that handles the student run radio/tv.

– Green Space : No Report

– Communications : Discussions about Facebook group

– Organizational Reports :

– Knox Church :

New Minister recently ordained, starts the first of July

Amy Brandon playing June 1st

Terry Fox Bake & Book Sale June 14

Rhubarb coffee/Dessert party May 31

– Baptist Church :

60+/- at latest KD luncheon (spotlighted on the MacQaurries Page)

 Sunday school closing will occur before next meeting, and recognition for graduates

 Trying to find supplies for Camp Pagweak

– BAA :Fields are in excellent shape and lots of bookings for field time

– BMC :Long Term member of the Men's Club has been moved from Cedarstone to ElkCourt

– Fish-o-rama this weekend, and Men's club will handle the BBQ. A small area has been cleared for Under 8

– Pole and link fence to be installed at Ed Creelman Park, and should be in place before July 1.

– Mailout costs for the Eagle has gone up to the stamp rate of $1. Still more than 50 are being mailed out

– BMC is down for the summer, and will recommence the 3rd week in September

 July 1st weekend and Homecoming BBQs set up as well

 Award for dedicated service given to long time treasurer Bob Lawrence. Second time he has received the award. Only eligible once every 10yrs...

– BFES :

 77 calls YTD, 7 since last meeting

 New truck in service and working well. Continue to train members on the apparatus

 Report given on the yard sale/liquidation last weekend.

one member has completed their advanced vehicle extrication last month, several members taking the BFF program this year.

– SCA :

 Very busy time of year.

Safe Grad, approaching on June 3rd

Girls Baseball team finished second at Tournement in Quebec.

Emergency preparedness for Grade 9s this week.

– Home & School

– Discussion regarding the survey for the state of the school system

– no meetings atttended


– Elections:

– No terms found to expire this year.

– Work has begun on the momument in front of Station 300

Adjourned 20:50pm

Next meeting September 29th at 19:30hrs

March 31, 2014
Business Arising : Reminder that names are to be removed from minutes to be posted
Financial : No change, no income, no expenses
Committee Reports :
– Councillor : Presentations from groups seeking grant assistance
– BMC will be receiving funds to put a fence around Creelman Park
– Maintenance budget for County has been set.
– $0.01 addition onto the residential rate, increase from $0.84 to $0.85/$100
– (going to policing, education and housing)
– Meetings with the Minister of the Environment re: the fracking wastewater at Debert
– Meeting with Minister of Service NS regarding issues in Municipal Relations
– 3 different residents have celebrated their 90th birthday and received certificates from the
Municipality to congratulate them on their milestone (Councillor asked to be made
aware of any milestone birthday or anniversary such that it can be recognized)
– Sidewalk plans are done, and hoping to go to tender to late June. Requested that all the work
between the Bridge and the middle entrance of the schools prior to September 1.
– Recreation and Leisure : Volunteer recognition will be the 28th of April at Knox Church.
– Active Transportation – Coordinator looking for a day/place to conduct interview/survey
with community members. (10min+/- per person)
– Community Services : Hwy 2 North end near civic 353-373. Runoff is undercutting the
edge of asphalt and creating a safety concern
– Post office boxes : On-going audit on box installations. Representative spoke to DTIR
and Upper Brookfield Road has been failed by DTIR so it now reverts to Canada Post
for action. Much discussion about other boxes in the community and the 'bigger picture'
relating to box placement. Is this going to be done piecemeal, or done all at once? What
kind of schedule is being used? What are possibilities for consolidating the boxes to a
common, safer location.
– Education & Youth : The Dept. Of Education has posed the question of the public “what
is wrong with the education system”. Suggestions given are : Give the teacher the actual
power to grade an exam and fail a student if the standard is not met. Give teacher
authority to discipline. Teach students to respect traffic, and society in general. Remove
cell phones and electronic devices in the school. Uniformity in school policy. Actually
do something to counteract bullying and other problems. Actually have ramifications for
conduct violations, not hollow threats, as it seems there is no culpibility for their actions.
– Green Space : Community clean up to be announced at the volunteer appreciation night
– Wreaths have all been taken down. The signs and hangers remain
– There is no plan for a summertime decorations planned for the hangers
– Communications : BCA webpage has disappeared and she is investigating and
troubleshooting the issue. Facebook is still working and being used. Events calendar still
working and reminded to make any events known to webmaster
– Organizational Reports :
– Knox Church : St. Patrick's Day coffee house was a huge success. This coming
Wednesday there is another soup luncheon being held. Hawaiian dinner planned for
May 3rd, along with the Terry Fox Silent Auction. Date TBD. Emphasized that you
do not need a dinner ticket to view auction items and bid for the Terry Fox
Fundraiser. Variety concert Friday night (7pm), for free-will donation.
– Baptist Church : Mission group had a successful trip to the Dominican though some
did rather ill toward the end. A report on the groups activity may come at a later
date. There is a 24hr prayer vigil being held in the coming weeks. Will be taking part
in combined services for the Easter holiday
– BAA : Junior B Elks are now under new management and will be playing out of the
Sportsplex next year. BAA sponsored the Community Curling Event. Banquet for the
Curling Club this weekend. The Native Hockey Tournement is being held in Legion
Stadium this year as the ice will not be held to Easter weekend. Sportsman's draw will
be getting underway again shortly. Jeremy Locke and Mike Wood will be coaching the
midget ball team out of Elk Park this year.
– BMC : Representatives for recognition were brought forward. Some discussion
regarding an intiative to upgrade the banks of the wetlands during the Fish-o-rama.
Perhaps upgrading the banks with gravel or a platform of some means. BMC will be
looking after the 3 major BBQs this summer. Fish-o-rama, Canada Day & Homecoming.
Ladies night is April 21st
– BFES : Ratepayers Meeting was held on March 10. An interesting, but successful
meeting that saw the rate approved unchanged from last year, and approval was granted
to replace the out of service tanker. Also at the RPM, a member of BFES was also
elected as Commissioner. This past Thursday, County Council approved the request for
a loan guarantee required by the banking instituion for the short term loan to make final
payment on the truck. Currently awaiting the letter of guarantee
– SCA : Grad auction will happen. Date TBD. Trying to encourage the students to staying
in the school and hosting activities and events such as table tennis etc. Grad class
looking for other fundraisers. There was also dicussion about getting a report from the
school direct rather than a student rep.
– Home & School – Phillip Ray did an author's visit to the school. There are several
activities during . 23 new students in primary next year according to the recent
registration day.
– Students are attending the regional science fair
– a grade 3 student sang Oh Canada at a recent Bear Cats name
– students received various acknowledgements for various achievements
Reminder of community cleanup in May.
Discussion if arrangements are going to be made through the County again this year for pickup.
Hopefully they will show up this year rather than last year where a representative had to take it in themselves.
Discussion about the openings on BCA council. Next meeting will be held following the awards
night and it is requested to have most of the reports into the secretary prior to the meeting. Nominating committee will have to be active as well as the following month will the elections.
Some discussion regarding the Volunteer Recognition Evening and the logistics of the event.
Next meeting following the awards night. Awards night at 19:00hrs.April 28th

  BCA – Monthly Meeting for October - 10-28-2013

Chairman introduced two individuals from Musquodoboit who were sitting in to
observe our typical meeting in anticipation of setting up a similar group in their community.
Matt, from CALA did a brief presentation about the Adult Learning Programs being held in Brookfield
Called to order at 19:40
Financial – No changes advised from Andrew who sent his regrets.
Minutes : Motioned by Laurie (sec by Donnie) to accept the minutes as circulated.
Councillor -
– First reading of the new wind farm bylaw. Second reading is this Wednesday evening.
– Sidewalk is 98%, line painting is outstanding
– Library is going in the old Normal College despite County's objection. (They chose the Hat
Factory). They have agreed to provide financial aid ($2.25M) pending several conditions.
– All money donated to offset cost, is split 60/40 with the Town to reduce taxpayer
– The library board and staff must agree on the architectural design.
– Project is budgeted for $7.2M.. Anything over and above, it is the sole responsibility
of the Town of Truro.
– Hilden interchange is still in discussion, but progressing very slowly.
– Central Nova Tourism Assoc is trying to implement a Room Rate Levy for marketing to
promote the area (Northern Region). (only applicable to 10 rooms or more).
– CORDA is set to run until March 2014, at which time it remains unclear what will transpire.
– Bridge on Hwy 2 is complete and the bypass has been removed
– Creamery Brook bridge has had the carrying beam installed.
Recreation & Leisure -
– Susie had done some searching on the Provincial website regarding the grant applications
and it now thoroughly confused.
Community Service -
– Men's club Halloween Night. Meeting at the Church around 830pm.
– Bridges and sidewalks covered earlier
– Lights, one on Cherry Lane is cycling. One at the corner remains in need of repair, and one
just past the apartments
– BCA, CN, BFES, DTIR, Rod and others have been named/included in a litigation regarding
a motor vehicle collision vs a train in 2006.
Education and Youth –
– Grad class gearing up for fund raising for their year.
– Discussion regarding the RCMP presence in the area and the concerns with speeders,
stunters, reckless driving, etc..
Greenspace -
– 28 wreaths have been sold to date. GSW fabricating the brackets
– Wreaths on order from Maxwell Stewart in Middle Stewiacke
– Feb 12, starting to assemble
– Contact Andrew to get in touch with Elsie Locke re: payment
Communications -
No report
Knox United -
– Fall Bazaar this coming Saturday, 11am-1pm
– Nov 11, soup luncheon after the services (looking for volunteers)
– Tentatively have a new Minister as of July 1
– House tours coming up in the end of November
– Turkey supper was very good, but would have appreciated more attendance
Baptist Church -
– No report
Athletic Association -
– $80 incentive available for kids involved in sports
– Annual meeting at BFES in November
– Fire prevention visit to BES, Housing Authority, All Around the Circle, Parade
– 2 BFES members wrote their Certification
– Several new applicants in past few weeks
– Yearbook orders this year, must be paid by January
Home & School -
– Looking for donations for the breakfast program (dry goods, juice boxes, cash and
volunteers) Contact Kathy Manuel
– Discussion about violence in schools, and the ramifications of the actions stateside and the
uneasiness of the student body hear
– Dime fundraiser raised $2000 and will be matched by Scotia Bank
New Business -
– Volunteer recognition awards
– Don was talking to Mr. Burgess and seems very much in support of individual
communities holding their own recognition ceremony. He also eluded to the availability
of the possible funding sources/grants. He has been invited to the November meeting to
– Need to consider, timing, costs, scope, location, etc.
– Remembrance Day Service
– BMC and Cadets working on their respective tasks
– Larry has not confirmed, but may do some portion of the service.
Adjourned at 20:55