Brookfield CN Railway Station Heritage Society Ed Creelman Memorial Park

The Station is open to the public
Tuesday to Sunday 10am -3pm
July through part of  August

The Brookfield Railway Station & Heritage Society is a non-profit group comprised of a board of directors that strive to preserve the railway station heritage building and the rich history of the railroad in Brookfield.

History of the Brookfield Railway Station

The original Brookfield Railway Station dates back to the mid 19th century. The current station was built in 1938 and relocated to Ed Creelman Memorial Park in 1998. The station continues to function as a gathering place for the community and as a heritage museum. Friday evenings play 45 cards,   weather permitting. For more information contact Russell Bradley.

Newly painted August 2011


before August 2011

 Summer at the Station

Ed Creelman Park
The ED CREELMAN Memorial Park.
The Park has picnic tables, benches, an out house & trash containers for the Public's convenience. 

Please use this beautiful place respectfully. To hold an event at the park contact BMC.

old station
This photo is pre-relocation & restoration.

Prior to the construction of the railroad in Nova Scotia, Brookfield functioned as an important stopping point for the stage coach service that took twenty four hours to travel between Halifax and Truro. Then in 1854 the Nova Scotia Railway began, with the Halifax to Truro section being completed in 1858. For many decades Brookfield was the most important station along the route, with revenue of $1,716.75 in 1860. Products shipped from the station included farm animals, flour, potatoes, iron-ore, limestone, lumber and milk products. From the 1890's to the early 20th Century the Harvest Excursion Trains, went through each summer, carrying Nova Scotia to the Prairies to work on the grain harvest. During the two world wars thousands of Canadian soldiers were transported over the rail line, as well as German prisoners brought back after WWII.Through the years hundreds of Brookfielders have been employed with the Railway as Engineers, Firemen, Conductors, Trainmen, Dining Car Attendants, Station Masters, Special Police and in many other capacities. Research by Art Lindsay.

For More Information Contact: Russell Bradley, President-email: Contact

 NS Railway Heritage

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